The Man Who Lived With Extraterrestrials For 10 Days (3)

In 1989, Alec Newald’s life-path took an unexpected turn when he was abducted by a group of benevolent aliens for ten days and transported to their home-world. His amazing experiences have great significance for the future of humanity.

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Coevolution: The True Story of a Man Taken for Ten Days to an Extraterrestrial Civilization

By Alec Newald

The Earth Seen In A Different Light

I must have gone to sleep almost immediately.

When I opened my eyes again, Zeena [extraterrestrial hybrid, who was Alec’s guide in that alien realm – e.n.] was sitting opposite my cubicle.

“Verva,” she said. “Did you sleep well?”

“Like a rock,” I replied.

“Curious expression,” was her reply.

“How long has it been?” I added, enquiring as to the length of my sleep.

“One half of an Earth day–twelve hours,” she answered.

“What’s ’verva’?” I asked.

“Oh, ‘good spirit, fresh energy to you’. It is a greeting we use a lot, like your ‘hello’,” she explained.

“What’s on the schedule?” I enquired.

“Some more liquid replacement for you,” was her reply. “Come on. We have only two more of your Earth days and there is much to learn if you desire, and quite a few questions I have for you, too, before I return home.”


Zeena appeared most anxious, but how could she be more inquisitive than I? Even though I was still reeling from awakening to find myself ‘dream-bound’ and not back on Earth as I had expected.

“Her home! Now there’s something I’d like to know about,” I thought to myself but realized almost immediately that Zeena would read it.

“About the size of the planet Mars in your system,” she replied, right on cue. “But it is not in the best of health, for our sun is slowly dying and we are being roasted with radiation. We are also losing our atmosphere. We can patch that up to a degree, but not for ever.”

“Doesn’t sound good. What are you guys doing about it?” I asked.

“Well, we have been looking for a new home for many of your years. The best bet is still Earth, but we cannot take your gravity, among other things. That has always been the major factor but it is also not of the right conformation for us yet. It used to be, but we are not quite like we used to be.”

Zeena hesitated, as if pondering whether to go on with this topic. She chose not to continue.

“There is every chance that the Earth is about to transform in the not-too-distant future,” was her revised answer.

“Transformation its conformation?” I enquired, startled.

“It shall mutate to a different density level, as you would understand it. It’s no big deal. It’s happening all over, all the time,” she replied.

I think she might now have been trying to downplay it all after she noted how panicked I must have appeared.

“It’ll what?” I queried, looking at her in amazement.

“Well, that is another of those long stories I promised to tell you about. It is best we get comfortable first and you get some fluid intake.”

Ancient History Lessons From The Future

“Now, how shall I start?” Zeena asked. “Perhaps with the Elders.”

“Elders?” I chipped in.

“Like the Guardian you have met. They are each many hundreds of Earth years old and have a very ancient lineage. Their ancestors, who are my ancestors, are also very distant ancestors of yours; at least in part they are. Now do not interrupt!”

Zeena headed me off at the pass, even before I could get the thought out of my head.

“This is going to be difficult enough to explain without interruption. I will make room for questions a little later,” she added. “These distant common ancestors of ours came to Earth many times, but more important to you was the visit of two million years ago, your time-scale. They were not the first [aliens] to visit. In fact, they and others have lived in and explored what you call your solar system for hundreds of millions of years.

These travellers tidied up some earlier attempts to manufacture a race of humanoids on Earth, the end result being Homo sapiens. I will not go so far as to say these ancient ancestors of mine were solely responsible for your race, for that was indeed a joint effort of many ETs, all of which at some time have laid claim to manufacturing your race. This is not a deliberate lie on their behalf–just a slight exaggeration of the facts. Do not interrupt yet, please. I shall explain all in due course.

In many ways you have manufactured or at least fine-tuned your own race, and it continues even at this very moment. This is mistakenly called ‘evolution’. ‘Natural progression of the species’ is a fine turn of phrase uttered by one of your kind’s more enquiring minds some years ago. It was thought by many to explain the path of evolution, and there is an end to it. But this thinking leaves more questions unanswered than answered, for how and when did a butterfly obtain its wings? I shall not pursue this subject for there are more important things to discuss, but no doubt you see my point. Perhaps there will be a time at a later date.


