Hippocratic Hypocrisy – A tale of two snakes (3)


Transcript of the Hippocratic Hypocrisy, a collaborative film by Spacebusters and Dr. Andrew Kaufman about how authentic medicine was hijacked by the power elite and turned into a deadly, sickness for profit industry.

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Today, we can now recognize the same alarming pattern happening with the blatant fudging of statistics and the orchestrated villainization of the common cold and flu – to force a worldwide multi-trillion-dollar profit vaccination agenda.

“There’s no paper that shows, based on its experiment, that this virus causes anything. So there’s not one paper and the conclusion that said ‘as a result of this study, we’ve determined that this virus is the cause of this disease’. So that’s not even stated in the literature as a conclusion.

But if, in fact, if you look at the methods that they use to supposedly isolate viruses, they’re doing no such thing whatsoever. And this was really something that I learned about only in studying this illness, because I had looked into germ theory, and I knew germ theory had lots of experiments that disproved it. And that it was, you know, something that was pervasive in medicine.

But what I’ve ultimately come to learn is that they discovered a technique that essentially has these culture cells decay. And they say that that’s proof that a virus is causing the decay of those cells. But, in actuality, they’ve never run a control experiment. And what they’re doing is taking those cells and giving them inadequate nutrition, and exposing them to toxic chemicals. And so, that’s the reason the cells are decaying. And that’s the only thing that they say that proves a virus.

So they’ve not actually isolated any virus whatsoever. They have shown that they can do this isolation technique in bacterial viruses. They call them bacteriophages. And they’ve shown that they can use this technique to isolate exosomes. And the technique is fairly simple. You just filter out these small particles and then you put them through a centrifuge to have them segregate together based on their density. And then you hold a syringe or a pipette and you can look at them under the microscope. You can characterize them chemically. You can take out the genetic material and sequence it. And they’ve done these experiments for exosomes and bacteriophages. But they’ve never done it for a virus. And the simple reason is because there must not be any virus, that exists, that causes disease.

So they have this other procedure that just shows damage to cells in a culture and they say that that’s evidence of a virus. And it’s really quite astounding when I uncovered this. Because it’s not just in the studies for the SARS-CoV-2 virus that, you know, they say is associated with COVID-19, but it’s true for every single virus paper that I’ve looked at for any type of virus. So really, there’s really no evidence that any virus that is alleged to cause a disease has ever been isolated, or proven to cause any disease whatsoever.” – Dr. Andrew Kaufman.

“Yeah and here we see this response, which is unprecedented. And the interesting thing, like you mentioned exosomes. And in one of the first discussions that I heard you talk about this, you mentioned the fact that, well actually, when you look at an exosome, you look at its makeup, you look at the way it reacts and its characteristics, and then you look at COVID-19. Well, you go, well hey, it’s actually exactly the same thing.

So they’ve basically taken this normal part of our immune system, which is just a response to toxicity in the cells, and categorize it as this terrible pandemic. And it’s going to appear in basically anybody who’s stressed or got toxicity in the cell.

So it’s a total win-win situation for them. But there appears that there is no virus at all. They’re simply, you know, re-diagnosed or re-labeled, part of our immune system. And the response has been like, you know, it’s been over-the-top. Absolutely over-the-top.

And even when you look at the death figures for this year, it’s less deaths this year than it has been for the last five years. And no one seems to be dying of anything else anymore.” – Max Igan.

“Well, essentially – see what they’re seeing under the microscope – it could very well be exosomes because they’ve they pretty much created a recipe to make exosomes. Because they’re usually using monkey kidney cells for this purpose and they’re mixing it with antibiotics. And it’s well known that antibiotics induce exosomes. But the thing is that these cells are basically dying cells and they’re putting out all kinds of debris.

And early on, in the study of virology, they actually really wrestled with this problem and pretty much gave up on trying to find a virus – until this new technique that I described was invented. So we could very well be seeing pictures of exosomes when we see those pictures. But they could also be other kinds of cellular debris particles.

The thing I, we just don’t know because they’ve never taken those particles and then purified them and characterized exactly what they are. So that’s really never been done. And what you’re talking about with the test – the test is a little bit different because the PCR test, which is the main test, it doesn’t test for a virus at all. What that tests for is a sequence of RNA, which is genetic material.

