Truth Be Told About Death, Disability and Vaccines Ineffectiveness…

…with Validation from Peer Review Journals, Demographic Charts and Graphs

According to a New England Journal of Medicine article, Epidemic Measles in a Highly Vaccinated Population: “During November, 1975, to May, 1976, measles occurred at a rate of 20.3 cases per 1000 in a purported immunized population, of whom historical and serologic survey revealed that 9 per cent had no history of either measles illness or vaccination and 18 per cent did not have detectable measles antibody. …. During a measles outbreak, more cases occurred in those receiving vaccine when less than 12 months old than in those vaccinated at more than 12 months (37 per cent vs. 9 per cent, P<0.001).”

USA, Illinois: Measles Outbreak among Vaccinated High School Students

“From December 9, 1983, to January 13, 1984, 21 cases of measles occurred in Sangamon County, Illinois. Nine of the cases were confirmed serologically. The outbreak involved 16 high school students, all of whom had histories of measles vaccination after 15 months of age documented in their school health records. Of the five remaining cases, four occurred in unvaccinated preschool children, two of whom were under 15 months of age, and one case occurred in a previously vaccinated college student. This outbreak demonstrates that transmission of measles can occur within a school population with a documented immunization level of 100%.” – CDC, MMWR Weekly.

Measles Vaccine Deaths, 26 of August 2010

“India halts vaccine programme after the deaths of four children.
Vaccine programmes grind to a halt in India once more, when four children died after they received the measles vaccination in Lucknow. The four children were reported to have fainted soon after they were vaccinated and witnesses reported seeing the children’s eyes roll back as they began to have seizures. All of the children were under the age of two years of age, with the youngest being just six months. Sadly the children died before medical aid workers could reach them.” – One World Scam.

Measles-Mumps-Rubella-Varicella Combination Vaccine and the Risk of Febrile Seizures

That is the title of a Pediatrics journal, Volume 126, No. 1, July 2010, article written by MDs, PhDs, and MPHs from Kaiser Permanente Vaccine Study Center, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute and Harvard Medical School, Kaiser Permanente Colorado, HealthPartners Research Foundation, Kaiser Permanente Northwest, Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation, and Immunization Safety Office, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which stated this conclusion in the Abstract:

Conclusions: Among 12- to 23-month-olds who received their first dose of measles containing vaccine, fever and seizure were elevated 7 to 10 days after vaccination. Vaccination with MMRV results in 1 additional febrile seizure for every 2300 doses given instead of separate MMR + varicella vaccines. Providers who recommend MMRV should communicate to parents that it increases the risk of fever and seizure over that already associated with measles-containing vaccines.”

This article indicates an added health risk that parents are not aware of in addition to those risks associated with “traditional MMR” vaccines: an apparent link with Autism.

SIDS: Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

“In 1975, when Japan stopped vaccinating children under the age of 2 years dramatic improvements in their infant mortality occurred. Japan’s place in the world scale of infant mortality went from 17, a poor position, to number 1, the best performance. It is quite clear that the shift of the lower vaccination limit to 2 years resulted in a dramatic decrease in SIDS going quickly from a very high to the lowest rate of infant deaths in the world. Between 1970 and 1974, 37 infant deaths occurred after DPT vaccination in Japan and because of this the doctors in one prefecture boycotted the vaccination.” – CureZone.

“In 1975 Japan raised the minimum vaccination age to two years; this was followed by the virtual disappearance of cot death and infantile convulsions.” – Dr. Wile.

USA, Tennessee: Diphtheria-tetanus toxoids-pertussis vaccination and sudden infant deaths

“At the 34th Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Pediatrics, presented a study linking the DPT shot with SIDS. Torch concluded: ‘These data show that DPT vaccination may be a generally unrecognized major cause of sudden infant and early childhood death, and that the risks of immunization may outweigh its potential benefits. A need for reevaluation and possible modification of current vaccination procedures is indicated by this study’.” – Harris Coulter, in Pediatrics journal, citing Torch, W.S., 1982. Diphtheria-pertussis-tetanus (DPT) immunization: a potential cause of the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Neurology; 32(4): A169 abstract).

