TREASON: Who Did 9/11 And Why Did They Do It? (2)

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Bush Criminal Vehicles – Diligence, New Bridge, Farwest

The Bush family criminal cartel used numerous private intelligence agencies to carry out black ops activities in America and throughout the world. Here are some of the key players in two of those intelligence agencies named Diligence and New Bridge. Both of these companies had ongoing business involvement with the Bush family as well as Shiek Kamal Adham and Adnan Khashoggi:
– Joe Allbaugh, the deputy chairman of Diligence, resigned his post as head of FEMA on March 1, 2003, a post granted to him after serving as National Campaign Manager for the Bush-Cheney 2000 election and chief of staff to then-Gov. Bush of Texas;
– Neil Bush has been paid a $60,000 annual consulting fee. Neil’s role is to “help companies secure contracts in Iraq” according to the Financial Times reports;
– Lord Powell of Bayswater (also on the Board of Barrick, with Adham and Khashoggi), representative of the Rothschild family investment firms;
– Richard Burt: chairman of Diligence, was a Director of Deutsche Bank-Alex Brown fund, former U.S. Ambassador to Germany;
– Ed Rogers and Lanny Griffith, former George H.W. Bush aids. Ed Rogers has been a lobbyist for Shiek Kamal Adham and Adnan Khashoggi, as well as the Russian Alpha Group/Alpha Bank owned by Mikhail Friedman;
– President of the company, John Howland, and principal Jamal Daniel were business partners of first brother Neil Bush;
– Whitley Bruner, formerly head of the CIA Baghdad station, then director of the Iraq branch of Diligence.

Farwest is primarily a drug operation, there are some very well placed members of the Bush apparatus dealing with them. It might be easy to conclude that this Russian mafia Farwest-Diligence network is irrelevant and proves nothing regarding 9/11. With some reflection however, the implications are very significant:
– It demonstrates that Adnan Khashoggi, a key participant in multiple aspects of the 9/11 motive and planning, clearly has no hesitation to facilitate operations which result in political terror and mass murder, and a documented track record of doing just that.
– It demonstrates that the Bush family financial apparatus, including Dick Cheney, conducts on-going business with an organization (Farwest) that arranges contract political terror using Muslim terrorists with the same background as Al Qaeda, and is a major drug conduit.
– It demonstrates that the Russian/Israeli Mafia family (the Yeltsin Family in particular) that has reaped billions of dollars from Bush largesse since 1991 uses the same political terrorist professionals as the Bush Family.
– It demonstrates that the Bush Family had other channels besides Armitage and Secord to hire Al Qaeda trained mercenaries.
– It demonstrates that Sibel Edmonds could easily have translated conversations which demonstrated major U.S. political connections to drug deals and money laundering in Central Asia. The Chechnyan crime operation is linked to the Yeltsin Family, Farwest, and Diligence, and hence in many ways to the Bush political and family network.

The Iran-Contra/Azerbaijan Criminal Syndicate

Adnan Khashoggi – UBS (Union Bank of Switzerland) – George Bush, Sr. & Jr. – Deutsche Bank – Richard Secord – Credit Suisse – Richard L Armitage – BCCI (later Indosuez) – Farhad Azima – Bank of New York – Richard Cheney – Potomac Capital Inc. – Porter Goss – Khalid bin Mafhouz.

All reports seem to suggest the group above represents the core of an organized, criminal syndicate operating over a twenty-year span, across the globe. As a syndicate, they had a great deal to hide, and much to gain by the destruction of evidence in the various investigative offices of the World Trade Center. However, they had no more – and maybe even less – incentive than the Russian mafia, the Italian mafia, or the Columbian drug cartel. What all these syndicates had in common, besides criminal activity, is their use of these banks. Deutsche Bank represented a global pipeline for money, and UBS was the primary holding tank. Other, smaller Swiss banks were under intense investigation that involved transactions from New York and Deutsche Bank, and accounts that had secreted away the treasuries of many nations; these can be best described as the criminal nouveau riche skimming a small piece- table scraps from the German cartel take.

