The Goal of Space Force


There is a plan to create a new space force within the air force, which would be the sixth branch of the U.S. military by 2020. This space force is not supposed to fight extraterrestrials (or aliens, as they are sometimes called), but those who are competing the U.S. in space: Russia and China. The renowned author Dr. Michael Salla, who promotes theories about U.S. SSPs and longtime extraterrestrial presence on Earth, says that the goal of creating this force is to patrol the atmosphere and thwart threats to the U.S. satellites, according to The Guardian.

This will accelerate the US government’s “full disclosure” of secret space programs (and black budget projects as a result), extraterrestrials, the connections of governments with extraterrestrials for decades, and advanced technology discovered on crashed alien spacecrafts. This may provide a release of advanced technologies used in the SSP, such as real free energy (not the use of solar, wind, or other such resources that some erroneously call them “free energy”) and anti-gravity.

However, this plan also positions Trump against his bitter adversary: the Deep State operatives within the government which keep these secrets and oppose the establishment of such force.
According to Exo News, Jordan Sather, disclosure filmmaker and commentator, the Pentagon (and Deep State operatives within it) would oppose a separate space force, as it “would provide an avenue for the public release of advanced technologies such as free energy and anti-gravity.”

It appears that one side, President Donald Trump, pushes toward disclosure of these secrets while the other side wants to continue business as usual and keep these secrets sealed from the public.
The separate space force will facilitate the disclosure of SSPs on Mars, the Moon, and perhaps other planets which will lead to the release of super advanced technologies used in these programs and could free humanity.

Billy Carson talks about technologies that could free humanity:

This disclosure could usher us into a star trek society, as SSP whistle blower Corey Goode said.

The Suppressed Advanced Technologies

The advanced ET technologies hidden from us include zero gravity space crafts, free energy, and advanced healing technologies to name a few. According to Corey Goode (a whistleblower who worked twenty years in the secret space program), super-advanced products are already manufactured by military defense contractors and once they are released it will totally transform life on Earth as we know it. This will immediately transition our society into a Star Trek society, with teleportation, food materializers (replicators as shown in the Star Trek TV series), free energy, and super advanced healing technologies. As you may already know, both the Cabal and the Alliance exposed these technologies in movies, on TV and other MSM outlets.

These technologies have been hidden from us to prevent us from an age of peace and prosperity, according to Goode. But if you think that it’s only the people all over the world who are being kept in the dark, you’re wrong. According to Black Diamond Social Club, the president of the U.S. is at 17 security clearance and there are twenty-one security clearance levels above the president of the U.S.
Cosmic clearance level is at level 35, and here is when supposedly one gains access to information about UFOs.

We can deduce from this that the president is a mere PR tool in the hands of the Cabal that continues to hide this knowledge, while misleading us (not only in the U.S., but people worldwide) that we have a real choice by voting once every four years. It appears that we don’t have any say on our governance.

It appears that the top ten clearance levels are supposedly based around “black” government projects such as the alien presence cover-up, underground alien bases, super soldiers, men in black, etc. This chart on The Awake Mind Blog includes all the known clearance levels, as there may be more that are not revealed at the moment.

Apparently, the whistleblowers’ disclosures and their loss of control has precipitated reckless behavior, like some of them trying to escape earth in cloaked spaceships. Newsweek even claimed they attempted to leave for Mars, as mentioned on The Event Chronicle. Maybe the Space Force would herald the full disclosure of these “black” budget projects.

According to, Randy Cramer (former U.S. marine who used the pseudonym Captain Kaye) and Corey Goode, there are corporate bases on Mars and the Moon for them to flee to.

The Mirror and provide even more evidence to these bases.
In the following videos you can see an alleged escape from Earth in a cloud-cloaked spaceship. After being shot down (by the alliance or the resistance movement maybe), we can see a small spaceship moving out of a cloud. They are confined to Earth.

Randy Cramer is another whistleblower, one who served as a marine both on the moon (as a pilot) and on Mars (as security) for twenty years combined. He was authorized by a superior in the military to “spill the beans,” and he’s sharing his experience and knowledge about the technologies used by the Cabal according to

Randy’s information and firsthand accounts of this strange new world backs up what other whistleblowers have also shared, including the establishment of bases on Mars. The experience that is really shocking was his description of the trauma of almost dying after a battle and “being put back together many times,” with technology that could “replace his whole body, and depending on what parts [organs] needed replacement, often took days to accomplish.” The following video of an interview with Randy Cramer provides his testimony about the time he spent in the SSP.

For those who are new to this information and not aware that these super-advanced, unintrusive healing technologies exist and are in use, they are called “Med beds” or “Holographic Medical Pods”. You can read more about these technologies on

Can you imagine a world where all illnesses could be eradicated by using painless healing procedures? So much suffering would be eliminated and prevented from so many people. No more intrusive, harming, and useless procedures that cause so much suffering worldwide!

Why would the Cabal allow and even authorize these leaks? According to, “Under authorization from the U.S. Marine Corps chain of command, Capt. Cramer is speaking out against US government policies, a secret gene-pool colony on Mars, the depopulation plans of what he calls the Breakaway civilization of the military industrial complex.” He stated that he was authorized to reveal his experiences on Mars and other suppressed information as it was part “of a secret mechanism established by U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower to warn American citizens in the event their government was compromised and in danger of failing them or being overtaken.”

