Five symptoms of a spiritual awakening


1. Freedom is suddenly more important to you.

And you’ve begun to realize what freedom truly is. It isn’t about war and pledging allegiance to a flag.
It’s about being able to live your life fully and happily without being bogged down by the need to consume and earn a living.
Once your awakening has begun, society’s definition of freedom will seem like madness.

2. You feel more connected to nature.
Yeah, trees probably always looked pretty nice to you, but now you feel considerably more connected to everything in nature. You realize you’re part of the web of life.

3. You feel united with humanity.
Whereas once you may have held an “us vs. them” mentality with other people of different cultures, beliefs, and nationalities, you’ve suddenly come to realize that humans everywhere experience the world in roughly the same way.

4. You feel your emotions.
Where you may have once bottled up your feelings, you now feel your emotions fully. It can be hard to manage from time to time. It’s important to remember to keep your inner peace.

5. All you want to do is give back.
This is an important sign. Run with this feeling! It’ll feel great to volunteer and give back to your community.


October 1, 2019


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