Prior to 1998, the Swiss banks had never had to give up the criminal proceeds of its many customers. If it hadn’t been for a negotiated “deal” by Edgar Bronfman on the Marcos and Nazi gold, independent investigators would have continued to drill down into those accounts and their audit trails.

This Bronfman deal, however, was not enough to shut down other investigations: the GATA lawsuit and FBI investigation, Kazakhstan-gate, Angola-gate, Pakistani/CIA heroin trafficking and more. The attack on the WTC diverted the attention of the entirety of the world’s largest investigative bodies, and destroyed whatever working papers they may have had. Given the evidence known today, planning for the attack started in 1998. The cover story offered by the leadership of a probable criminal syndicate is that Al Qaeda orchestrated this attack, when the truth is more likely that the attack was orchestrated by a bigger, more powerful cartel that could easily blackmail the U.S. government into support and a cover-up if it needed to do that.

With the success of Harken pump and dump behind him, and towards the end of his presidency, the record will show that Bush Sr. sent trusted operatives (Secord, Armitage and Giffen) into Central Asia. They made significant inroads into bringing investment capital to the region, and building trusting relationships with the corrupt dictators that ran those countries. Key members of the Iran-Contra group controlled major information resources for this area were the Azerbaijan American Chamber of Commerce and the Kazakhstan Oil Advisory Council. They pumped the opportunity to justify loans of billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars in the region from the Overseas Private Investment Corporation and the U.S. Export-Import Bank. This opportunity was significantly overstated by 93% to 96% according to more recent, third party estimates. With the price of oil being pumped to all-time highs in 2005, properties in Central Asia are now being sold-off to Russian and Chinese investors. Central Asia became the world’s largest pump and dump scam.

Bush’s Illegal, Covert Support of Azerbaijan

In Azerbaijan, one finds a large cast of participants all linked through supporting roles in the Iran-Contra Scandal and its cover-up. These individuals are:
– Adnan Khashoggi, whose Azerbaijan banks played a big part in the formation of terrorist camps and in the opening of laboratories for developing chemical and bacteriological weapons in Nagornyy Karabakh;
– Richard Secord, a former U.S. Air Force major general who has been helping to recruit and train the Azerbaijani army as well as regional secret services;
– Richard Armitage, acting as a consultant to Halliburton and Unocal at the time, and President of the US-Azerbaijani Chamber of Commerce;
– Farhad Azima, arms merchant with Iranian background, member of US-Azerbaijani Chamber of Commerce, assisted Richard Secord in recruiting and training mujahedin mercenaries, owns the Azerbaijan Airlines, and has a twenty-year relationship with the Bush family enterprise;
– Khalid bin Mahfouz, owner, with the bin Laden family and members of the Saudi royal family of the Saudi companies Delta Oil and Nimir Oil. Both are partners with Unocal in Azerbaijan;
– Dick Cheney, as CEO of Halliburton, lobbyist for the Azerbaijan International Operating Company, on US-Azerbaijani Chamber of Commerce;
– David Kimche, Israeli Mossad agent who brought Israeli agents into Azerbaijan at the request of Secord, and worked with Secord and the regional secret service organizations.

The essence of the Azerbaijan operation was an effort by former Iran-Contra conspirators to illegally support (support was made illegal by the U.S. Congress) the despotic government of Azerbaijan in its war against Russian backed Armenia. In doing so, they supposedly sought to protect U.S. and Saudi oil interests in western access to the Caspian Oil basin, the four largest oil fields in the region. They did so by illegally recruiting Afghan mujahedin mercenaries to fight for Azerbaijan (against Russian backed Armenians), using Mega Oil as the financial cover. This approach appears to be part of the CIA handbook. This same approach of using an oil company as cover for covert operations was used in the 1970s, with right wing CIA trained death squads in South America masquerading as Bridas employees. This is the same Bridas that competed for the Afghan pipeline rights.