Russia: BCG Tuberculosis Vaccine

In a Journal of Biological Standardization article (Volume 5, Issue 2, 1977, Pages 149-153), Characterizationof the Soviet BCG vaccine [tuberculosis prevention/control] and the occurrence of lymphadenitis [infection of lymph nodes/glands] in primarily vaccinated children, it writes: “A limited number of untoward reactions in children after BCG vaccination in the Soviet Union are described. They were mostly in the form of lymphadenitis but suppuration [formation/discharge of pus] and fistulation [fistula formed: abnormal passageway between two organs in the body or between an organ and exterior of the body – The Free Dictionary by Farlex] were observed.”

Israel: Pertussis (Whooping Cough) Vaccine

Isaac Srugo, et al. affiliated with various public health centers in Israel stated: “We demonstrated B. pertussis infection in fully vaccinated children ages 2-3 years and 5-6 years who had contact with an infected child. We investigated whether younger or recently vaccinated children may be protected from classical clinical illness but remain susceptible to infection and become asymptomatic carriers. Vaccinated children may be asymptomatic reservoirs for infection.” – CDC.


The Sunday Times of July 7, 2006, discusses a British Medical Journal online article about whooping cough that says: “Millions of British children have probably been infected with whooping cough even though they have been immunized against it. A study has found that nearly two in five children who went to their GP with a persistent cough had suffered from whooping cough, though very few doctors diagnose it. The results suggest that the whooping cough vaccine is ineffective at preventing infection, but makes symptoms less severe – thereby concealing just how common it remains.”

Australia: Pertussis is on the rise

Whooping cough is on the rise in industrialised countries, despite long-standing vaccination programmes. Now researchers from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, have an explanation for why: at least two strains of the bacteria that cause the infection have evolved to evade today’s vaccines.

According to The Daily Telegraph of Sydney, “the research team analysed more than 200 samples of the bacterium collected over the past 40 years in Australia and compared them with samples from Japan, Canada, USA and Finland”. They found that there are at least two strains that the vaccine may not protect against – known as MT27 and MT70.

“At least in rich countries, many people may think that whooping cough – also known as pertussis – is a killer from a pre-vaccination era. The new study, which is published in the journal Emerging Infectious Diseases, emphasises that incidence rates have been recently increasing in many industrialised countries. Prior to this study, scientists were unsure why. Now it seems an upgrade to a new type of vaccine may be to blame. Up until 1997, a ‘whole-cell’ vaccine was used before it was phased out over two years because of concerns about side effects. Since 1999, a new ‘acellular’ vaccine has been used.” – New Scientist.

The Netherlands: High rates despite widespread vaccination

“In the Netherlands, as in many other western countries, pertussis vaccines have been used extensively for more than 40 years. Therefore, it is conceivable that vaccine-induced immunity has affected the evolution of B. pertussis. Consistent with this notion, pertussis has reemerged in Netherlands, despite high vaccination coverage. Further, a notable change in the population structure of B. pertussis was observed in Netherlands subsequent to the introduction of vaccination in the 1950s. Finally, we observed antigenic divergence between clinical isolates and vaccine strains, in particular with respect to the surface-associated proteins pertactin and pertussis toxin. Adaptation may have allowed B. pertussis to remain endemic despite widespread vaccination and may have contributed to the reemergence of pertussis in Netherlands.” – Vaccines.Me.


“Pertussis (whooping cough) is a mandatorily notifiable disease in Slovenia and since 1959, there has been an active national immunization programme. …Whooping cough is highly infectious, and before vaccination was introduced, almost all children became infected. However, vaccination does not prevent the infection or asymptomatic carriage, and immunity wanes after vaccination.
…Some hypotheses for this apparent vaccine failure are: antigenic shift so that the circulating strains and vaccination strains of Bordetella pertussis diverge and vaccine efficacy is reduced; other factors, alone or in combination. … The extent to which bacterial polymorphisms affect vaccine efficacy probably depends on the vaccine used, on the proportion of polymorphic bacteria in the human population, and other factors.” – Eurosurveillance.


An article in Acta Paediatrica states: “The purpose of this study was to find an answer to the question of why whooping cough cases occur in Finland in spite of the high acceptance rate of DPT vaccine.”

Anomalies Regarding Vaccines (Vaccines don’t work in highly vaccinated populations!)

So why, then, does an article in the Journal of the American Medical Association make this statement: “The risk of measles and pertussis is elevated in personal exemptors. Public health personnel should recognize the potential effect of exemptors in outbreaks in their communities, and parents should be made aware of the risks involved in not vaccinating their children,” when it’s been demonstrated in various countries that measles and pertussis vaccines don’t work even with highly vaccinated populations?

