MOMENT OF TRUTH: The Political Stuff Nobody Wants to Talk About (1)

By David Wilcock
Oct 26, 2018

Some People Can’t Get Past It

In case you didn’t read the previous part of this article, I highly recommend it. We were discussing Q Anon briefings from September 19th, 2018 confirming the existence of Secret Space Programs. This is a tremendous development that suggests disclosure could be much bigger and better than many of us thought.

In another previous article from September 8th, I made it very clear that I supported Obama when he was pushing for disclosure, just as I now support the Alliance initiative working through Trump. The Cabal is suppressing technologies that can resolve every single crisis that plagues our planet at this time. We are already an interstellar, Star Trek civilization, with stargate and super-light-speed “warp drive” capability.

We are already interacting with hundreds of different species of extraterrestrials.
All along, I have seen Trump as the “battering ram” that was necessary to smash through the overwhelmingly violent resistance to disclosure that exists. The “Fearless Dominance” and strong motivation to be the best, and make history, have somehow led to him doing this.

It Is a Fight to the Death

It should be very obvious to everyone that the mainstream media is in an absolute fight to the death with this administration.
One of the latest examples of this was the incredibly nasty fight surrounding the appointment of Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, which went through on October 7th, 2018.
Unless you carefully follow alternative media, you might naturally believe Kavanaugh was a dangerous, sadistic rapist. The Q Anon briefings made it clear that these were calculated, false smear attempts, since Kavanaugh was essential to the mass arrests working successfully.

With his presence on the Supreme Court, Q Anon indicated that the arrests can now move through without being obstructed.
Benjamin Fulford pointed out that the Arch of Ba’al was erected in Washington, DC just as this nasty fight reached its peak.

This appeared to be another example of the satanic elites using “ritual magic” in an attempt to empower their plans. This arch is also one of the most common “Illuminati symbols” that gets deliberately planted into a wide variety of Hollywood films, once you know what you’re looking for. As one homework assignment, count how many times the arch appears in the movie Devil’s Advocate.

I really wish I didn’t have to know about this stuff, but once you understand what is going on, you no longer have the luxury of ignoring these details: Arch of Ba’al Erected in DC As Kavanaugh Fight Reached Its Peak
Please recall that the Arch of Ba’al was on display in Washington, DC as the fight to install Supreme Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh was reaching its climax.
“Jonathan Cahn, author of the book The Paradigm, has pointed out that Baal was a god of power, fertility, and child sacrifice,” according to this website and many other sources.
This same Arch of Ba’al has been on display in front of various gatherings of “globalists,” including a World Government Summit in the UAE in 2017.


Thinking the Unthinkable

The idea that Christine Blasey Ford could have been lying about Kavanaugh might have been completely insane to most people, particularly those on the left.
Nonetheless, there was abundant proof that she was lying about multiple things in her testimony, as this October 2018 article  argued.

On September 29th, the Senate Judiciary Committee also caught someone else lying about Kavanaugh, only to later recant his false claims on a social media post.
This person could very well have been paid or otherwise influenced to say the things he said, before experiencing such a huge backlash.

We are not going into too much detail on these stories, for now, so I recommend studying the above links if you are not aware of these counter-arguments.
Again, you don’t have to like any of these characters. At all. What I do think you should like is the idea of Full Disclosure.
If you are a long-term visitor to this site, then I hope you realize the Alliance is getting closer and closer to completing its mission.

The Only Thing They Could Agree Upon Was Secrecy

Up until the 2016 election victory happened, the opposing candidates in previous elections were really nothing more than Wrestlemania.
In the debates, they appeared to be against each other. However, just like at a carnival, after the match they laugh and drink beer together.
It’s like a classic saying one of my insiders loved to use in our conversations.
It starts with a question: “I can guarantee with 100 percent precision who will win the next Super Bowl. You want to know who it is?”
“Sure,” I said.
“The NFL!”
The equivalent, in this case, would have been, “Who will win the next election?”
“The Deep State!”

Never Break the ‘Kayfabe’

In carnival terms, this idea of a staged conflict between business associates is called “Kayfabe,” which is an encoded term for “Be Fake.”
Opposing carnival wrestlers are taught they must NEVER “Break the Kayfabe.” Any time they are seen in public by anyone, they must appear to hate each other.
If anyone gets wind of what is really going on, the carnival will quickly be confronted by police for fraud, shut down and run out of town.

Wrestling also has an assigned role for each character: There is the “Face” and the “Heel.”

The “Face” looks better, and deliberately tells the townspeople how amazing their village is. The more loved he is, the better.
The “Heel” is less attractive, and deliberately insults the town and its people — or at least some of them.
His job is to get the audience as close to a violent riot as possible, without having them actually erupt into physical violence.
Then, when the Heel appears to be defeated by the Face in the wrestling match, everyone cheers… and feels like they got their money’s worth.

