Secret Space War: The Draco’s Secret War Against American Goyim (3)


by Preston James, Ph.D

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The Tall White Nordics versus the Dracos, a current day, continuing Cosmic War between Good and Evil?

Now here is where the narrative gets very interesting and very, very strange. It is believed by some in highly connected Intel circles that the Dracos have a main representative which has re-emerged on the scene after an absence of many centuries. His recycled name is Marduke, which was supposedly changed from Mars aka the ancient Greek and Roman “God of War”, which by the way apparently appears on at least one US Military Medal.

He has allegedly been crowned the “King of Africa” and his plan is to depopulate Africa, and start a nuclear WW3 between Russia and the United States using the WZs and Israeli Khazarian leaders to provoke it. His plan is to nuke Jerusalem in the process so that a new joint temple between all the religions of the world can be built on the Dome of the Rock site.

And it has also been rumored that the Tall White Nordics have approached Russian leaders a couple of years ago and formed a new binding alliance which promises new state-of the-art alien defensive weapons technology. This weapons technology, although not supposed to be offensive is believed to be a significant step ahead of anything the US Military or SSG has. Supposedly these Tall Whites have told Putin not to worry about the USG or the SSG because they “have his back”.

It appears that some of the Israeli leaders are starting to catch on somewhat and feel that they are being Cutloose by the Old Black Nobility when actually it is the treachery of the Dracos who have their own hidden Agenda in all this which at first glance seems quite complex. And that Draco agenda supposedly involves Cutting Israel loose from its support which used to be massive and generating a world focus on the Israeli created Palestinian Apartheid and all the associated crimes against humanity against Palestinians by Israel and the IDF such as massive land theft and serial and mass murder.

Apparently the Dracos are “hell bent” on starting a Nuclear WW3 with the Russians. And it has been rumored from Intel sources that the Russian Federation has formed a secret peaceful alliance with the tall White Nordics who have told them, “Don’t worry, we’ve got your back”. And it is rumored that a powerful segment within the American High Military Command and Intel has been approached by the Tall Whites and is being advised on how to defeat the Dracos.

It may turn out to be that the Dracos will realize that their Agenda as it currently is will fail and they will reformulate a populist based Agenda to hijack the growing, spontaneously emerging worldwide populism and pretend they are the good guys (Dracos are known to be constantly projecting or gaming alternative outcomes and fall back routines to “make lemonade out of lemons”.

They may then raise up a very intelligent crafty world leader that puts a spell on the masses and elicits a mass belief that he is the Savior of the world. After three years of establishing a remarkable peace with a new world monetary system that is very effective and is not based on pernicious usury or debt-based fiat “money”, he will then perhaps seat himself in the new world temple in Jerusalem, claiming to be the world Messiah and Savior and perform incredulous abominations.

Immediately the world will become engulfed in mass catastrophes and mass death culminating in the rescue by the Tall White Nordics or perhaps as some say will be Jesus of Nazareth, a returning Risen Lord of all. Only time will tell, but it certainly looks like America is headed for a show down actual Civil War between the Draco driven, demonic DHS and “We the People” many of whom are armed and had about enough of this imported WZ foreign based tyranny, murder by militarized police who are Mind-kontrolled zombies by their constant on pulsed beam Police radios and many of whom are now mere puppets and “agents of this Draco-run State”.

Could this narrative be accurate?

Now do I believe this information I was able to obtain from what I consider a very good source? I can only say that every other bit of information given me in the past when this story was told has turned out to be true, but such were related to Iran-Contra CIA drug dealing and IZCS crimes inside Chicago and America. As far as this narrative about alien ETs, Dracos and Tall Whites, I really do not know for sure. Nor do I want it to be true. It would seem much easier to accept the idea that the current Crime cabal that hijacked America goes as high as the City of London Banksters only.