It is of small historic note that of the mercenaries procured by Secord, one of them was actually Osama bin Laden. Secord also brought the Mossad into Azerbaijan, which confirms reports that Israelis fought side-by-side with mujahedin. In the news report of David Kimche’s involvement, is an important observation that not only are the Mossad in Azerbaijan, but that the secret service organizations of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan were all working in unison with the Mossad and Richard Secord.

When trying to understand why such a high powered team as the Iran-Contra/October Surprise team is reconstructed in a little country like Azerbaijan, it becomes clear that Azerbaijan is merely a base of operations for the broader Central Asian operation initiated by Bush in 1991. Secord’s employer in this operation – President Heydar Aliyev – was no novice in the realm of covert operations, being a former top KGB official. The operations were covert because American support was illegal according to Section 907 of the Freedom Support Act.

The fact that Congress had outlawed support to Azerbaijan would not have mattered to Secord. At the heart of the Iran-Contra controversy was a Congressional ban on aid to the Contras strikingly similar to Section 907, and Secord’s primary role in that first scandal was as the head of a private corporation which worked at the behest of Oliver North for covert and illegal weapons procurement for the Nicaraguan Contras. Secord appears to have been violating congressional intent in Azerbaijan exactly as he had for the Contras. It should not be assumed that he was just once again demonstrating patriotic fervor. Many forget that Secord’s involvement in the Iran-Contra Affair was motivated to a large degree by personal profit. Secord was reportedly investigated by the U.S. Department of Justice for his involvement in Azerbaijan, but there has been no mention of this report in the U.S. press, and the investigation appears to have been buried.

The collapse of the Azerbaijan regime was prevented by this tactic long enough so that when 9/11 occurred, the Bush administration was able to remove the law that prevented the U.S. from giving aid to despotic governments.

“The USACC Advisory Board consisted of ‘only’ these seven men: Dr. Henry Kissinger, James A Baker III, Lloyd Bentsen, Zibigniew Brzezinski, Dick Cheney, Brent Scowcroft, John Sununu. It is noted here that the current Vice President’s daughter, Elizabeth Cheney-Perry, has been named Assistant Secretary of State for Near East Affairs for regional economic issues; she left Armitage Associates for the job. The USACC Vice-Chairman of the Board is James A. Baker IV (Baker Botts, L.L.P.); Chairman Emeritus is T. Don Stacy (VP, Amoco); with Richard Armitage as Board President, until he resigned to become Colin Powell’s Deputy, which rounds out the US elite running the USACC. The remaining Board of Directors are a who’s who of the oil and gas multinational corporate interests of the west and specifically the United States. On the Board of Trustees or USACC the latter interests hold sway again with three primary exceptions: Senator Sam Brownback (R-KS) and Joseph R. Pitts (R-PA) – whose efforts formed the 1996 legislative backbone of the House/Senate Silk Road Strategy for Afghanistan, (Unocal, Texaco et al. ) – and Richard Perle (US Defense Policy Board). The Legal Counsel for USACC is Ted Jones of the Texas Law firm Baker Botts L.L.P. (James A Baker III & IV’s law firm.); Treasurer is Karl Mattison (VP, Riggs Bank, NA). It was the James A. Baker III Institute of Rice University which outlined the Cheney Strategic Energy Initiative which later became the Administration’s Strategic Energy National Security Policy. (Clearly Dick Cheney wouldn’t be interested in giving Congress the names of who he consulted on the Energy Initiative as they would amount to the remainder of the Board of Directors and Board of Trustees of USACC.)” – U.S. political objectives in the Middle East Will Fail, Creating a New Cold War with China and Russia; Target is Iran not Iraq by Craig B Hulet

Wars for Pipelines and Heroin Diversion for Money Laundering

A large segment of the Bush administration’s national security and defense planning structure came from the energy industry, and set national defense policy lends some suspicion to the objectivity of that policy. Any and all arguments might easily lead one to conclude that the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan sparked by the attack on the World Trade Center were conducted more for the benefit of the American oil industry that for the sake of world security against “terrorists”. Although conspiracy theorists could make an argument that the invasion of Afghanistan was meant to control the world heroin trade, with Afghanistan producing 80% to 90% of the world’s heroin. The world narcotics industry is larger than the gas and oil industry combined, and more profitable.