And the way they obtain that is also – they take the impure sample basicall, like the lung fluid in this case, from some people who are sick or possibly a throat swab. And they amplify short little sequences. And sequences that they’re specifically looking for mostly because they have this library of gene sequences of viruses.
But the thing is, if you go back, they’ve always characterized them this way. So they’ve never once had a intact virus particle and then sliced it open and taken the RNA out and done a sequence from end to end.
That’s never been done. What they do instead is, they take this impure sample and they look for specific sequence that they’ve pre-identified as being viral in nature from this database. And then what they’re doing is amplifying these short little sequences – maybe 150 to 250 base pairs – and they’re splicing them together into this one long strand of 30,000 which they say is the viral genome. But it’s actually just this Frankenstein-type of assembly of all these little pieces that we don’t even have any proof they’re related. They could even come from different types of cells or different creatures.
And when there’s gaps, they’re basically using sequences that they get from that database of other viruses that are also put together in this Frankenstein-type way. And they sew all those together, you know, and say that this is the sequence, the genome sequence of this virus.
And that’s the procedure. And that’s – they’re testing for something from that. But we don’t really know what it is. Except it’s most likely our own sequences.
So that’s why there’s so many positive results, because they’re essentially testing our own genetic sequences.” – Dr. Andrew Kaufman.

In other words, more medical fraud for profit and control by keeping people in fear and ignorance of the truth – the promised plot twist.

Which is the actual, secret, hidden and misunderstood esoteric meaning of Mercury – the metaphoric symbol representing the higher mind, spirit and belief. In the Cerebrum and his caduceus are actual two hemisphere cerebrum, spinal cord, cerebrospinal fluid and two snakes representing the two sensory and motor nervous systems of our body, through which we experience everything.

The science of epigenetics states that what you are thinking is translated by the brain into body chemistry that will determine what you physically become. As Dr. Bruce Lipton explains, the function of Mercury or mind is to create coherence between what we believe and the physical reality that we experience. If you believe there’s a threat, signals of threat released into the blood will prepare the cells to engage in a protection area response. But if the perceived threat is imaginary stress, emotion or worry from an imbalanced mind, our cells don’t know if a threat is real or not – because cells only respond to the chemicals. They do not see the real external environment. If we believe we are under threat or stress, we manifest stress in our cellular physiology, even though the environment in which we live is not really promoting that. Our thoughts, Mercury, whether they are right or wrong are actually changing our cellular biology through his caduceus.

What we think we become. Signal plus protein equals behavior. So when our behavior is not supporting health or us, we can say we are expressing dis-ease.
So it’s either defective proteins or the signal causing disease. Defective proteins lead to defective functions creating disharmonious behavior in your cells which can cause disease.

Which is why a COVID-19 vaccine, using electroporation to fuse foreign bat or pig DNA into your cells, to create new protein instruction codes, is most certainly going to lead to both disease and your demise. Luckily for those wise enough to reject the new RNA/DNA recombinant COVID-19 vaccines, flawed protein expression genes caused less than 1% of all natural disease. The signal causes up to 90% of all dis-ease.

How can it interfere with health? Trauma – physical damage to the brain, spine or parts of the body related to the nervous system – can interfere with the flow of information from the nervous system to the cells, altering communication and leading to a misunderstanding by the responding cells – because the signals are altered.

Toxins cause disease by interfering with the propagation of the signals from the brain to the cells. If we put toxic elements into our body, including vaccine adjuvants and even toxins from eating industrial farmed food, these toxic chemicals can engage in the signal pathway. But if they do, they don’t promote a normal signal propagation. Toxic chemistry can distort the signal. If the brain is sending a signal to control the cells and there’s toxic chemistry in the pathway, then the signal that reaches the cell is altered, and then the behavior of the altered cell can lead to disease.

But the real secret of Mercury mind, is that our thoughts become translated into chemistry that can either cure or create disease. A dis-ease caused by thought is not because the body is defective, it’s because the signal is inappropriate. Because this esoteric science is hidden – consciousness, emotion, worry and stress are the primary problems contributing to issues regarding health on this planet. Too many people are sending inappropriate signals at inappropriate times, leading to inappropriate behavior which we call disease or dis-ease.

The truth is that these are two sides to the same coin. Metaphysically, mercury is mind. Physiologically, Mercury is the nerves and the cerebrospinal system. The cerebrospinal system is the generator and carrier of physicochemical electricity, which is simply energy or life. Our mind and the sensory nerves utilize the electrical energy of thought and the subtle nerve fluids in the cerebral spinal fluid.
Depending on our thoughts and actions, Mercury may do this beneficially and positively, or negatively and destructively.

