Majestic 12, the Secret Space Program, and The Wilson Memo (4)

Deeper Disclosures with Neonrevolt, QAnon, GreatAwakening

by Neon Revolt

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Bill Cooper explains that the CIA, under George Bush, began creating the various drug epidemics you saw grown and unfold over the next five decades, starting in the late 50s. The money from these drug-running programs was funnelled into various black site projects, and the Secret Space program.

Cooper then begins to describe the nature of the Secret Space Program, around the beginning of the 1960s, by first contrasting it to the official space program:

“The official space program was boosted by President Kennedy in his inaugural address when he mandated that the United States put a man on the Moon before the end of the decade. Although innocent in its conception, this mandate enabled those in charge to funnel vast amounts of money into black projects and conceal the REAL space program from the American people. A similar program in the Soviet Union served the same purpose. In fact, a joint alien, United States, and Soviet Union base existed on the Moon at the very moment Kennedy spoke the words.

On May 22, 1962, a space probe landed on Mars and confirmed the existence of an environment which could support life. Not long afterward the construction of a colony on the planet Mars began in earnest. Today I believe a colony exists on Mars populated by specially selected people from different cultures and occupations taken from all over the Earth. A public charade of antagonism between the Soviet Union and the United States has been maintained over all these years in order to fund projects in the name of national defense when in fact we are the closest allies. At some point President Kennedy discovered portions of the truth.”

In other words, Cooper is basically talking about a Breakaway Civilization.

“Concerning the drugs and the aliens. He issued an ultimatum in 1963 to Majesty Twelve. President Kennedy assured them that if they did not clean up the drug problem, he would. He informed Majesty Twelve that he intended to reveal the presence of aliens to the American people within the following year, and ordered a plan developed to implement his decision, President Kennedy was not a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and knew nothing of Alternative 2 or Alternative 3. (Although some researchers claim JFK was a member of the CFR, I can find no legitimate list with his name upon it.) Internationally, the operations were supervised by the Bilderberg elite committee known as the Policy Committee. In the United States they were supervised by the executive committee of the CFR and in the Soviet Union by its sister organization.

President Kennedy’s decision struck fear into the hearts of those in charge. His assassination was ordered by the Policy Committee and the order was carried out by agents in Dallas. President John F. Kennedy was murdered by the Secret Service agent who drove his car in the motorcade and the act is plainly visible in the Zapruder film. WATCH THE DRIVER AND NOT KENNEDY WHEN YOU VIEW THE FILM. All of the witnesses who were close enough to the car to see William Greer shoot Kennedy were themselves all murdered within two years of the event. The Warren Commission was a farce, and Council on Foreign Relations members made up the majority of its panel. They succeeded in snowing the American people.”

Cooper is wrong here about the involvement of the driver in the Zapruder film. 100% wrong.
Chalk it up to him having poor copies of the film. I don’t see what he describes here (or in subsequent pages) at all.

Regardless, I think the greater concept Cooper is trying to get at here is that Kennedy was killed, at least in part, due to his desire to begin disclosure to all Americans.

Cooper continues:
“During the United States’ initial space exploration and the Moon landings every launch was accompanied by alien craft. On November 20, 1990, Los Angeles TV Channel 2 announced that a separate, red, glowing, round-shaped object accompanied the space shuttle Atlantis on its latest classified military mission. That was the first public admission.

Since our interaction with the aliens began we have come into possession of technology beyond our wildest dreams. We currently have, and fly, atomic-powered antigravity-type craft in Nevada. Our pilots have made interplanetary voyages in these craft and have been to the Moon, Mars, and other planets. We have been lied to about the true nature of the Moon, the planets Mars and Venus, and the real state of technology that we possess today, at this very moment. There are areas on the Moon where plant life grows and even changes color with the seasons.

