Beware of the Banksters: Three Banking Syndicates Want to Enslave You (I)

Who are the banksters? They are the modern-day version of gangsters, robber barons, bank robbers, and carpetbaggers. They wear suits, not bandit masks; drive Mercedes and BMWs, instead of riding horses; and use fiat currency and fancy financial instruments, not guns, to hold you up.


Previously, we have lumped them all into one moniker, but the time has come for us to examine just who these thieves and robbers are so that you will know who your enemy is.

WWIII has been ongoing for many years, whether we knew it or not. We, regular folks, just living our lives in law-abiding ways, didn’t know we had an enemy or that there was a war going on that had the goal of stealing America from its citizens and shredding the US Constitution.

The globalists were very cagey in hiding their war against us over the last one hundred years. They set up a system so that the we thought the disputes were between one party and another, one country against another, or any number of factions that they manufactured for us to keep us from seeing behind their masks. But these were just distractions, like battle camouflage, to keep us from knowing and naming our enemy.

The globalist is our enemy. Thanks to everyone in alternative and social media, we have created our own intel system and the globalist can no longer hide behind their media sycophants. They are reporters, media moguls, politicians, professors and educators, Hollywood distractors, bureaucrats, and anyone who wants to put international agendas ahead of national sovereignty.

Banksters are Globalists

Near the apex of their global pyramid structure, is a group of banker interests that want to gobble up the world and create a 21st Century version of feudalism. “We the People” will be their serfs and servants. Once locked into this feudal system at a global scale, there will be no place that we or our children can go to escape their control. Ever.

So let’s get busy and learn who these groups are so that, like globalism, we can call them out and get ground control of this battle. At the end of the article, we have some marching instructions (suggestions) that can actually undo the banksters’ plans for taking control of the people.

 Equally important is to provide you information so that your family’s savings and investments are not stolen by these bandits and thugs.

In this article we will review:
– The nature of the three types of globalist banksters – Central Bank Syndicate, Broker Bank Syndicate, and CIA Bankers
– How banking terrorism is leading us to a world-wide economic apocalypse
– Why banks are happy to pay billions of dollars in fines for gold and silver rigging
– How our markets are not free, but controlled and fixed by government agencies and banksters who manipulate them
– How the Federal Reserve has a money tree that you pay for, yet the banksters reap all the benefits
– Who are behind these banksters
– How the CIA uses stolen gold and creates companies to launder their pilfered gold
– What happens to gold after wars and why must it be hidden and slowly laundered into the economy
– What is the apocalyptic end-game for each of the banksters
– What we the people can do now to put a wrench in the works

Old Money and the Central Banking Syndicate

The goal of the world’s central banking syndicate is to have a central bank in every country on Earth. This is how they completely control the national economy of a country – by controlling a country’s wealth. And the sad truth is, if you are a country that doesn’t have a central bank like Iran, North Korea, Libya, Syria, Somalia and a few others, there will be a war in your country in order to conquer your people, lands, and resources.

War is the earmark of countries where a central bank system is not in place – whether that war was hundreds of years ago or ongoing today. War helped create the original central banks of Venice and Genoa when they provided the crusaders with interest-bearing loans that could purchase weapons and provisions (for both sides) and a place to hold their gold reserves in safe-keeping while conflicts were ongoing. Over time this became a very lucrative business, especially when fractional lending was created so that an ounce of gold could be “lent out” multiple times, to both sides of the conflict, with interest. Plus, if the depositor didn’t return from war to collect his gold, it became the bank’s gold. 
This was such a great business that it has never stopped. Indeed, it just continued, century after century, until today when this scheme is getting ready to fall apart in epic proportions.

Having ongoing wars is a part of this lucrative business. Central bankers don’t die in war; they send our fathers and sons (now mothers and daughters, too) to die on the battleground, becoming the fodder that feeds their military-industrial and banking system. Let us put this as bluntly as we can. War is big, big business. Not only does it require guns, ships and planes, bombs, supplies and uniforms, it requires lots of money. Throughout history central bankers have been providing as much money as it can print, with interest charged, to support these wars. Central banks make money off of our blood, sweat, and tears, whether spilled on the battlefield or back home in the things we must endure (higher taxation, death of our loved ones, crumbling infrastructure, state-dictated education etc.) for supporting this evil system.

Part of this big business is usury. In the past, Christian bankers, even the Vatican, could not charge interest on loans due to religious prohibitions. This restriction brought into existence the Lombard bankers of Venice and Italy which later spawned the custom that every Christian king had a “court Jew” who could run a bank that charged interest. Hence, Jews like the Rothschilds, Warburgs, and Schroeders became the bankers of the world and the “central banking syndicate” was born. (It is not anti-Semitic to call out history the way it unfolded; so no need to cower from the truth, Patriots.)

