7th April – The day of the enthusiast


Those born on April 7th are dedicated in all the activities they make, being full of enthusiasm and energy. Though, if because of their parents or not having a happy childhood, they can be marked by certain sadness for their entire life. People born on April 7th often display much enthusiasm and creativity in youth just to allow themselves to arrive at a comfortable monotony and absence of imagination when they mature. On the other hand, those born today waste their energy in childish rebellion. In spite of the fact that those born on April 7th all become wiser with age (and less interested in the same time), petulance can constitute a permanent problem for them.
When they reach a certain point in their life and cannot progress spiritually, natives of April 7th have the tendency to make a great change. This thing happens when Saturn is in its first rotation (around 18 years of age) and around 42 years of age (when Saturn and Uranus are in opposite positions to their birth). If they pass these two barriers well, those born on April 7th are capable of even greater success in their new life. They will feel much less constrained; they will open to the world and in the same time, will permit others to be close to them.
Even if those born on April 7th are quiet, they prove sensitive and receptive to the positive energies of others. The more evolved individuals of those born on this day have the capacity to channel and direct this positive energy to fulfil their social and religious objectives. The spiritual life of those born on April 7th is very important. They will often manifest it through a religious attitude towards the world, even if they are not active practitioners in a certain sect. In this sense, they have to attentive to not distance themselves from the others with their optimism, not always sharing with those around them. Thus, it is important to remain objective and critical.
The less evolved people of those born on April 7th will leave the impression that they are dependent. Frequently, when their friends ask help, they will demonstrate that they are people which you cannot rely on. The element of realism for those born on April 7th is low while petulance is very high. Because of this those that depend on them can have unpleasant surprises. The most evolved of the natives of April 7th you can rely on, despite the enthusiasm with which they usually make promises. Instead, in the case where too may people depend on them they will not manage. In these conditions, people born on April 7th often seek isolation, sometimes even for a very long time.
In personal relationships, those born on April 7th often base sentiments by the appreciation of their partner and in general grant them very much support. Danger appears in the moment in which the partner can become dependent on their native enthusiasm. In this case, the moment in which natives of April 7th feel need of isolation, their partners will suffer. People born on April 7th manage marvellously in public functions. They are capable to inspire others in accomplishing some great projects using themselves as the right example for the others. They must permanently strive to perceive daily life with much more realism and to not let it be stolen by illusion. Also, they must avoid annoying in the case where others do not reach the level of their expectations.
ADVICE: Not everyone has the same enthusiasm as you. Leave everyone to react how they think. DO not overwhelm with your energy and expectations. Also, do not refuse those around you the right to choose.
STRONG POINTS: Positive, Energetic, Imaginative.

WEAK POINTS: Impatient, Irritable, Unrealistic


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