Chemically, Mercury is quicksilver which, is an oily fatty substance. the “argentum vivum” or “living philosophical silver” that rises back up from our sacrum to our cerebrum to be converted back to electricity infinitely if not wasted.
The real interpretation of “quick” means living. And as oil is the physical manifestation of energy, mercury or quicksilver, means the oil of life.

We are told by the AMA that a quack is a medical charlatan. Takes one to know one. But actually quack is short for the 1570s Dutch term quacksalver or the German quacksalber, and the Danish quakzalver, meaning “hawker of salve” or oil or to rub with ointment. Quakzalver sounds remarkably close to quicksilver. Wouldn’t you say?

As usual, the snakes have inverted the true meaning of healing – for profit.
And that is the real reason Mercury is the father of merchants and thieves.
Mind, which is the father of thought, can actually rob the physical body by wasting living electricity through thought, emotion, action and physical merchandise – through riotous and gluttonous thought and living habits. The “brain esse” [esence] and thought power or electricity constitute the true merchandise of every human body.

And thus, the job of the great physician Mercury, your mind, is to electrochemically heal all dis-eases. Not just through pure thought and action, but through pure food sustenance and plant medicine on the physical plane. The cerebrospinal fluid around our brain, spinal cord, and nerves, cushions those organs.

It picks up supplies from the blood and gets rid of toxic waste products. It is a colorless, transparent alkaline fluid – 99% water, 1% monoatomic potassium – which creates healing and toxic-dissolving oils, glucose, protein amino acid molecules, enzymes, hormones, antibodies, etc. It is how the brain talks to cells.
In esoteric biblical biochemistry, the healing Rod of Asclepius is the staff of Moses.

The electrical seed germination that creates the healing corpuscles of the cells (created in our spleen) that make up our blood, lymph and nerve endings, brought down to the spleen from the cerebrum (or Aries the lamb or Ram of God), also known as Brahma or Abraham, by Mercury, the messenger of the Godhead. That is why Moses, or the electric seed of the corpuscles, is the descendant of Abraham, our cerebrum.

The winged caduceus of Mercury is the Tree of Life. While the serpents represent the tree of knowledge of good and evil, or cellular ease and dis-ease, one is the sensory system, the other the motor system, doing work pertaining to motion. But perverted it becomes e-motion, meaning energy wasted, substance lost, death and dis-ease. All around us today, we see its effect. Humanity as a whole, floundering in chaos instead of harmony, lost in a sea of emotion – energy wasted, substance lost.

The blood corpuscles carry not only nutriment to every cell, but air as well. Our cerebral cells, as well as all other cells, must be supplied with the proper mineral foods and salts, and kept free from acid accumulation and toxic poison.

Each individual has his own Tree of Life. No one but himself can destroy that tree and no one but himself can cultivate it or supply it with nutriment. There are links to details on this beautiful esoteric science in the description.

But know that oils neutralize and dissolve body toxins and poisons.
Water keeps fibers and fluid in motion.
Spirit (electricity) moves the body and the 12 mineral salts that manifest electricity to biology are the physical body.

Physician heal thyself.
This is not medicine.
And this is not the cause of disease.

At a glance, on the surface symbols, are just pictures that represent an idea in the consciousness of those who look at them. But while we may think symbols are just pictures, they do act on our subconscious mind to bring about the desired influence of the sigil creator.

The actual intent of the symbol may be unknown to the viewer or even be inverted in its true meaning. For example the peace symbol, or inverted Algiz, is actually a Proto-Germanic death ruin that was inscribed on tombstones. Death is peace.

The swastika had a positive meaning in ancient times. Its Sanskrit name was svasktika, literally meaning “it is”, well being, good existence, and good luck. For the Hindus it was a symbol for Vishnu and the Sun or, when inverted, Kali and magic. Thus we can invert the meaning of the caduceus to serve our health, rather than drain our corpuscles.

In our current reality, war is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength, and poison is medicine. But it does not have to be that way, if we do not want it to.
You can decide yourself, right now, that poison is poison, but plants, clean nutrient-filled food and positive mind is medicine.

Our bodies have amazing capabilities to heal if we simply provide the right environment, free of toxins, full of nutrition, purity of mind and spirit.
There is no form of cellular disease we cannot heal from.


November 12, 2020


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