The idea that they are demon possessed by Evil Cosmic Parasites is a frightening and incredulous concept for the most part. But then so too are all the reports from highly credible former deep-black and beyond-black contractors that there is a secret Space war now ongoing that involves Alien Ets, some of which are exceeding evil and cannibalistic too.

This beyond-black Alien ET Secret Space War narrative I was told creates a problem for me because based on content it seemed incredulous to me at the time, but also seems increasingly plausible as time has passed and more and more corroborating evidence has slowly emerged, especially a notable death bed confession of a man verified to be a highly ranked CIA assistant to President Eisenhower.

I can report that the rest of the information provided to me concerning Promis Software and the Iran Contra CIA drug flights proved to be true. One very small part of this Space War narrative was cross validated to me by a former high ranking Police investigator that witnesses one small part of the Secret Space War System in the SE United States.


There has been a small amount of some corroborating evidence emerging from some very credible witnesses, former highly placed deep-black or beyond-black contractors, so it is possible and we will have to wait and see how it all plays out. But all indications appear to suggest that all secrecy is now ending and every deep secret will likely be exposed in the near future, sooner than later. So eventually it looks like we will all find out the truth as every deep secret is exposed and screamed from the rooftops.

There is one notable aspect to this Secret War being waged toward “American Goyim” that seems indisputable. That is that this secret war of the Dracos against “American Goyim” is nothing less than World Zionist NeoBolshevism perpetrated by NeoCons, PNACers, Israeli-American Israeli-first dual citizen Traitors and infil-Traitors. It is important to realize that the same WZ led forces that produced such horrendous mass-murders and torture in Bolshevik Russia in 1917 under Lenin, again under Stalin, and again under Mao are basically the same forces at play today waging a total spectrum war against “American Goyim”.

Vladimir Lenin famous quote still applies today:
“Corrupt the young, get them away from religion. Get them interested in sex. Make them superficial, destroy their ruggedness. Get control of all means of publicity and thereby: Get the peoples’ mind off their government by focusing their attention on athletics, sexy books and plays, and other trivialities. Divide the people into hostile groups by constantly harping on controversial matters of no importance. Destroy the people’s faith in their natural leaders by holding up the latter to ridicule, contempt and obloquy. Always preach true democracy but seize power as fast and as ruthlessly as possible. Encourage government extravagance, destroy its credit, produce fear with rising prices, inflation and general discontent. Foment unnecessary strikes in vital industries, encourage civil disorders and foster a soft and lenient attitude on the part of government towards such disorders. By specious argument cause the breakdown of the old moral virtues: honesty, sobriety, continence, faith in the pledged word, ruggedness. Cause the registration of all firearms on some pretext, with the view of confiscating them and leaving the population defenseless.”

So obviously it’s important to realize that an important step in the Draco’s planned Total Destruction of America, its economy and it’s people (American Goyim) is to hijack the Khazars, sheep-dip them. To do this effectively, it is necessary to convince and indoctrinate other Judaics, as well as Christians, Deists and those of other religious beliefs that they are the true children of Abraham and carry ancient Hebrew Blood. When this Big Lie is successfully indoctrinated and imprinted into the hearts and minds of the Judaics and the “American Goyim”, a very powerful mind-kontrol has been established.

The result is that most of “We the People” are convinced that these “Fake Judaics” are therefore God’s Chosen People, true Semites and cannot be criticized, corrected, challenged in anyway or stopped since to do so would be waging war against God Almighty Himself. If they attempt to do so they are labeled “Anti-Semites” and equivocated to be as bad or worse than the Nazi’s. This kind of trick has helped the Draco’s main representatives on Planet Earth, the WZs gain enormous power and ability to deflect almost any and all criticism.

Yes, it’s a very, very crafty trick that itself suggests super-human reasoning and planning ability something only Alien ETs are likely capable of pulling off.

