The Emperor Has No Clothes


“One would almost think he had nothing on, but that’s what makes them so fine. ‘Exactly,’ all the noblemen agreed, though they could see nothing, for there was nothing to see.

The Emperor shivered, for he suspected they were right. But he thought, ‘This procession has got to go on.’ So he walked more proudly than ever, as his noblemen held high the train that wasn’t there at all.”

The theme of the naked emperor is universal when the people refuse to acknowledge an ugly reality, despite what is in front of their very eyes.

Vaccination is not:

– Immunization
– Safe
– Effective
– Evidence-based
– Patient-centric
– Prevention
– Health promoting

Vaccination Policy is:

– Based on faith/blind trust
– Industry dominated
– Anti-science
– Coercive and fear based
– Corrupted by conflicts of interest
– Eroding rights and freedoms


– Negatively impact brain development
– Negatively impact immune development
– Contain animal cells and viruses
– Contain chemicals, preservatives and foreign matter
– Are not tested for their ability to cause cancer (carcinogenicity)
– Are not tested for impact on fertility
– Are not tested for their ability to damage an organism (toxicity)
– Are not tested for their ability to damage genetic information within a cell (genotoxicity)
– Are not tested for their ability to change the genetic information within an organism (mutagenicity)
– Are not tested for long term effects
– Erode true herd immunity
– Cause new strains to emerge

Doctors are not:

– Scientists
– Experts in immunology
– Experts in toxicology
– Trained to diagnose vaccine injury
– Trained to treat vaccine injury
– Held accountable if they fail to report vaccine injury
– Educated of the ingredients in vaccines
– Educated on the synergistic effects of vaccine ingredients
– Honoring their Hippocratic oath to ‘First Do No Harm’
– Honoring the precautionary principle
– Providing informed consent
– Experts in research methodology
– Legally accountable for the injuries and deaths they cause when they vaccinate
– Providing patient by patient, disease by disease and vaccine by vaccine risk-benefit consideration

Doctors are:

– Receiving financial benefit when they vaccinate
– Failing to disclose their financial conflict of interest when they recommend vaccination
– Violating their code of ethics when they vaccinate without informed consent
– Violating their code of ethics when they remove non-vaccinating or selectively vaccinating patients from their practice
– Violating their code of ethics when they bully, intimidate or coerce patients to be vaccinated
– Violating the Nuremberg Code
– Violating the Universal Declaration of Bioethics and Human Rights
– Ignoring individual patient variables

The CDC is not:

– Independent from industry influence
– Conforming to standard conflicts of interest policies
– Conducting independent safety research
– Responsibly monitoring vaccine injury and death
– Being transparent with vaccine injury and death
– Being honest about the absence of long term safety research
– Promoting health practices that are largely responsible for increased public health (clean water, hygiene, sanitation, nutrition)
– Conducting valid placebo controlled studies
– Conducting long term clinical trials

Health and Human Services is not:

– Monitoring vaccine safety and providing reports to Congress
– Providing easy access to vaccine injury compensation
– Insisting on a vaccinated vs. unvaccinated study
– Providing fair compensation to individuals injured or killed by vaccines

The Government is not:

– Demanding independent vaccine safety oversight
– Demanding independent safety studies
– Holding vaccine manufacturers accountable for vaccine injury and death
– Holding the CDC accountable for fraud and misrepresentation of vaccine safety information
– Holding the vaccine industry accountable for fraud and misrepresentation of vaccine safety and effectiveness information

The Media is Not:

– Providing responsible journalism pertaining to vaccine injury
– Allowing public discourse on vaccine safety and effectiveness
– Telling the truth about vaccine safety and effectiveness
– Telling the truth about vaccine exemptions
– Free of financial conflicts of interest
– Independent
– Without bias
– Acting in the best interests of the public
– Supporting informed consent
– Supporting individual rights and freedoms

“‘But he hasn’t got anything on,’ a little child said.”


February 24, 2019

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