Apply this homemade mask on your hair and wait for 15 minutes. The results will leave you breathless

The hair is the most important thing for the most of the women because it plays a great role in their appearance and allows them to look good. The hair care is not that simple, and given that each and every one of the hairs has an esthetical role it can be really delicate.

The hair dryer has a very negative effect on our hair, because of it submits our hair to excessive heats, ones that are hazardous for it. We also put a lot of different chemicals trying to recover the look that it once had, but, instead of doing that we are damaging it even more.

There are a countless number of treatments that we can do, and even a bigger number of hair products that we can buy which state they can bring back the nutrients which our hair lost. But, sadly, not all of them do what they were promising that they would, and given the reason that they are very expensive or do not adapt to our needs, we give up and think that we cannot bring back our hair in the full glory that it once was.

This is why we decided that today we should present to you the natural solution which is going to bring your hair back in its full glory with the strength and the beauty that it once had. This home-made remedy is proven to restore all of the lost nutrients to your hair, and it is also going to strengthen your roots, returning the shine that your hair lost and helping you avoid any hair loss while doing that.

This honey and cinnamon based mask is nothing like the hair masks and products which you can buy in the stores.

This is proven by the fact that both of the ingredients used to make this mask have great benefits for your hair and for your scalp too. And the best thing of all is that each of these two ingredients used in this hair mask can be found very easily, and none of them is expensive, so you will not have to spend crazy amounts of money on this mask like you would if you were to buy the other hair products.

The type or the texture of the hair is not a problem for this mask. It works on all kinds and textures, it does not matter if you have (greasy, dry, smooth, or wavy) hair this mask is guaranteed to work for your hair. It is going to do wonders for anyone and any type of hair.

You are going to need:

– One teaspoon of cinnamon
– Half a cup of olive oil
– One teaspoon of honey

How to prepare the hair mask:

Firs add the ½ a cup of olive oil in a small pan, and put the pan on fire. After the oil has become warm enough, remove it from the fire and pour it in a bowl as soon as possible.

When you are done doing that, put 1 teaspoon of honey in the bowl and after that add the teaspoon of cinnamon in. Mix all of the ingredients well, until you have a homogenous mixture in the bowl.

How to use the hair mask:

Use a brush as an applicator to apply the mixture on your scalp. Apply it by the following process: First separate the hair with a comb, after that apply the mixture from the bottom part up to the top of your hair.

Let the mask for 15 minutes, until it starts acting. And then wash it off with a soft shampoo and apply a conditioner like you regularly would.

Use this mask every day for a week and you are going to notice a great difference in the first few applications. Your hair is going to get back its original shine and it is going to look much healthier than before.


October 27, 2018


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