The Ongoing Alien Agenda of Replacing Humans With Hybrids (2)


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What is the process used in the creation of hybrids?

The actual process involved appears to be complicated, but here is a simple description. Both genetic and metaphysical factors must be taken into account, as it is the latter that accounts for the hybrid breeding program taking more time than one might expect. Our DNA is the interface mechanism between the nonphysical soul and physical body. For this interface to hold both together, genetics must match soul profile.

A slight mismatch in one will cause a mutation in the other, but too much of a mismatch keeps the soul from seating in the body. So to genetically modify or create an entire race, it is not enough to merely engineer the genetic code, but to synchronize its profile and growth with that of the souls intended to occupy the bodies.

This is why people with specific bloodlines especially resonant with the aliens’ own soul nature are heavily targeted for abduction.

Resonance exists because at some point in the ancient past, individuals within that bloodline may have consciously aligned with a malefic spiritual existence and thus imprinted their genetic code with this alignment, or they may have been the results of earlier hybridization efforts.

Their descendants carry this imprint, which is considered valuable as stock material for engineering the hybrid race. The physical nature of these genetics matches in critical areas with the intended metaphysical characteristics of the hybrids.

This stock material is crossed with selected alien genetics and tweaked to create a wide variety of hybrids, some more successful than others. Until a self-sustaining and self-reproducing hybrid race could develop, these fetuses were often implanted into an abductee’s womb for gestation.

The human etheric body is rich in emotional and vital energies, which help the gestating fetus develop robustly. Those that lack this etheric nourishment either fail to develop or become sickly hybrid children once born.

Successful hybrids are those who can indefinitely survive in a densely physical environment such as our own, who are capable of successfully reproducing with humans and amongst themselves, who look human enough to integrate easily, and who are void of any undesirable human traits.

What is the soul nature of these hybrids?

Even with their human physiology, considering that the hybrid genetic profile is extremely resonant with the soul nature of their creators, it is very likely the latter intend to incarnate into these bodies themselves.

Some hybrids may be born with alien souls, others may function as empty containers that work their way into strategic social positions and standby to receive the alien soul at a later time. It is also possible that hybrids have their own unique soul matrix, though the end result would be the same.

And if the human soul matrix were forced to incarnate into hybrid bodies, the genetic influence and consequent personality modifications would leave its scars on the soul and lead to a handicapping in the spiritual areas.

As far as mass incarnation by alien souls into hybrid bodies is concerned, occupying hybrid bodies would afford our alien manipulators the strengths of both alien and human races with none of either’s weaknesses.

Human weakness is the longing for individual freedom and ability to empathize, and alien weakness is the inability to stay in our physical environment for prolonged periods of time. The hybrids are biologically robust like us because they have virtually human bodies, but they will be mentally superior and loyal to the aliens if they have souls identical to them.

Additionally, since offspring are imprinted with the soul energies of both parents, it would quicken the metaphysical modification of mankind for the hybrid parent to have a malefic oriented alien soul.

There are also potential timeline and hyperdimensional factors to consider, namely that if aliens are from another dimension, another timeline, from the future, etc. then creating suitable bodies for themselves here offers them a secure foothold in our reality.

By interbreeding with us, they could karmically entangle themselves with us, thereby latching themselves like barnacles onto the destiny of humanity. Maybe their realm is dying and ours is still in its prime, hence by anchoring themselves into our world they can ensure both their physical and metaphysical relevance and survival.

Why can’t aliens stay in our physical environment for prolonged periods of time?
They require psychic or etheric energy to project themselves into our three dimensional environment and remain stable here. In their natural state, they are four-dimensional (4D) beings who exist in a more quasi-physical quasi-etheric level of reality, but can choose to become physical with an expenditure of energy that allows them to lock phase with our space and time.

Our three-dimensional world is embedded in a four-dimensional universe, meaning 4D beings must focus their essence into a narrow range to become temporarily 3D. Otherwise they appear invisible to us, a situation that can be compared to an aquarium in a room: we are fish who are aware of other fish, but we remain relatively unaware of those outside the aquarium who observe us. This is true mainly for alien types known as “Reptilians” or “Lizards.” To save energy, they prefer staying in their native 4D environment, while using various interface mechanisms to remotely interact with 3D.