And yet this false charge of Anti-Semitism is all in reality an exercise in projection, that is, the psychological defense mechanism of accusing others of what you are secretly doing but need to keep hidden. In a sense these WZs are using such an accusation of Anti-Semitism as a pre-emptive strike to neutralize any potential monitoring or criticism of future or current actions which are self-serving and in many cases anti-human and the expression of soulless and evil Alien ETs called the Dracos aka Nephilim or Fallen Ones and their offspring.

So let’s understand this clearly, it is the WZs who are the ones pretending they are of Ancient Hebrew Bloodlines. It is the WZs who are working to establish a “Final Solution” i.e. “Total Destruction” of the American Goyim, not the other way around.

And they have created a massive racial persecution/annihilation delusion in the minds of many Judaics in order to motivate them to support these efforts financially and emotionally, albeit covertly without such who provide support being aware of the sinister agenda of “Death to Goyims”.

At a deep psychological level this victim based delusion promotes covert hatred and revenge motivations against those who had nothing to do with the so-called “Holocaust” i.e. “Fiery Sacrifice” their WZ controllers deployed.

And for those that understand how Hitler was a British Agent and how the City of London World Zionists controlled the way WW2 unfolded in Europe, so much more becomes clear. It turns out that the WZs also set up whatever the so-called “Holocaust” was as an initial step in setting up this future WZ war against American Goyim and all they define as Goyim on behalf of the Dracos.

The final Draco Plan is to set up and deploy their “Total Destruction of American Goyim Plan”, that is, their particular own “Final Solution” for American Goyim and anyone else in the world the WZs believe have non-Hebrew bloodlines. After that they plan to get rid of all humans of any type, even hybids, and even their own Cutouts the WZs.

Yes this is a very sinister and crafty plan which has been deployed by the Dracos over the last two hundred years at least and if allowed to continue it carries a bad “payload” for all including their main Cutouts the WZs who make up the IZCS.

Now about a very deep, dark secret of the Ultimate Evil of the Dracos.
The Dracos are a very crafty bunch of Cosmic parasites and bad to the bone too in every way imaginable. They love to induce their Cabal Leaders to engage in torture, severe sexual abuse, and murder of children and even cannibalism and blood-drinking as part of their required human sacrifice rituals, necessary before these Top Policy-Maker/Cabal Leaders receive their power, rewards and protection.

Their main Cutouts the WZs aka the “Synagogue of Satan” bunch who they have appointed to run the IZCS and do their “Dirty Work” and very “Dark Deeds” are given immense rewards for obedience to deploy “human race purification” by soft-kill & hard-kill eugenics, human sacrifice, and massive painful human death and suffering.

This is their “Secret Script” or “Alien Agenda” they follow to “please” their Draco Masters, the Kings of Darkness, Evil and Human Desecration. Their rewards for deploying this Agenda and staying committed to this Secret Script of Evil and Death” are unfathomable wealth, status, power and prestige, as well as personal services by their private demonic spiritual guide such as Intel against enemies and “psi-power” favors.

However, it is very interesting to note the Dracos hate all humans and secretly despise these Cutouts even though some may be Draco-human hybrids. They hate all humans and secretly despise them even though they pretend to be friends.

They plan to set up these WZ Cutouts for exposure and “Cutting Loose” when they shift to a newly emerging world populism, which will spontaneously arise as most of the masses of the world will no longer tolerate all of the worldwide IZCS corruption of government, Intel and Society at every level. The Dracos will help this process along and they plan to make sure that these WZ are identified as mainstream Judaics, and that all Judaics get blamed for this massive corruption, murder and unspeakable evil.

They plan to set up a second so-called “holocaust”, but this time against all who have been identified as Judaics and their supporters such as misinformed, naive Evangelical Christians who think the so-called country of Israel is filled with Judaics who are relatives of Jesus Christ of Nazareth and supporters of Christianity.

Of course these dumb misguided Evangelicals are aiding those that are working hard to destroy them and their faith and do not realize they have been helping the most evil International Crime Syndicate that ever existed, a group that is intensely committed to the destruction of Christianity and Deism on every front and openly mocks Jesus inside Israel in the Mass Media and on TV comedy shows.

