The Science of Energy Medicine: How to Work With Subtle Energy for Better Health (2)

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Energy as Matter: Traditional Medicine vs. Energetic Medicine

How is it possible that something solid like your hand, a dog or a brick is virtually 99.9999% empty space? Imagine that a single atom is the size of a full-scale football field, but the nucleus, or mass, of that atom is smaller than a single grain of sand. Since matter is basically “empty,” shouldn’t our hands be able to pass through each other or through a brick?

Everything in the universe – material and non-material – is composed of atoms, those invisible packets of energy (quanta) that are constantly spinning and vibrating. This is a key tenant of vibrational energy medicine and healing. What we perceive as our physical, material world isn’t really material at all. A book you are holding, the hands that hold it, your eyes that see, your brain that comprehends, and even the space around you consist solely of clusters of molecules that are mostly empty space.

Matter – which is anything that has mass and takes up space – is straightforward. It can be seen, touched, measured, taken apart, and often put back together. Energy, on the other hand, is abstract and invisible. As we have seen in our exploration of energy medicine, energy is the ability to move or cause change in matter, such as the heat from your oven changing a solid knob of butter into oily liquid. Einstein showed us that light (energy) and matter are two sides of the same coin: Matter is frozen light, and light is matter on the move.

From the field of quantum physics we know that an atom is composed of a positively charged nucleus surrounded by a cloud of negatively charged electrons. Although matter is mostly empty space, it is filled with electrical fields such as the “strong force” that holds the nucleus together and the “electromagnetic (EM) force” that keeps electrons apart.

Your apparently solid body may appear to be sitting on a solid chair, but as theoretical physicist, Michio Kaku says: “When electrons come within a very small distance of each other, they begin to repel each other. You may think you are sitting on a chair, but you are hovering just above the chair because the electrons of your body are repelling the electrons of the chair.” If this powerful EM force were to be turned off, then not only could we walk through walls, but also we would fall through the earth!

Both the fields of traditional medicine and energetic medicine are essential for helping the body to repair itself and there are encouraging signs that they are moving into a closer relationship.

Pharmaceutical-led medicine provides its sophisticated diagnostic machines, life-saving surgical techniques, prescription drugs and hospital care when necessary – all of which are energy-based. Energy medicine, with its focus on root cause and prevention, treats mind, emotions and body as an intelligent unit by adjusting the vibrations in our subtle energy fields.

For too long practitioners from both fields of medicine have viewed each other through the lens of “us and them.” It is time to join forces. In the words of Cyndi Dale, author, intuitive, and healer, “subtle energy medicine can’t be claimed by holistic practitioners, naturopathic doctors, and alternative healers alone.” Since our bodies are made of energy, any healing method that involves the human body is a energy healing practice.

In 1624, the poet John Donne wrote: “No man is an island, entire of itself…” Rather than separate, self-sustaining islands, we are as much a part of everything on every dimension, as a water molecule is part of an ocean. So how does this connectivity take place and how does this relate to vibrational and energy medicine?

We have established that our body and the world we inhabit consist of innumerable inter-penetrating physical and subtle energy fields, which energy medicine works on. Whether or not we can see or sense them, the effects from these fields will be either beneficial or harmful to living things.

We readily accept that there are energies that harm the body, such as a virus or poison that we might inhale or ingest; or environmental geopathic stress and electromagnetic radiation from natural and manmade fields.

However, we are often less aware of how thoughts that generate anger or fear affect the heart and cellular functioning in other key body systems – something that subtle energy medicine does not ignore. In other words, it is attention to the most powerful energetic force of all – our mind – that determines how well the body functions.

We could say that illness is conceived, developed and brought to full term by our habitual absence alongside its cousin, stress. We are not here. As hostages we’re trapped in memories with their vibrant emotional colours; as fugitives we flee into the future, hoping that once there, all will be well.

Developing our capacity to stay here, to be present, aware of our self and the world around us is not only the source of deep healing energy, but also our sole purpose in being here on this beautiful planet.

3 Exercises for Working with Subtle Energy

Since we are made of energy, the more sensitive we become to this life force, the more power we have for self care and care of others. Here are some ways you can experience subtle energy that show, conclusively, how interconnected we are with our environment. However well we know exercises like these, we often forget to practice them, and so forget to develop our inborn power to heal and change our lives.

1. Developing Awareness of Different Vibrational Frequencies

Close your eyes and visualize the following: It’s the Saturday before Super Bowl Sunday, and you’re in a Walmart superstore. In this chaotic, swirling ocean of movement, light and sound, sense what you are feeling. Stay for a minute or two. 

Next, see yourself standing in a church or temple where, for generations, souls have prayed or meditated – or in your favourite place in nature. Sense what you are feeling here, and the different quality of these two experiences. By doing so, you will feel the vibrational frequency differences that vibrational energy medicine addresses.

2. Healing Hands

Hold your hands six inches apart with palms facing each other. Feel the energy. After a while it may begin to feel as if you are holding a ball. Experiment with moving your hands closer together or further apart. You could move one hand toward your head, the other toward your feet.

What do you notice when your hands move away from each other? You can also experience subtle energy medicine with another person. Stand opposite one another with your palms facing theirs. Try different distances. And lastly, have your friend stand still, and use your hands to sense their energy field. What does it feel like? How wide is it? Is the width of their field the same or different depending on whether you are standing in front of, behind, or to one side of this person?

3. How to Remove “Foreign Energy” with Life Alignment

At times, we all come into contact with the “negative” emotions (anger, resentment, fear, jealousy) of another person. This is foreign energy – it doesn’t belong to you – but it can stick to you like plastic wrap and affect how you feel.

Using this simple Life Alignment energy healing technique, you can remove foreign energy in minutes, and in doing so protect your mind, heart, and body from energies that can weigh you down.

Be aware of the negative emotion that you may have picked up. (Sometimes it might be more of a “parasitic” energy from someone who is overly demanding of your time and attention.)

Lying down or sitting, with the palm of your hand first gently touch your navel; then touch the crown of your head.

With your left hand lightly touch your navel again; with your right hand touch your crown. With your hands positioned above these two body points, move your hands away from your body until they are about four inches above these two points. As you hold them there for a minute or two, feel the healing energetic medicine moving through your hands in those locations.

You have just done some energy medicine work, and cleared toxic energy from your field. Using Life Alignment we can bring into balance all aspects of our human existence – our physical body, mind, emotions, the environment, our home, a business or organization and align more deeply with our soul’s true purpose.


July 23, 2018


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