The WTC did not have to be destroyed for the Central Asian pipeline deals in Afghanistan and Azerbaijan to be successful. However, the bribes and money laundering behind these pipeline deals were illegal, and the investigative evidence pointing to the money laundering was the target of the attack on the WTC. While the actual illegal trading and bribing activity leaves very little physical evidence, money always leaves an audit trail, and that trail was being tracked and documented in Building Seven, the North Tower and Buildings Four and Six – hence the need to destroy the entire World Trade Center. In a manner highly reminiscent of the investigation of the BCCI bank fraud, once the bank’s criminal activities were exposed, bank records in England were destroyed in multiple warehouses by no less than seven separate fires, and sixteen material witnesses were murdered.

“The Manhattan D.A. who closed the American branch (of the BCCI) announced that 16 witnesses had died in the course of investigating the bank’s entanglements in covert operations of the CIA, arms smuggling to Iraq, money laundering and child prostitution.” – The False Memory, Alex Constantine, 1996

The individuals involved in the destruction of the warehouses of BCCI evidence and the destruction of the WTC are the same individuals linked to the Central Asian money laundering crimes as well as the theft of Russian and Philippine gold treasuries. Understanding that the invasion of Afghanistan was not a necessary condition for the securing of the pipelines allows the analysis to entertain other theories as to why these individuals felt the need to murder thousands of people in the WTC attacks.

A Pattern Emerges as Time Unfolds Truth

Events in Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, and related activities in Angola are generally viewed as independent scenarios, but should not be. When approached from the perspective of four separate, but linked operations, there is a consistent pattern that is not obvious when analyzing these events one at a time.
– Each operation involves brutal warlords or dictators controlling access to oil.
– Each operation includes reports of U.S. agents trying to legally control access to that oil by aiding and abetting these dictators and warlords with bribes and IMF loans.
– Each operation involves the provision of weapons, mercenaries, and bribes in exchange for mineral, oil, or pipeline rights.
– Each operation involves complex money laundering schemes, involving billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars provided by the U.S. Export-Import Bank and the IMF.
– Each operation involves Halliburton, Saudi oil, and American oil companies.
– Each operation involves money flowing through the Deutsche Bank and/or the Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS.)

KEY POINT: The same people are found to be conducting these activities: Russian/Israeli mafia provides the weapons; the German/Swiss Banking Cartel moves and hides the money (for very significant profit), and the western oil companies claim the oil revenues. There are generally a number of smaller banks and other financial intermediaries involved, but the final resting place of the stolen treasuries generally appears to be a solid bank with vaults deep in the Swiss Alps.

The provision of illegal weapons around the globe is heavily dominated by the Israeli/Russian mafia, who source their weapons from former Soviet regimes as well as Israeli firms. Even when the U.S. intelligence agencies wanted weapons for the Contra rebels, they turned to Russian/Israeli traders (Russians seeking protection from international law in Israel, with a good participation by indigenous Israelis.) With the arms merchants, comes the same banking network, the same German banking cartel, generally fronted by Deutsche Bank. However, and all too often, news reporters and investigators lose track of most of the money. That is because the real profiteers are the bankers, with the old bloodlines of Europe. 

These oil and gas operations, however, help expose a larger criminal pattern. In this pattern, the leaders of these countries allow their national treasuries to be siphoned-off in an array of financial maneuvers abetted by large corporations and international scam artists, and hide this money with the expertise of the German/Swiss Banking Cartel. This pattern is exposed in Germany, the Soviet Union, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Angola, and Philippines and with all probability, the US.

