28th March – The day of innocence

The natives of the day of 28th March are often innocents. In life, they have to follow their own path. Those born on this day often intend to accomplish things that are within their reach, generally connected to the workplace and to concentrate very well when they do their job. Even if around them bombs are exploding, they will remain concentrated on their objectives. In a very unusual manner they are recognized and appreciated for their receptivity and their candor, though they are not always conscious about the feelings of others.
The ones born on this day seem to accept with serenity the less pleasant circumstances and events they experience. This thing is due less to a permissive philosophy but more to the simple fact that they are generally detached.
Though they can play expansive roles, the natives of 28th March like to be left in peace. Their need of intimacy it is obvious especially at home. In spite of any public advantages, they are happiest when they live in very intimate ad isolated places.
In many regards, those born on this day are not made to be leaders in the profession they chose. Those who get to the top act this way because of the discomfort second position creates for them. In some measure, because of their innocence they lack the firmness and implacable character to get through life. Often, they will stabilize on a comfortable position at a lower level, but which assures them a certain degree of autonomy. Many of those born on 28th March have no confidence in their own power when they have to act at a higher level. In fact, even if they are well prepared for a certain position, they will not believe that thing. In consequence, natives of 28th March have always doubts concerning the options and the decisions related to their career.
The natives of this day are usually loyal and devoted to friends, colleagues and family. They spend lots of their time helping others. Because they can become the base of an established order, conflicts happen only between personal faiths and between what is enforced to them. Protection is important to these people. They will often find themselves in vulnerable positions from emotional, financial, artistic or political points of view.

People who seek profound and rewarded relationships from the emotional point of view with those born on this day can be frustrated. The natives of March 28 are very good friends, but in the moment when they feel the restrictive chains and obstacles born from the attachment of others, they have the tendency to run away. For the other person, the shock of being left so rapidly can be devastating. Natives of 28th March are rather emotional, but seldom reveal their intense desires, aspirations or fears from behind their childish exterior.
ADVICE: Act with caution and give time for contemplation. Program your frequent holidays and try to know yourself better. Calm your mind. Empty it. Do not be afraid to let go of your façade. Do not doubt yourself.
STRONG POINTS: Independent, jolly, hard working
WEAK POINTS: Unconscious, fickle
March 2007


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