These naive, “dumbed-down” Christians claim they hate Hollywoodism and the massive pornography industry and its obvious damage to basic institutions of society and yet they support the Israel, WZ, the IZCS, NeoCons, PNACers, and AIPAC which are secretly using pornography as a key element in their Neo-Bolshevik destruction of America and everything it stands for which is best described in their words as “Goyim Culture”.

In the future, the Dracos plan to raise up a new worldwide populist good guy who will clean house and start the cycle over once again. They know this is coming from their advanced computers and algorithmic “gaming” of societal development models and their solution id to short circuit the process by taking control of the process early on and make sure it is under their control and delivers someone who is their secret representative.

These Dracos carry no loyalties at all towards anyone or anything. Once they do not need a set of Cutouts, it becomes “bye-bye time” very quickly. And top Intel insiders have reported the last couple of years that World Zionist is now in its death throes and fighting very hard to survive, but that it is now hopeless for them because complete exposure and a massive worldwide uprising against them is already underway because of Israeli Apartheid which was set up for that purpose by the Dracos, to be the WZs’s Achilles Heel.

In America, the IZCS has penetrated so deeply and hijacked the NSA and so many private Intel contractors (ask Mark Novitsky if you want to identify them specifically), that American Intel’s use of the phrase “National Security” only means Their Security, not Ours.

The Dracos have set up DHS and all their private Intel Contractors run by the IZCS to complete their goals of destroying all American Goyim and then all Judaics too. That is why they are using the BLM and the DHS to try and provoke a new American Civil War, that is, to actuate and speed up this destruction process.

You see, the Draco’s Final Solution is to take no prisoners and to destroy all humans and then repopulate the earth with more of their own parasites, a large amount of robots to do their work and mining and a small quantity of a new type of hybrid android slave. So far all their massive long terms attempts to synthesize the Human Soul have failed despite their horrendous experiments at Nightmare Hall in the Dulce Deep Underground Base. Research to do this continues but is doomed to failure.

But the Dracos can be stopped and will be stopped because the Internet is their Achilles Heel. Truth quickly erodes their power which can only manifest when they have the public believing huge lies about everything. And that is where the importance of the Controlled Major Mass media (CMMM) comes in. Once they lose the hearts and minds of the masses, it’s game over for them because then a genuine populism will emerge. They see this as a real risk and that is why they are doing things now to set things up in a way that they can make sure world populism emerges but under their control, completely hijacked.

A lot of seemingly strange things the Dracos set up are pre-emptive based on advanced algorithm based projections and Psi-power based predictions. Right now Planet Earth is engaged in a final battle between Good and Ultimate Evil. Be part of the solution, learn the truth about what the CMMM will never admit, and then spread the word to help wake up others.

It is important to be clear that not all Judaics are Zionists, in fact only a small proportion. But many are conned into supporting the IZCS without realizing it, because the WZs are very crafty and effective at playing on their loyalties to their fellow Judaics to prevent another so-called “Holocaust”. And it is interesting to note that all WZs are not Judaics by any means. Some WZs are just plain pure luciferians.

And of course some Christian researchers who have deeply investigated the Nephilim, or fallen ones aka the “Order of the Snake” or the Fallen Serpent/evil angel and who accept the Biblical view of reality, believe much of the disclosures in this article to be true with one major addition. They believe that Jesus Christ is the only Begotten Son of God, died on the cross to destroy the sins of Mankind, rose from the dead and will return again.

Not as a deceptive Antichrist and fake Christ which morphs into pure evil as soon as he gains world power, but as the Lord of All who comes back as the one and only true Messiah Jesus Christ to rescue mankind and put an end to this evil Cosmic Parasite that has descended on earth to test all mankind. How interesting it will be to find out if these folks are correct or not as the future unfolds.


July 31, 2019


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