Central bankers also learned that they could apply their “warlord banking” strategies against their own people by creating currency that was backed up by precious metals. Each kingdom (nation, country, court) needed a fluid and portable currency that could be used for trade inside and outside of the nation. Central banks promised to back this currency (paper money and non-precious metal coins) with precious metals held in a secure place. Central banks were allowed to print or mint paper currency and control its distribution, while charging the nation interest on the total amount of currency in that particular economy.

Fiat currency always increases and so does the interest debt on that growing currency. This is a lesson in history that happens over and over again. When the fiat currency crashes, the central bank has already invested the interest that it collected into real wealth, like land, real estate, more precious metals etc. Plus, when the fiat system crashes, which it always does, the central banks keep all the precious metals that it originally held!

Ultimately, just as what we see occurring in America today, debt to the central bank can never be paid off and, in essence, the nation is “owned” by the central bank.

Central banking is a slow and methodical way to erode an economy and drain the life-blood from its commerce and citizen’s wealth. The business of “war” adds greatly to this business. In fact, “war” is its best customer, and as long as “We the People” believe these wars are necessary, why would central banks give up its best customer?

After siphoning a nation’s wealth, it is then moved to offshore accounts beyond the reach of the nation from which the money was taken. This wealth is then untouchable. The central bankers keep the gold and precious metals, using it as collateral to create the next scam.

How the Central Banking Scam Works

When Lord Nathan Mayer von Rothschild founded the central banking system of England in 1798, he set aside the gold that supposedly backed the currency in the home of economic terrorism called, The City of London. It was from the offices of the Rothshilds that the daily spot price of gold was given out twice a day for decades, now centuries. Over time, many other central banks began to fix the price of gold. Today, in our global network, this job of daily gold price-fixing has been handed over to Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), one of the most corrupt Broker Banker institutes in the world.

The Rothschild’s gold is actually the company called, the Bouillon Vault, which is one of the largest gold reserves known to the public. This pile of gold has over 30,000 brokers writing paper gold contracts on that gold. Some say the gold is leveraged to write 3,000 contracts of notional gold for every ounce of gold held in the Bouillon Vault. The Rothschilds are still the majority shareholders of the Bouillon Vault.

It is often said, although not confirmed, that the gold in the Bouillon Vault is used as backing for the two largest gold sellers in Canada, making this particular pile of gold the most fraudulent source of notional gold in the Central Banker system. It is perfectly indicative of Central Bankers to fraudulently misuse stockpiles of physical gold.

Investors who buy gold on the “open market” through brokers are told that the gold is “held” for them in a safe place. Seldom does a buyer ever know that the piece of gold they bought was also bought by thousands of other people. If the buyer asks to have that paper gold turned into physical gold, they are told, eventually, that the gold is physically located in The City of London and that the buyer must hire an approved gold auditor to come to The City of London to audit the gold and arrange an approved plan to transport the gold back to his country. Then, the buyer is hit with a “storage fee” that is often equal to the value of the gold the person thought they bought. Few people are ever successful at turning notional (paper) gold into physical gold holdings, just as we saw in the news with Deutsche Bank refused delivery of physical gold.

This is the same gold scam that central banks have been using for hundreds of years. And they keep using it, folks, because we continue to be succors for the scam.

The world’s Central Banking Syndicate has its own plan for financial apocalypse. They do not need to rush and can take their time as this “old money network” intends for their families, generations to come, to hold and preserve this wealth. Central Bankers are building wealth for their children’s children. The Rothschilds, Warburgs, Goldmans, Sachs, Schroeders, Lehmans, Morgans, Rockefellers, and the other central banking families are incestuous in their practice of marrying their children to other Central Banker families. This keeps the dirty lies and economic secrets “all in the family”.

Techniques the Central Banking Syndicate Uses to Keep War Going

To make sure that war is ongoing, Central Bankers have always employed the best surveillance and intelligence networks that not only listen for war, but actually start wars for their economic benefit. The Rothschild’s fortune was made by the patriarch Nathan placing his own children in central banks throughout Europe as the ultimate insider trading intelligence network with the strong ties of “family” binding it. Court Jews (also known as Lombard bankers) were the most informed people in any kingdom, and their advice was sought after not only for economic information but for political, military and religious intelligence.

The top shareholders in America’s military industrial corporations are Central Bankers who in most cases are foreigners to America.

If you look closely at the other shareholders of these war complexes and companies, you will find many holding companies and corporations that are also owned and/or controlled by central banks, and central bankers and their families.

Also notable is that central banks in America pay no taxes, are given fiat currency for free to “distribute”, are privately owned, and make huge profits which are shared with their family of shareholders. These operations, in fact, cannot go bankrupt and take no risk at all because they are using a system of OPM (Other People’s Money). Central Bankers made the banking rules, and they benefit from all directions, whether it is from the loans they provide for war to both sides, the profits from war-corporations who sell death machines to both sides, the resources stolen from the countries at war, the loans to rebuild the countries devastated by war, or the gold and money confiscated from those who lost the war.