Here is the larger story: the theft of these treasuries is what the destruction of the WTC was meant to cover-up. Investigations into these lesser operations in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan and Angola would have stumbled on Swiss and Deutsche Bank accounts and transfers that, if investigated, would expose a grander scheme.

Not widely reported: The U.S. government somehow “misplaced” $ 3.3 trillion during the late 1990s. Donald Rumsfeld announced to the press on September 10, 2001 that $ 2.2 trillion was missing from the DOD (Department of Defense) accounts – but the world was too preoccupied the next day to worry about the world’s largest heist.

The interesting point made by Catherine Fitts (Former Assistant Secretary of Housing, First Bush Administration) is that the same people involved in the BCCI fraud, (hence the theft of the Russian and Philippine treasuries) are now associated with what some call the world’s largest money-laundering scheme – Enron – about the same time as the $ 3.3 trillion goes missing from the U.S. Treasury.

The money of the various oil operations involved in Central Asia (including Halliburton and Enron, both key players in Afghanistan) starts to cross paths at the Deutsche Bank and UBS. Here is where one finds the “old men of Europe” – secretive names that rarely show up in the press, and old family names changed to hide the lineage. Here is where the money stops. When all the investigations spawned by the money-laundering of the late 1990s began to narrow the search to these banks, it was these old men and families of Europe who had to be protected. These are the families that “own” the banks through holding companies based in offshore countries, where the laws are controlled so that the owners’ names do not need to be divulged. The physical assets however, are in Swiss vaults, as the offshore banks can never offer the types of security guarantees offered by a Swiss bank. Here, they can be ‘frozen’ under a new set of anti-money laundering laws that went into effect in 1998, thus magnifying the risk the U.S. investigations posed.

Clues that Point to Money Laundering

To fully understand the Afghani events, which many 9/11 writers and truthers focus on, one must understand a coordinated set of covert activities being undertaken in Central Asia at that time. Prior to the attack on the World Trade Center, there were a number of seemingly independent, U.S. covert operations occurring in many Central Asian countries, but primarily: Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and Uzbekistan. This suggests the Kazakhstan operation is also linked to covert activities in Angola. The central figures in these “theatres of operations” are Richard Cheney, Richard Secord, Richard Armitage and George Bush Sr. Research demonstrates that covert activities in these regions were supported by additional participants from the Iran-Contra and October Surprise Scandals of the 1980s. These participants include David Kimche (Mossad), Adnan Khashoggi (Saudi), and Farhad Azima (arms merchant and airline owner). The central institutions in these operations are Halliburton, Unocal, Delta Oil, Enron, Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS), Credit Suisse, the Bank of New York, and the Deutsche Bank. In the background of these operations one finds the Russian/Israeli mafia and arms merchants. Their base of operations was Azerbaijan.

This is an extremely high-powered group of individuals which had been thoroughly tested on more than one occasion in its ability to execute large scale covert operations and maintain silence in the face of being “caught in the act”. They were the “A” team.

KEY QUESTION: Their reunion in Azerbaijan demands an answer to the question: “Why was this high powered team working together in a small, impoverished corner of the world?” 

This group – more so than Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda – had the wherewithal to direct the events of 9/11. More importantly, it will be shown that Osama Bin Laden (and his mujahedin) was a contractor to this group, and that even up to 2001, the press was reporting that Osama Bin Laden was a figurehead for Al Qaeda, with the real leadership being unknown. Kimche, as an integral member of this A-team, had developed a loyal following with ex-KGB agents he had helped escape to Israel, and had access to both the Mossad and the Russian/Israeli mafia. Together, this A-Team had access to all the right resources, had connections to the same banks and had a vested interest in helping bring to an end the investigations into their gold and money-laundering, illegal bribes and securities fraud.

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September 13, 2017

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