Five Keys to Navigating the Matrix as an Empath


Here we are. Humanity is awakening. More and more humans are becoming aware that we are inside this thing called a Matrix.

So, to begin to answer your questions of what next, what to do, how to leave it, we’ll share where one can find oneself to be in the process of seeing what it truly is and how one can be able to find peace along the journey on this wave of ups and downs, inside out, back to front and upside down perspectives, keeping oneself whole and sane and free.

It is our godly-given human right to express our inner strength, our heart/spirit knowing that it can bring into creation and manifestation, by the Will of God, all that we want and desire to experience and feel and which is beneficial for us. There is only one simple law/lore to adhere to in this “Becoming Aware”. It is “Do No Harm”. First and foremost, to yourself and then to others. This includes all of nature, animals and all living things, and the kicker is the Matrix is part of it all.

Everything is a part of us. We have created it. All of it.
God created everything, and we are an integral part of Everything created by God!

Key number 1 is Accountability. Being accountable for everything in our life, responsible for it all for we are creators of our own universe, by the choices we make in our life.

Key number 2 is Seeing and experiencing Joy in all of it. No matter how difficult. The tunnel in the wave is rough, yet, amazingly beautiful when you have the open hearted eyes and ears to feel it and see the wonder of it and acknowledge a gratefulness for it all.

Key number 3
is Knowing you will make it through it. Your spirit is infinite. It enters your body the moment your parents have conceived you.

Funnily enough, this new-fangled Mandela effect so many folks are seeing and experiencing has shown up biblically as a switch from the word womb to Matrix.

Key number 4 is Intent. When you declare your intent for anything, you speak it, you feel into it, you visualize it and allow the flow to carry you, you then are able to create it, manifest it into your life with the help of God.

Your life is a gift you receive from God by coming here into the Matrix, through the womb of your mother and experience your incarnation here on this planet, Mother Earth.

Most of the ease we may find on our journey riding the wave through the Matrix is given to us through being with Her: Gaia, Terra, or however you call her. This leads into the next and most powerful key:

Key number 5 is Grounding. It is probably the most valuable and literally self-loving action we can take while riding the wave. You may walk barefoot as much as you possibly can on the beautiful piece of land that is your home. It is so joyful to feel the wet grass and mud between your toes!

Laying on the ground, with only the cotton clothes on your back feeling the moisture especially from the morning dew can be such a treasure and cleansing released from within your heart.

Allowing the Earth to bring her core essence up into our bodies is the only thing we really need to do to heal all our emotions and physical aches and pains. She enables us to free up all the tensions and stress from the worldly traumas and self-imposed prisons we are sensing and feeling from this awakening into the awareness of where we find ourselves. She empowers us to stand firmly and roll with the wave.

Through these keys, we can then “ride the wave” through the Matrix, loving it, being with it, honoring our unique journey within it and acknowledge our personal value as humans here.

These are some of the simple steps you may use to stand up for your godly-given human right to live your life with an awesome view through the tunnel of this magnificent wave.

The Matrix is also empowering us. When we see it as this amazing thing we created with a human collective imagination and with such awesome intelligence, and primarily with the help of God, we can take our powerful creative human hearts and find ourselves walking onto that beautiful golden sandy beach with the turquoise waters of truth flowing below our feet.


March 30, 2017  

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