Essentially, Central Bankers and their families just sit around counting their offshore wealth and devising ways to get those last few countries to let them start a central bank there, while “We the People” try to pay off interest rates that were created out of thin air, provide our lives and limbs to their battlefields, and enslave ourselves day by day, from one generation of children to the next, to prop up their way of life.

There is a War Between Banksters: Their Achilles Heel

Before we describe the other types of banksters in detail, you need to know that there are disputes going on between the three – the Central Bankers, Broker Bankers, and the CIA Bankers.

Broker Bankers, the nouveau riche who make their money through the derivatives market, detest the fact that Central Bankers, the “old money”, have taken their wealth out of the markets, much of which is tucked away in private vaults and offshore accounts. This keeps the Broker Bankers from expanding it through their derivatives schemes.

Once every country in the world has a central bank, the Bank of International Settlements then becomes the unchallenged ruler of a world economy that makes sure to pay the Central Bankers their cut first. Central Bankers believe that their dreams are about to come true, and they will rule the world economy. But they haven’t taken into account the ruthless economic terrorism of the third type of globalist bankster – the CIA Bankers – who are trying to close down the offshore accounts of the Central Bankers who have raped every country they do business with. Over half of the yearly commerce of the world flows into offshore accounts. There is hardly a politician in the world that doesn’t have a tax haven – offshore account – to hide their money in. The offshore accounts in Panama have shown the tip of the iceberg.

The CIA Bankers, under the guise of American agencies, have prosecuted offshore bankers in Switzerland and many other island nations in the recent past. This pressure has caused many Central Bankers to move their offshore accounts into American safe havens: Nevada, Montana, Delaware, New York City and Virginia. These recent radical moves were made to protect Central Bankers against the CIA Banker’s move to close down the tremendous wealth in offshore accounts, particularly the island nations of the British Commonwealth.

Even some of the Rothschilds have moved tremendous wealth into American tax havens. Unfortunately for the Central Bankers, this move to close down all offshore accounts that are not located in America was a fatal attack of the CIA Bankers against the old world Central Bankers. Soon, the CIA Bankers, under the pretense of U.S. law, will audit and seize all offshore accounts in America and confiscate all money that cannot be shown to have gone through regular taxing. Any questionable funds will be confiscated as criminal economic theft.

This is the apocalypse that the Central Bankers face when they find out that all of their offshore money held in American-based safe havens is confiscated by the CIA Bankers. And we don’t think they know that they are being played by the CIA Bankers.

Instead, the research points to the Central Banker’s plan for the next big war, an Armageddon in the Middle-east, where they can make money their old-fashioned way–war. They truly don’t see that the world has grown tired of continual wars that do nothing but line the pockets of the Central Bankers.

The war tension between Russia and America will come to an end as the truth about Central Bankers is revealed and shows the true agenda of the warlord bankers. The insider support of the Knights of Malta, that has kept the monarchies of the world in wealth and power, is now fading. The power of alternative and social media has helped educate and inform people about the economic terrorism of the old guard. The common person is now more awake than ever and their propaganda is not working on us anymore.

New Money and the Emergence of the Broker Bankers

When fractional-reserve banking was permitted in the late 1600s, banks began to gamble with the deposits entrusted to them by lending out more money than they had on deposit. Their loose reserve practices went totally out of control in 1999 with the repeal of Glass-Steagall, which permitted commercial banks to become investment banks. Banks could not only lend out more than they had on deposit, they could also invest their customer deposits in their own institutional investments.

Then, to add more fuel to the fire laws were passed to clarify that a bank deposit is not a bailment. Simply put, the funds you deposit at a bank are not your property. Patriots need to read the fine print that says each depositer becomes a “business partner” with the bank and may or may not get their money back after the bank gambles with it on investments. This is why we call them Broker Bankers because that is what they have become – brokers.

Key point: it may come as a shock to you, but putting your money in a bank is an investment that may go bad, an investment that you didn’t even know you were making.

Many people rely on the fiscal authorities to back up their deposits, but there is simply not enough money to cover the risks in the system. Banking, even as simple as opening up a checking account to collect your paycheck, is considered an investment in the bank. Banks use your deposits to gamble on bundled sub-prime mortgages, the stock market, treasury notes, and notional gold. Banks can invest a great deal using fractional banking combined with OPM (“Other People’s Money”, which refers to borrowed funds used to increase the return on invested capital. For example, a bank uses OPM to lend to its borrowers as the money it uses for loans theoretically comes from its deposits).

When you go to withdraw your “deposit” from the bank, the bank must be viable and have enough cash. This depends on their investment returns, the interest rates set by the private corporation the Federal Reserve, the price of money loaned between banks (including central banks), and the liquidity of the bank. If many people at once demanded their deposits, they would have trouble getting the money because banks hold only 10% of the money you “loaned” them for their investments. And, as we have learned through the recent bank crisis – banks are very bad at investments.

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March 3, 2017

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