I will, however, tell you more of your own race’s personal history, for it is important that you should know your own past, and that evolution as you understand it is a myth. The transformations are never slow but they are always planned. Later I shall show you that nothing in this Universe–past, present or future in your time-scale–is left to chance. Forgive me, for I diverge from our chosen path.

Some of my ancient Elders stayed with your developing race. Others moved on. From time to time there were conflicts with other ET races as to what was best for one or the other, just as there are conflicts on your planet now, among your own kind. You must understand that Earth is a very special place. It is very beautiful and there are many who have desired to own it. I would not go so far as to say this is no longer the case, but you should always have your wits about you! Even we, although we do not wish to own it, would like to live there. But we cannot–indeed, we must not–interfere with the processes that are occurring on your planet right now. That is not to say there are no other ET races that will not interfere, and that is why you must have your wits about you.

Some of those processes which are occurring, or are about to occur, are the direct result of that seeding by our ancient Elders. Even the pyramids are ancient legacies left behind by our Elders to help you awaken when the time is right. They are very important to you, and it is from this front that progress of a most unexpected kind will manifest itself to your race in the not-too-distant future.

All knowledge will be made available to your race in good time and in accordance with the laws of evolution. There has yet to be a force artificially manufactured in any universe that my people know of that is more powerful or wiser than this natural law. Trust me when I say this, for my race knows well the cost of interfering with the laws of evolution. We would warn your own people, if only those in control would listen. Alas, that approach appears to have fallen on deaf ears, so we shall now attempt to pass on the message in a different way.

There was indeed a time upon your planet, not so long ago in the context of this history lesson, when a ‘force’ came down upon it and did in fact claim it [the Earth] and all upon it as its own. That force – and I know you will find this difficult to accept, Alec [Zeena used my name for the first time] – that force is still among you. It is indeed now a part of all of you, so I suppose you could say it still does own the planet in some way.

After this force won your planet, it realized it would have a continuous fight on its hands, for you were not as you are now. You were well on your way to enlightenment, with a very strong spiritual base. You were actually almost as strong as this force itself. It had to trick you in order to master you, and while you were down it altered your make-up, your very structure; your DNA, in fact. It crippled you and stunted you, and set you back many thousands of years. It made you into what you are today, which is only a portion of the greatness you can be, for you have not yet even fully recovered. And if that force has its way, you never will!

That force is known to most as the ‘force of darkness’, for it is indeed the enemy of enlightenment. You will please understand that this is a very simplistic description of a most complex entity. Even we do not understand it in its entirety. It is in the air that you breathe and everywhere about you. It has aligned itself to the planet and you. It beats to the pulse of your very planet, for you and the Earth are one and the same. This is one thing your peoples do not seem to comprehend, but you can use this union of the whole to do wondrous things, just as we have.

Unfortunately, most of your kind fight the natural forces of your wondrous planet. By this I mean you bend them, even break them, to fit your needs. It need not be this way. If your people will just open their consciousness and hearts to your planet, as many of your ancient races have done in the past, it will show you the way. All is not lost; it just needs to be recalled. Until this is done, we have much need for concern. It is not just Earth planet you are violating as you bend and break Nature in your whims of fancy, for all of all is connected. This is really very basic knowledge. It has been ignored because it suits those who would play with power to ignore it. We and others are indeed benevolent to your race, as we all are connected, but soon something must be done before your play does meaningful harm to us all!

We find that there is a need to teach you more about the dark forces that permeate you. You would do well by your people if you take great heed of this lesson and pass on your findings to those of your kind who would listen. The dark force vibrates at a level that is compatible with your brainwave patterns. This much you should already know, but others of your kind have kept it from you.

In spite of this, some, like you, Alec, are building a resistance to this alien intruder. This is one of the reasons why you find yourself thinking differently from the majority around you. It has enabled you to see more clearly the error of your ways and what must be done. You shall continue along this path a while longer yet, and even doubt your own kind from time to time. Be patient. This is all I can suggest, as inadequate as it may sound. We have been working on these things with you for many a year now. All of your people will find their way with the passing of time.

As you find with all afflictions, they are easier to contend with if you understand them. I am doing my best to explain all this to you in terms you will understand. Please interject from here on if you do not understand some point, for we do consider the following to be most important.”

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February 9, 2020

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