Q: ‘Biblical’


Q drop number 4418 (June 5, 2020) links to a short video tweet from Dan Scavino. It shows a lightning storm over Washington DC on June 4 – with lightning bolts striking the Washington Monument.

Here is the single word below the video tweet in the Q drop:

The Washington Monument is one of three satanic obelisks in each of the Deep State world centres. The other two are in the Vatican (religious HQ for the Deep State) and London (financial HQ for the Deep State). Washington DC has been the political/military arm of the Deep State – until now.

Sometimes there is an “other worldly/off planet” tone to Q messages. The biggest question (which may never be answered): “How does Q know ahead of time what will occur?” The timing of events predicted by Q is often so precise.

One of Q’s favorite phrases is, “Future proves the past”. Q Anon fans speculate about the possibility of time travellers. On the other hand, many elements of the Alliance plan can be strategized ahead of time. But there are definitely Godly aspects to the plan that remain mysterious.


July 2, 2020


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