This seasonal effect is because the Moon does not, as claimed, always present the exact same side to the Earth or the Sun. The Moon has several man-made lakes and ponds upon its surface, and clouds have been observed and filmed in its atmosphere. It possesses a gravitational field – and man can walk upon its surface without a space suit, breathing from an oxygen bottle after undergoing decompression, the same as any deep-sea diver! I have the official NASA photographs. Some of them were published in the books We Discovered Alien Bases on the Moon by Fred Steckling and Someone Else Is on the Moon.”

This is the part that stretches Cooper’s credulity the most for me. I think anyone with a high-grade consumer telescope can see plainly that there are no real lakes on the moon, nor is there plant life. Secret bases are one thing, but this sounds a bit too paranoid, frankly, and with modern imaging tech, can be easily debunked and left behind (I think).

Still, remember what I said earlier; that’s no reason to discard everything Cooper is saying here. He may very well be wrong about that one point, but right about everything else!

“A contingency plan was formulated by Majesty Twelve to throw every one off the trail should they come close to the truth. The plan was known as MAJESTIC TWELVE. It was implemented with the release by Moore, Shandera, and Friedman of the purported Eisenhower Briefing Document. The document is a fraud, because it is numbered 092447, a number which does not exist and will not exist for quite a long time at the present rate.

Truman wrote Executive orders in the 9000 range; Eisenhower’s were in the 10,000 range; Ford was up to the 11,000 bracket; and Reagan reached only into the 12,000s. Executive orders are numbered consecutively, no matter who occupies the White House, for reasons of continuity, record keeping, and to prevent confusion. This red herring has thrown the entire research community off the trail for several years and has resulted in the wasted expenditure of money looking for information which does not exist.”

I do believe Cooper is referring to the “leaked” documents regarding Majestic-12, which are supposedly elaborate fakes (and which the FBI itself declared “BOGUS” – though it’s clear that much work has gone into convincing people that they are real.

Obviously, one of the best ways to hide is “in plain sight.” Disinfo is powerful, and Cooper is suggesting that this “Majestic-12” document is one such piece of disinfo, used to obscure the actual Majestic-12 project.

Cooper then theorizes that the world’s elite are using the “alien threat” as a means to unite people (in fear) and usher in a one world government:

“Another plan is in force. It is the plan to prepare the public for eventual confrontation with an alien race. It could also intend to make you believe in an alien race that may not exist. The public is being bombarded with movies, radio, advertising, and TV programs depicting almost every aspect of the purported true nature of an alien presence. This includes the good and the bad.

Look around and pay attention. Someone is planning to make their presence known and the government is preparing you for it. They do not want any panic. The unprecedented number of sightings worldwide indicates that public exposure is not far off. Never in history have there been so many incidents involving UFOs and never in history have there been so many official acknowledgments.”

And he closes the chapter with a quote from Ronald Reagan:

“If suddenly there was a threat to this world from some other species from another planet, we’d forget all the little local differences that we have between our two countries and we would find out once and for all that we really are all human beings on this Earth.”

Got all that?
Don’t worry; here’s some videos to help you review the main points:

I’d watch both of those if I were you, but if you only watch one, as much as I love Edge of Wonder, I’d have to say watch the second one, because they dissect some of the MJ-12 documents floating around out there.

The site Bibliotecapleyades has a nice breakdown of all the projects operating under the MJ-12 jurisdiction, that we know of. Some of these come from Cooper himself and should be familiar, given that you just read about some of them in the paragraphs above.

“Operation Majestic-12 – was created by the executive order of President Truman on September 24, 1947, and its first head was Dr. Vannevar Bush, the president’s Chief Science Advisor.

The current head of Majestic-12 known variously as Majority Twelve, Majority, MJ-12, Majority Agency for Joint Intelligence (MAJI), was Vice President and former CIA Director George Bush (1988). As of 1/8/89, President George Bush. Today, this group operates under the ‘public name’ of the Senior Interagency Group (SIG).

The organizational structure of MAJI, is as follows:
An umbrella group consisting of MAJI, the CIA and the NSA in which all the various compartments dealing with ET-related issues perform their various functions. Under Project Aquarius four groups, each consisting of several hundred persons, conducts secret UFO investigations and research in four assigned areas of the United States.

