10th April – The day of the daring


Those born on April 10th have the courage to be themselves; they also have the courage to fight to bring their projects and aspirations to a good end. They are not afraid to argue their ideals and to fight for them when they meet opposing opinions or when meeting opponents, however they do not seek confrontations at any price. They are not fighters, their courage is a moral power based on the firmity of their adopted principles and their common sense.
Being characterised by being daring in action, they can create the impression that they assume too many risks or even that they are reckless. But seeing from an alternative perspective, the facts reveal a positive side, and assuming risks represents sometimes an intelligent decision. Having a very great belief in luck, natives of this day do not consider the choices they make to be unsafe (they follow the principle “Luck helps those who dare!” However they will have to use discernment and to cultivate prudence, because their fascination for all things which mean luck does not impinge on a phantasmagorical realm or degenerate into dreadfulness. For some of the natives of this day, the pleasure of evaluating and anticipating the possibilities and emotions of the competition can attract them on the slippery slope of gambling.
Often, in the lives of those born on April 10th arrives a moment of radical modification in their career. It is possible that they chose to start a profession unsuited to them because of some arrangements orientated in this direction, prematurely started, at the age where they do not have at their disposal the necessary interior maturity to choose correctly, because of some rash decisions or parental intervention. However once they have realised what is their true calling, they abandon without hesitation the direction they were going until then. They grasp the important discovery of their personal vocation, but do not dramatically exaggerate the situation, managing to keep their emotional balance and common sense.
They love their occupation very much and seek to maintain their independence, which makes it difficult to have a harmonious family life. Paradoxically, they feel a powerful need for stability, which can make them attached to a colleague or a friend who is always alongside them. In fact tending to stabilise nonconformist inter-human relationships.
The personality of the natives of 10th April is of two types. The first is the loner type, who develops a style all of their own, a talent or occupation independent from anyone else, working alone on projects. The second type is the social star in all meanings of the word, the leader seeking adepts, people which to mould. This type is interested with a passionate mission, and in this way they manage in the most energetical way to gather others around them, to emulate him to fulfil some certain goal.
Introverts born on this day consume their entire energy in personal or technical study. Extroverts instead devote their activities in the social plane, seeking, for example, to organise a group or society to achieve a great plan. They are open and feel the need to be appreciated, but with all this do not have time for sycophantic people and money making. These are there to offer them a false motive for pride, feeding their conceit.
The more evolved beings recognise that exacerbated self-absorption and the belief in their own infallibility can be fatal in subsequent confrontations. Being true fighters, they know their limits and tend to surpass them. However this is not an easy thing for them, needing a considerable and consistent effort in order to succeed. Natives of this day do not appreciate plans too extravagant and projects of bad quality, being extremely happy when, starting from an idea; they construct a plan which is like one of a maestro.
ADVICE: Do not seek, at any price, “strong sensations”; intense sensations can be an experience without involving risky situations. Guard against your impulsive-obsessive side. Learn to appreciate the simple joys of life. Realise that personal success has the same importance as social success. Follow your heart, not just your mind. Learn to relax, to be calm, and to be inside yourself – yoga practice can be a real use in this direction.
STRONG POINTS: Motivated, courageous, daring.
WEAK POINTS: Unstable, obsessed, stressed.


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