Vladimir Putin to New World Order agents: Syria still ain’t for sale

Vladimir Putin is still pummeling the New World Order ideology in Syria, and certainly NWO agents aren’t happy at all because obviously they think that Putin should have given up on Assad.

Despite the fact that Assad has been fighting against ISIS in Syria, despite the fact that his government has been protecting the small Christian community in the region, and despite the fact that the vast majority of Syrians do not want the New World Order Ideology in Syria, the UN Security Council insists that Assad must be punished for his unpardonable sins. What is his crime?

Well, he is responsible for the deaths of thousands upon thousands of civilians; he is behind torturing prisoners of war; he has used chemical weapons on his own people; he is a dictator who will not listen to the voice of reason; and on and on it goes. In order to make Assad pay, the UN Security Council attempts to put new sanctions on Assad. Putin has declared last year that he ain’t buying it:

“As for sanctions, I think that it is totally inappropriate in relation to the Syrian leadership because it would not help the negotiations process, but would only hurt or undermine confidence in the course of this negotiations process.”

Putin moved on to say quite explicitly that “Russia will not support any new sanctions against Syria.” The UN Security Council was indirectly representing the Israeli regime, which aspired to oust Assad since the beginning of the war. Vladimir Putin was indirectly representing the vast citizens of this world, who refuse to bow down to the New World Order ideology in the Middle East and elsewhere.


October 4, 2018 

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