Separate projects under the umbrella of Project Aquarius are:
This project was originally established in 1953, by order of President Eisenhower and is under the control of the CIA, NSA, and MAJI. Project Grudge went underground and another project, Project Sign, was established as a cover operation.

In 1960, the Project’s name was changed from Project SIGN to Project Bluebook. Project Aquarius, became the overall umbrella operation controlling all these projects. Project Aquarius was funded by CIA confidential funds (non-appropriated). The Project assumed full responsibility for investigation and intelligence of UFOs/IACs in December 1969 after Project Grudge/Blue Book was closed.

The purpose of Project Aquarius was to collect all scientific, technological, medical and intelligence information from UFO/IAC sightings and contacts with alien life forms. This orderly file of collected information has been used to advance the United States’ Space Program and provided the data needed to develop present stealth technology.

Originally established as part of Project SIGN in 1954 to establish diplomatic relations with the Aliens. This Project was successful when mutually acceptable terms were agreed upon. These terms involved the exchange of technology for secrecy of the Alien presence and non-interference in Alien affairs. This Project is controlled by a secret task force headquartered at the Los Alamos National Laboratories in New Mexico and is ongoing.

Conducts electronic communications with extraterrestrials, part of an on-going contact project run by and through the NSA since as early as late 1963 which led to the Holloman AFB incident of April 25, 1964.

Closed down, supposedly, on completion of its studies. Project Garnet’s purpose was to investigate extraterrestrial influence on human affairs and evolution.

Originally established in 1954, the mission of Project Redlight was to test fly recovered alien craft. This project, carried out at Area 51 (Groom Lake) and Area S4 in Nevada was postponed after every attempt resulted in destruction of the craft and the death of the pilots. Project Redlight was resumed in 1972 and has since been partially successful. UFO sightings of craft accompanied by black helicopters are Project Redlight’s assets. This project is ongoing at Area 51 in Nevada.

Originally established in 1954. Its mission was to develop [using conventional technology] and fly a flying saucer type craft for the public. This project was successful when a craft was built and flown in front of the press. This project was used to explain UFO sightings and to divert public attention from Project Redlight.

Established to evaluate all UFO/IAC information pertaining to the alien space visitors. This project is ongoing. Pluto is the proword for Pounce.

Originally known as Project Moondust, this project, was formed to recover all downed/crashed craft and aliens and provided cover stories and operations to mask the true endeavor when necessary. Covers which have been used: crashed experimental aircraft, construction, mining, etc. This project has also been successful and continues to this date.

This project was tasked with developing a low frequency pulsed sound generator when it was determined that the alien weapons and craft would be vulnerable to this weapon. It is questionable whether this project exists today. It was derived from technology captured from Germany during and after WWII. Intelligence sources have verified its previous existence but cannot verify whether it is ongoing or has been terminated.

Established to develop a weapon which would destroy the alien underground bases and any future underground bases which the aliens might construct. It is to be a missile capable of penetrating 1000 meters of tufa/hard packed soil such as that found in New Mexico with no operational damage. Missile apogee is not to exceed 30,000 feet AGL. Impact must not deviate in excess of 50 meters from a designated target. The device is designed to carry a 1-megaton nuclear warhead. This project is ongoing at the WX Division, LANL, Los Alamos, New Mexico but is still in development.

In a secured area of the basement of CIA Headquarters in Langley, Virginia are sixteen columns of file cabinets containing thousands of folders of documented information collected from the beginning of the United States’ investigation of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) and Identified Alien Crafts (IAC). These are the files of Operation Majestic-12 and Project Aquarius and are known as ‘The Bible.’ This Bible contains all the various reports on aspects of alien visitations.
Each president, since Truman, has been briefed on Operation Majestic-12.”

Now, if all that sounds like crazy, crackpot, “Conspiracy theorist” territory… you’re not gonna believe what I have to show you next…

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October 12, 2019


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