The 2016 Election Is a Perfect Example

The Deep State’s plan for the 2016 election, in light of this carnival logic, was very simple: Hillary was the “Face,” and Jeb Bush was the “Heel.”
Hundreds of millions of dollars were invested in Jeb’s campaign. They were serious about it. Jeb did not have the looks, charisma, public speaking chops or magnetism of Hillary. That was the point. He was the Heel.
This next image is from a Politico article on June 1st, 2015, scripting how the US “boring” election was expected to go down:

The Deep State knew they had complete control of both candidates. Even in the unlikely event that the “Heel” won, who still won the Election?
The Deep State.

The media continued to attack Trump the entire time, making it look as if he didn’t even have a chance to beat Jeb, much less any of the others.
Each new leap forward he made in his candidacy was seen as a total shock. Yet he still won. Somehow.
So much hate has been piled upon him since then that it may be nearly impossible for people to see anything else.

The Negative Has Been Focused On So Massively

The media has been in a non-stop assault against Trump ever since he joined the race, and particularly after it looked like he might win the Republican nomination.
If you hear enough negative stuff about someone for a long-enough period of time, you’re probably going to hate them just because you’re so sick of it.

Now you can’t even speak about anything other than the official party line of the mainstream media without being censored.
‘Defamation’ is false information that has been deliberately fabricated to attack someone’s reputation.
Slander is spoken defamation, and libel is written defamation.
The amount of slander and libel that is occurring in this case, directly from a media that is supposed to be unbiased by law, is absolutely staggering.

This Might Be Very Tough… But…

For just a moment, try this exercise. You may not like it. At all. But just think about it. Without using names, just consider the concepts.
You have more money than you could ever imagine. Your family is set for life. You are a celebrity. A billionaire.
You can do anything you want. You can live safely and protect your family.
For some reason, you willingly decide to take on a mission that is almost certain death — for you and your entire family.
The assassination threats will be overwhelming and constant. The level of hate that will be directed at you will be nearly unprecedented in Earth’s history.
You know you are not a perfect person. Issues from your past will inevitably come up that will be deeply disparaging and humiliating, if not damning, once revealed.
Your goal is to hold off the trouble for as long as you can, so you can complete the mission — and stay alive in the process.
The tension with your spouse is extraordinary. The in-fighting with your closest associates, along with the betrayals, is non-stop.
The media turns against you more extremely than any other figure in recorded history. Yet you still keep going.

Consider The Alliance’s Intentions

The Alliance’s efforts date back to at least the Korean War, at which time the five-inch-thick binder called “The Plan” was created, as we discussed in the previous article, now with over 700,000 views.
The Alliance was aware that we were dealing with a genocidal, bloodthirsty cabal of individuals worshiping ancient gods and seeking to create total misery and death on Earth.
Top generals were on the verge of doing mass arrests during the Obama administration.
We have been passing along multiple Alliance briefings about potential mass arrests ever since 2009, and it was extremely serious.
At the time it would have been severely traumatic, and would have looked like a literal military coup against the United States leadership.
The Deep State was aware enough of the Alliance that the Alliance was under constant attack. This included massive financial problems.
It was very much like the story of the Founding Fathers of the United States in that sense. The Alliance did NOT have a strong asset base.
I did not gain that information in briefings until fairly recently, and it helped to explain a LOT of things for me.

No Other Choice

Donald Trump was apparently approached by the Alliance because he was the only one they could find who had any chance of carrying out their mission:
1. He was an existing celebrity who was already popular with many people;
2. He had enough money to finance his own campaign without being bought out by special interests;
3. He was not personally involved in any of the most depraved acts of the Deep State, based on advanced Alliance surveillance;
4. He had a very strong sense of self, which would be necessary in the face of a hatred unprecedented in world history;
5. He had the qualities of “Fearless Dominance” necessary to face almost certain death against a murderous cabal.

Again… where so many people are getting hung up is that this is NOT all about the president. He is just one person in a much greater effort.
He has made outrageous gaffes that I would never dream of saying, publicly or privately, in a million years.
It is amazing that he hasn’t cracked any farther considering the awesome, worldwide pressure he is facing.
Trump was simply chosen to participate in a particular role within a vastly larger operation, which far predates him.

The Alliance attempted to coordinate with Obama to do disclosure as well, but Obama succumbed to the murderous pressure of the Deep State.
No one can accuse me of taking political sides here. My side is for Disclosure. I support whoever can actually make that happen.
And just like I said about the Law of One crew and my own insiders the previous part of the article, deeply flawed people can still do things that contribute to disclosure.

Read the second part of the article


May 6, 2019

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