Why Are These Technologies Suppressed? mentions that there are other testimonies from people who worked on projects related to these ultra-advanced technologies, such as time travel, teleportation, and anti-gravity-driven space craft.

They come from a variety of people, including military leaders, bankers, media executives, corporate CEOs, judges and lawyers, Hollywood actors and producers, law enforcement, and insiders from various intelligence agencies, whether it’s NSA, CIA, KGB, FBI, DHS/MI-5&6, or MOSSAD. According to testimonies from whistleblowers, it allegedly has to do with an alien directive to disconnect people from the “prime creator,” which some would call “the source.”

According to various scientists, many strands of our genetic code (DNA) were tampered with and have been totally disconnected (what is called the dormant or junk DNA strands) from the primary chromosome strands to disconnect humans (us) from the Great Cosmic Intelligence. This was done so that humans, as a species, would be vulnerable and accept their different mind control programs, which are compelling us to behave in ways that are highly destructive to us and to our planet. This lower vibrational modality maintains our controlled and illusionary reality. Without a connection to the “source,” we can only “serve” the team dark, those dimensional beings who are feeding off the discord of this false “matrix.”

The indirect evidence for these horrendous programs come from sources such as UNESCO and ScienceAlert.

Andrew Hennessey explains in the book Harvesting the Disconnected The Alien Agenda for Mankind how this disconnection is done.

It’s really intriguing that even our language has hints of some ancient ET intervention. Think about all the expressions containing the word “draconian” in English. There are the same expressions in Hebrew, too. And why are there statues of dragons in the City of London marking its borders?

The history of dragons has been known for six millennia. It can be traced back to approximately 4,000 B.C. according to
So they hide their existence in plain sight? This sounds like QAnon, the famous intel source thought to be in Trump’s workforce, or a team in the intelligence community close to Trump, who raises the readers’ awareness by posting questions on his Twitter account.

Can you imagine that even mainstream scientists have discovered ET code in our DNA? You can read more here:
Scientists Find Alien Code ‘Embedded’ In Human DNA: Evidence Of Ancient Alien Engineers? 
Mystery of our 145 ‘alien’ genes: Scientists discover some DNA is NOT from our ancestors – and say it could change how we think about evolution
Otherworldly Lineage of a Human Species with Amnesia

It makes us think about what we actually know about our origins. According to David Wilcock, “There are at least 40 different humanoid extraterrestrial groups that have tinkered around with our DNA for many thousands of years […] We have a lot of problems that are because of them tinkering with our DNA. That includes the fact that we have bad backs, the fact that we get sunburns, and the fact that the sun is bad for our eyes. There are lots and lots of strange things that we have that are because our genetics have been tampered with.”

Although all this sounds too “out there” to be true, David Wilcock says that insiders and other researchers, who have shared information on these technologies with him, claim that the Cabal has and does use “cloning technologies, highly advanced space craft and they’ve been talking about alien invasion like this since the 1950s.” according to Stillness in the Storm blog.

The separate Space Force may be the alliance’s way to slowly reveal these truths to the unaware masses and mentally prepare them so they won’t experience future shock when it is all revealed, which among other things is, “that cloning of humans is possible and has gone on for decades” according to

This technology has been mainly suppressed and is being used to control us. How do they hide these technologies in plain sight? They present those, which have already been invented, in “science fiction” movies (as mentioned previously). This is why our true reality may be called “our science fiction reality.” Think about such Hollywood films for a moment: clones and cloning in Avatar; Jurassic Park – cloning animals; Genesis II – underground genetics laboratories that are connected by tube shuttles; Terminal Man – brain stem implants; Star Trek – various items.

It may be hard to believe all this, but what about the Jimmy Kimmel interview with Obama about the aliens (even if it seems that Obama is joking). Here’s the excerpt from the interview:
Kimmel wanted to know whether Obama had tried to get to the bottom of the “UFO files” about the mysterious desert region known as Area 51.
“The aliens won’t let it happen,” Obama joked. “You’d reveal all their secrets. They exercise strict control over us.”
But President Clinton once said he’d checked on the matter and found nothing, Kimmel protested. “That’s what we’re instructed to say,” Obama responded.

How Could These Suppressed Technologies Transform Our Reality?

Corey Goode explains that “The free energy technologies would end the need of the current oil/petro energy companies; the frequency and light healing technologies would end the current pharmaceutical corporations; the neurological interface technologies would end the need for large education institutions; and the food replication technologies and environmental purification and restoration technologies would end poverty, starvation, and begin to reverse the damage humanity has done to the Earth virtually overnight. The real reason that these technologies have been suppressed is that they would immediately collapse the world economies and make the Babylonian money magic slave system of no use anymore. It means the loss of control of the .01% (elite) over the masses and a complete paradigm change. In short it means freedom! Freedom for the first time in humanity’s known recorded history”, according to Sphere Being Alliance blog.

How Can We See We’re The Creators Connected to Source?

Namaste is a beautiful word… Most people who use it don’t know it’s meaning, which hints to our real source. Next time you hear someone saying this, you’ll know that it means “I recognize and greet the divinity within you”. Here is a more detailed explanation.

How our world would look if we all felt this way about each other? It would really become what Louis Armstrong sang about a few decades ago, in his song What a Wonderful World.


May 19, 2019

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