If Cell Phone Use Causes Mechanical Stresses Contributing To ‘Skull Horns’…

What Can EMFs And RFs From AMI Smart Meters, 5G And Weather Engineered Scalar Clouds Do To Our Health?

Technology in all its varied formats literally has taken over our lives – from cradle to grave! What a sad state of affairs to see a toddler ‘navigating’ the Internet, all while Mom beams at how smart her little one is. Little does Mom know how she is enabling her child to suffer a probable future life of “non-ionizing radiation sickness, pain, suffering and tech-produced, physiological body changes.”

Very few technology users are educated enough in the fields of health and physiology, plus other impacting sciences regarding electromagnetic energy (EMF), radiofrequency (RFs), including none of the cell microwave generations (Gs) ever have been tested as to proven safety preventing harms to humans, pets, the environment, the Planet, and the workings of natural forces in the upper atmospheres: Troposphere, Stratosphere and Ionosphere.

With all the EMF, RF, 5G millimeter wave cumulative radiation impacting our biological bodies, especially the human brain and even the electrical thought processes of the mind, it is only natural there can be physiological changes resulting from the constant innovative stresses caused from using personal tech devices, especially cell phones and tablets – just not brain tumors or schwannoma of the heart, as reported in the National Toxicology Program’s “Cell Phone Radio Frequency Radiation.”

Have you been treated for “text neck” or “texting thumb”?

However, recent published findings by an Australian chiropractor, David Shahar who completed his PhD in Biomechanics [the study of the mechanical laws relating to the movement or structure of living organisms] at the University of Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia, and Shahar’s supervisor and co-author Mark Sayers, associate professor of biomechanics at Sunshine Coast U, warn us of skull boneprotrusions labeled as “head horns,” “phone bones,” “spikes,” or “weird bumps.”

Journalist Isaac Stanley-Becker of The Washington Post wrote an excellent article about those findings. 

Readers easily can see the bone spur in the X-ray below.

Due for texting and communicating hours on end a spur appears which is actually the result of non-normal stresses placed upon the human neck as a result of using cell phones. It’s an “adaptive response” the body is making in order to deal with, plus accommodate, stresses it never encountered before. It’s similar to hormone disruptor chemicals changing male frogs into becoming female or bisexual from chemical pollution, especially atrazine, in the waters they inhabit.

The findings by Shahar and Sayers are equivalent to “finding the needle in the haystack”.

The authors provide visual proof – “the missing link” – via X-ray of the oft-debated scientific challenge that there are no such harms as “non-thermal radiation negative effects,” either direct or indirect.

The “skull horns” information needs to be shared with every governmental entity dealing with microwave-transmitted energies licensing, especially the “fast tracked” 5G.

The unassuming consumers do not know what’s in their collective “tech” future consisting of 5G, Internet of Things (IoT), neural brain lace implants, and transhumanism since the human body is an electromagnetic organism consisting of LIGHT energy.

Since microwave tech has learned how to “play with LIGHT,” does it think it can control and reprogram human life? That is the question!

Does anyone know the amount of microwave energy directly overhead when artificial, weather geoengineered scalar clouds move in and cause pain and suffering for chronic disease patients?


January 19, 2020


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