The First Online Celebration of the International Day of Yoga by LiveOnlineYoga
The First Online Celebration of the International Day of Yoga by LiveOnlineYoga Friday, Oct 8th 2010, 15.00 – 21.00 GMT
Dear Guest,

You are cordially invited to join us for the first online celebration of The International Day of Yoga on Oct 8th that is being offered for FREE!

Please bring your yoga mat and outfit to enthusiastically practice yoga in unison with many thousands of yogis and yoginis world wide. You can attend as much as you like of our six hour unique yoga fest.
Let’s experience together the state of spiritual unity within diversity!
 Sincerely,Virginia Marginean, MD

The International Day of Yoga Online
A FREE Live Webinar

We dedicate our yoga practice in unison with thousands of yogis and yoginis worldwide for a harmonious and peaceful life on Earth praising God.

Among the benefits of yoga practice in unison with thousands of people are:
– more intense and enriched positive experiences that help us transform spiritually and feel the presence of God in our life;- better feeling of the CHAKRAS’ activity and wonderful energies transited through our aura during the yoga practice;- burning the negative KARMA in an enjoyable way;- the yoga practice’s positive effects on the body, mind and spirit last longer;- learning in a pleasant way that we always receive tons of benefits when we put our ego aside and open up for a spiritual ideal.

The agenda includes the practice of body poses from HATHA YOGA, meditations and the presentation of a detailed overview of the unique spiritual teachings offered in our school.

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Friday, Oct 8th, 15.00 – 21.00 GMT
Registration Cost: FREE
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The teachings offered through LiveOnlineYoga are rooted with the largest yoga school of Europe having its headquarters in Bucharest, Romania and founded by the famous Yoga Teacher Gregorian Bivolaru on the tradition of MAHA SIDDHA YOGA – „the yoga of the great paranormal power”.
In November 2005 Mr. Bivolaru received international recognition for his activity, being elected full member for life in the International Senior Yoga Teachers Advisors of World Yoga Council.

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LiveOnlineYoga offers the most comprehensive live classes of Integral Yoga for novices and yoga practitioners, Live Online Karma Yoga, Live Online Courses on sexual continence and bliss and FREE webinars on yoga, health and spiritual traditions.
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The International Yoga Congress: Oct 13th – 17th 2010, Bucharest, Romania
Yoga Congress„God Gives Us a Sign” is the central theme of the International Yoga Congress hosted by the largest yoga school of Europe, MISA. The schedule consists of conferences and workshops about the awakening of paranormal capacities through yoga and the relationship between the sexual continence and yoga, the contest for promoting the spiritual values, artistic shows and much more. Access is FREE.

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„The Opening Festivity   for the 2010 – 2011 LiveOnlineYoga Courses” – Attendees Comments
„Virginia gave an excellent treatise on Integral Yoga that covered the main aspects of yoga required by an aspirant. The materials were very well organized and presented in a coherent fashion with passion and conviction. I greatly enjoyed the webinar. Virginia does great visual representations in her webinars that gets you in tune with her topics.” – J. L, USA

„I liked the mixture of slides with  presenter and students live comments and meditations. I look forward to practice more yoga exercises together.” – E.N, Germany

„I was impressed by the wide and depth of the perspective in which yoga was presented. Just keep going. I enjoied it.” – S.B,Portugal

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