India: HPV Vaccines Deaths

“Clinical trials using Gardasil and Cervarix vaccines were halted in India by the government on April 16, 2010 after the deaths of six tribal girls.” – Gozounlimited.

“Medical groups are accusing the Indian government for violating ethics and scientific logical proof in the drug company’s campaign to prove the vaccine works. … There are over 120 side effects of Gardasil and these quiet programs are not getting any media attention. … Where are the studies and proof that the Gardasil vaccine works? There is no proof and no testing and again like the H1N1 swine vaccine the mixture is not tested for causing cancer. The young children are being vaccinated 3 times with 3 doses and Gardasil has been proven deadly in Australia, Sri Lanki now in India and in the USA – children have died from this experimental Gardasil and other vaccines.” – Politico News.

The reason the Indian government stopped the HPV vaccine from being distributed

The HPV Vaccine: Science, Ethics and Regulation, 2010 vol xlv no 48 EPW Economic & Political Weekly: “A recent civil society-led investigation has highlighted serious ethical violations in a trial of the Human Papilloma Virus vaccine on girls in Khammam district in Andhra Pradesh. The findings are presented along with a review of clinical trials of the HPV vaccine in India and an analysis of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act and Rules. Together they illustrate how the promotional practices of drug companies, pressure from powerful international organisations, and the co-option of, and uncritical endorsement by, India’s medical associations are influencing the country’s public health priorities.
The girls and their parents were unaware that they were part of some kind of research. They were under the impression that the government was providing an expensive and otherwise unaffordable vaccine free of cost, which would prevent uterine or cervical cancer. They did not know that they could have refused the vaccine.”

Ireland: HPV Vaccine Problems

“Ireland reports 64 cases of adverse reactions to HPV vaccine [December 2010].
Young people are being put at risk of permanent damage to their health and welfare by the failure of the IMB and others in positions of authority to provide the full facts about this unsafe, unnecessary, ineffective and costly vaccine. While these national vaccination programs, which are being carried out in the UK as well as Ireland, will make the drug’s manufacturer, Merck, billions in profit, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has warned that Gardasil may be responsible for an unknown number of deaths.” – The One Click Group.

USA: Gardasil Deaths

“Documents from the Food & Drug Administration obtained by Judicial Watch under the Freedom of Information Act indicate that Gardasil, a cervical cancer vaccine manufactured by Merck that FDA officials fast-tracked for approval in 2006, may not be not as safe as its industry and government backers assured the public it was.
FDA records show that 16 new deaths (including four suicides) and 3,589 adverse reactions tied to Gardasil were reported in the 16 months between May 2009 and September 2010. The adverse reactions included 213 cases of permanent disability. The FDA also received 25 reports of paralyzing Guillain Barre Syndrome in young girls and women who had received the vaccine.” – San Francisco Examiner.

Thousands of Girls’ Stories about Gardasil Adverse Reactions

Countries Reporting Gardasil Adverse Reaction to CDC’s VAERS
Over 17,500 adverse reactions and 61 deaths have been reported to VAERS (estimated 1 to 10% of the population reporting). The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) has posted 272 VAERS reports of abnormal pap tests post-vaccination. Reports of deaths and injuries are now coming in from the United States, New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain and India.” – EnnisLaw.

Now, the ironic proof that vaccines/vaccinations have NOT saved the global population from infectious diseases pandemics is found in the historical, statistical demographic records regarding human diseases as charted in the following information: Natural Infectious Disease Declines vs. Vaccination Effectiveness and Dangers. Scroll down a few lines to “Vaccines Did Not Save Us! Two Centuries of Official Statistics” where you will find epidemiological statistics graphs for most of the infectious diseases. There are eleven full-color charts courtesy of Raymond Obomsawin, PhD, Senior Advisor, First Nations Centre National Aboriginal Health Organization, October 2009.

Please don’t stop there! Continue on scrolling through all the remaining charts that indicate the HHS/CDC/FDA/Big Pharma lie told often enough has become a medical truth, i.e., vaccines save lives!

What happened to the natural decline in deaths from the waning of communicable infectious diseases in what can be considered cyclical patterns of human disease and immune response development long before the manufacture of vaccines?


June 4, 2019


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