Geneva Telecom Antenna Map Illustrates How Serious the 5G Threat Is

The map of Switzerland/Geneva you can see here shows areas covered by each ‘G’ operating there. To the left of the map is a rectangular box containing a stack of checkboxes. You’ll see the words “Emplacement des antennas” with 5 checkboxes below. There are four ‘G’ boxes, 2G-5G. Start at the bottom one (television) and go up one at a time.

With each box checked, a pattern of colored spots representing emitter locations is superimposed over the previous pattern. Some clever designer decided to make the 5G ones much bigger than the others. Coverage areas coincide pretty well.
The main point here is that we can see enormous telecom radiation saturation of the area, some of which has probably been there since 1992 (2G). But a long-enough time anyway. Then there are 3G and 4G layers 2004 to present.

Now, not only 5G can cause harm, but so can all the others – each one alone. This is well documented in the scientific literature. When 2G was introduced, after 7-8 years of 1G (sparse deployment) trouble arose almost immediately (cancer), and later, acoustic neuroma (includes hearing loss and ringing in the ears). Widespread concern brought on the 5-year “Wireless Technology Radiation” investigation that got buried by the industry (see section High-Level Deceit in Wireless Technology: Ultra Convenient. Endlessly Entertaining. Criminally Instigated. Terminally Pathological article which you can read here).

For the Stop 5G! campaign to have best results, it should be transformed into Stop Wireless Technology!.


June 1, 2020


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