For example, they or their superiors have constructed a cybernetic race of beings we recognize as “Grays,” which serve as 3D “spacesuits” for them. Grays are genetically engineered organic robots that are autonomous but can function as remote portals or proxies for the Reptilian mind. They are cybernetic probes into our reality that can stay for relatively longer periods of time and are used to carry out abductions and other tasks, perhaps because they are grown using biological materials harvested from our world (cattle mutilations).This lack of physicality affords aliens many advantages and disadvantages.

As an advantage, etheric technology is four dimensional and beyond the strictures of our linear time, so Reptilians, Nordics, Grays can see and operate within our possible past, present, and future realities simultaneously within limits.

Combined with their calculative strategy, they are thus capable of engineering very complicated and far-ranging manipulations of a hyperdimensional nature. These hyperdimensional manipulations can include changing the past in small and seemingly trivial ways to significantly affect the choices a targeted individual makes in the present. Reptilians don’t know which choice we will make, and they cannot change the choices we have already made out of freewill, but they can see and change everything else.

So while they cannot easily violate the freewill of a spiritually resilient person, they can bias his choices by tweaking the circumstances. Since they exist beyond our space and time, they are free of linear time limits. This means they can individually target and manipulate as many people as they need to.

Grays are “a dime per dozen” and can be used to automate the monitoring and influencing of entire regions of the planet. Their time travel agility means that while an abductee perceives several years passing between two abductions, aliens move instantly from one to the next.

So despite the maleficent grandiose nature of the alien agenda that targets entire planets and civilizations, they also manipulate on an individual basis all whom they perceive as threats.

As a disadvantage, their lack of physicality prevents them from more easily violating freewill through the use of force. Physicality is an environment where causality is prime, where one being can cause an unwanted effect in another because both are subject to the laws of physics.

This is less true in a 4D environment where physicality is variable and where actions work on a synchronistic rather than causal level. Attempting to violate someone’s freewill using synchronistic actions results in running into more metaphysical roadblocks than doing it directly with force. For that reason, Reptilians and their masters desire a more physical state, to expand the range of what they can do. The hybrid breeding program is directed toward that end.

What about military abductions?

The secret government’s military factions regularly abduct people for a wide variety of uses, often working under alien factions and using their technology. These uses are too numerous and complex to mention in detail, but include mind control programs, genetics research projects, and the use of psychically sensitive people for remote viewing and psychic assassination or remote influencing purposes.

Due to their limited but existent hyperdimensional technology, these military factions can covertly abduct people during sleep by beaming them out of their local spacetime through portals and into military bases.

Military abductees are frequently tortured via electroshock to create split personalities and install self-destruct, sleeper assassin, or sexual slave mind programming.

For example, some mind control projects have created thousands of sleeper agents who can be posthypnotically triggered at a future date to commit mass violence, which would serve as a pretext for the totalitarian clampdown on our freedoms.

Military abductees have also reported being raped by Reptilian aliens who feed upon their fear and suffering. Others lead double lives where one personality participates in covert military missions that would seem like science fiction to the other personality. Hyperdimensional technology makes this time sharing possible.

How can one stop being abducted by aliens?

It is difficult to stop abductions permanently without round-the-clock vigilance. Nevertheless, they can be reduced in their severity and frequency of occurrence through some of the following:

1) giving up all karmic and ego-based reasons for wanting them to continue;
2) choosing to resist abductions by firmly and frequently intending that they stop;
3) choosing emotional stability, positivity, and serenity over hysteria and obsessive fear;
4) becoming consciously aware of abductions before, during, or after they occur;
5) learning from evidence gained after every abduction how to counter their tactics;
6) increasing one’s spiritual resiliency by seeking and applying knowledge and wisdom;
7) praying for Godly protection and assistance.

These methods help deter both soul and physical abductions. In a soul abduction, the body is left asleep but the soul is taken and “worked upon” and then put back.

For purely physical abductions, one could also try detection, shielding, or scrambling methods to annoy aliens and display one’s resistance. Examples include voice-activated tape recorders, video surveillance, or tying oneself to the bed with a cord and zip tie.

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January 31, 2020


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