6th April – The day of the researcher


The person born on April 6th manifests an overwhelming desire to experience all that is around them. They are supporters of science, researching and testing all aspects of the problems of the physical sciences, emotional and psychological. Nothing escapes them and they dig as deep as necessary to discover the truth about what interests them or to see how certain mechanisms function. Those born on this day manifest a child-like curiosity, sometimes hard to support for those around them, but this curiosity is what makes them excel, accomplishing things of high quality. They are people preoccupied by facts, who untiringly seek any mistakes (in their case, they always have the impression that something is not right) attempting always to correct it. Their principal preoccupation is that of discovering the meaning of things. In the case where they are asked to make research in a specific direction, they will use to this end “guinea pigs” such as friends, family, strangers, and also themselves. They always become extremely ruthless when close to discovering the answer they seek.
Natives born on April 6th are receptive and extremely speculative beings. When they have doubts about a subject, they are capable to discuss logically, to make things clear. They are capable to give-up to theories, to focus just on obtaining the desired results in the tests and experiments they make. The problem appears when they arrive at results they did not expect to obtain. In such situations, the more evolved of the natives of the day of April 6th accept that their initial hypothesis was wrong, however the more stubborn or less intelligent ones will refuse to accept their evidence. They will continue to stubbornly investigate in order to arrive at the results which they believe that they should have to conform to their theories, exasperating, in the end, those around them.
To accomplish their ambition, those born on April 6th will not take into account preconceptions. Their openness to explore the unknown or to know the facts from the weirdest situations could be funny, even if they initially approach rather seriously. Their family and friends appreciate this quality. In the same time, colleagues can be irritated by their preoccupations and misunderstanding, they will take distance from them. To surpass the ego, the most evolved of the natives of this day will demonstrate, finally, the capacity to face trouble with humour, thus recognising that the opinions of others matter.
One of the strong points of the natives of April 6th is the capacity to see the whole problem and always intuit possibilities to resolve them. Thus, they can be considered a kind of visionary. Nevertheless, like the majority of visionaries, they can be torn from the reality around them. Though their friends or associates can be engrossed by the flow of their energy, they sometimes overestimate the importance of the support which they give to the others. Natives born in this day have a remarkable capacity to rouse a team and to inspire enthusiasm, so that they work together with enthusiasm to accomplish some great plans.
ADVICE: Remember what responsibilities you have. Analyse your dreams attentively and lucidly. Stabilise your feelings. Learn to let others to discover the meaning of things. Do not under appreciate the value of tradition. Be more realistic. Give up to theories which cannot be agreed.
STRONG POINTS: Innovator, Magnetic, magnetism, enthusiast, Visionary
WEAK POINTS: Obsessive, Stickler, Pestersome


April 2007

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