9th April – The day of freedom in action


People born on this day have in a certain way, certain traits and a certain pattern of life which they show. It is possible to say that they are embodiments of their extreme tendencies and unusual society; often they excel in a certain direction precisely because of the excesses they make. In their case, any compromise is not discussed; they do not accept any restriction, they do not like to show any moderation. Usually, they are very firm in connection with their opinions regarding any subject. They are sincere, direct and sometimes even tough. It is not in their nature to talk about their business. They prefer to complete their tasks well, which are usually rather complex.
Natives of April 9th have the talent to transpose ideas into fact. They give free rein to their imagination in the most practical way possible – they can ensure themselves a decent life putting into practice these ideas. Because their ideas are, usually, of a social nature, they thus manage to help others. People born on April 9th have unusual ideas, sometimes even amusing, but they never have empty dreams. On the contrary, they are very well grounded in reality and they have a very well developed practical sense; they always intuit when the moment arrives to put an idea into application.
Those born on this day are not really sociable. They consider communication sufficient through their ideas, especially with associates and colleagues from work, and with friends and family. Much more than in the case of other people, the world of those born on April 9th is, usually, powerfully individual and, for some amongst them, lonely. Nevertheless, they manifest a powerful desire to share their discoveries with those close to them. The most precious gift a person born on April 9th can make for those close to them is that to gradually reveal their inner character and existence. But this is so precious exactly because they share this intimate aspect so very rarely.
Those born of April 9th have a powerful influence on those around them, because of the excesses and extravagances of the less evolved natives this influence is not always of good omen. Family, friends, or those which feel the temptation to follow original ideas, at first view extraordinary, would need to be tempered and to be guarded against adopting excessive attitudes, in order not to arrive at disastrous results.
More than anything, those born on this day show freedom of action, in this sense they can offer a wonderful example to others. Also, they can be given for example for work or discipline, for their firm attitude, absence of compromise which they adopt and which the majority of people can not even feign. When they propose to radically modify the mentality or ideas of others, they succeed most times exactly because of the personal example which they give. Those born on April 9th have the tendency to be non-conformist. Because of this, those around them can consider them ill-disciplined or selfish. For those born on this day it would be useful to periodically evaluate and analyse their ideas profoundly. It is recommended that they evaluate their style of life with discernment and see what improvements they can make.
Natives of this day are powerfully preoccupied with their looks. The limit of human condition (the tangible limit of the human body) preoccupies them very much. They will consistently try to overtake this limit. Sometimes their efforts start from the physical aspect, but continue through tackling some complex spiritual problems. It is possible that the most evolved of the natives of this day do not manage to overtake the purely physical level; they will put the problem of the progression towards more profound aspects. Especially those who are preoccupied by extending their horizons and seeing life from a spiritual viewpoint.
ADVICE: Be attentive to control your selfish tendencies. Offer and receive love, this aspect is fundamental for any human being. Temper your powerful instinctive desires, analyse profoundly and with discernment your ideas. Learn to be balanced. Avoid excess of any kind. Occupy yourself more with spiritual aspects. Learn to respect certain rules, this does not mean to make compromises.
STRONG POINTS: Decisive, convincing, progressive.
WEAK POINTS: Weak leader, over indulgent, destructive tendencies
April 2007

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