Aphorisms (2)

by yoga professor Gregorian Bivolaru
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39. The human being who is truly good and pure in all the respects spontaneously considers the people who are really good as being good; that’s why he/she never gets deceived in this respect.

40. When a drop of water merges with the water of a river, how will be this called?
One could say that, by merging, the drop becomes the one who lost herself in order to re-find herself, unified in the mysterious Reality of the GREAT WHOLE. 

41. Ever since the beginnings, God commanded to the human beings to search for the knowledge that will unveil to them the Ultimate Divine Truth. The Knowledge of the Ultimate Divine Truth then illuminates in eternity the inside of the human being and makes the darkness of ignorance disappear forever. Few are those who know that, actually, the human being came on this world for obtaining the knowledge of the Ultimate Divine Truth. The deep and complete knowledge of the Ultimate Divine Truth also helps the human to deeply know himself. Without the divine knowledge the human being is, most often, like an animal.

42. The human beings who deeply and intimately know themselves in their Ultimate Essence also discover thus God in their inner universes.

43. The genuine self-knowledge implies and attentive and lucid analysis of own being and is closely connected to the quality of the view.

44. When, for the time being, you do not succeed in knowing yourself well and deep enough, the ineffable perception of God is almost impossible.

45. The unsuspected essence of knowledge is and remains the ULTIMATE DIVINE TRUTH, and the ULTIMATE DIVINE TRUTH is a stringent need of the soul.

46. My dears, please never forget that if you feed your bodies several times a day, it is also necessary not to let either your consciousness or your soul to starve.

47. The tremendous spiritual richness eventually solves all the worldly troubles easily. It is also a divine key that opens even the most solid locks.

48. Always be very patient. Behold, eventually your patience will be rewarded ten times more. The exemplary patience enables you to eventually triumph over all the difficulties. 

49. There is always an unsuspected reward for the human beings who are very patient and carry out many good deeds, for, in their cases, God grants them His forgiveness.

50. The patience also means waiting serenely and without worries.

51. The deep and exemplary patience is the wisdom’s comrade.

52. The glass is akin to the stone, and the pearl appears to us the same. Both have almost the same colour and seem similar, but when presented to the jewellers, they can immediately see the huge difference between them.

53. The harmonious and superb women should never be proud of their beauty, since nobody can keep their beauty completely unaltered as the time passes in this world. Looking around attentively we discover that neither the tree branches stay green forever in a superb garden, nor the flowers are forever blossomed and glowing. 

54. The so-called friendship that is based only on greed, meanness and duplicity doesn’t last. 

55. A significant aspect that illustrates the occult resonance processes and their influence:
Those who are sad curiously listen only to those who are very sad.
Those who are joyful gladly listen only to those who are very joyful.
When the sad one sobs and complains, the happy one feels disturbed and spontaneously manifests the tendency to withdraw.
Those who are fake and double-faced attentively listen to those who are fake and double-faced.
When we attentively and lucidly analyse these aspects, we succeed to understand why it is possible that the fake disciples are always almost irresistibly attracted to fake spiritual guides and are guided by them. 
In this way, the saying “Like begets like” is once again confirmed. 

56. The honest people’s fear and indecision often enables the triumph and even the impertinent imposing of the scamps.

57. Human, it worth thinking ever since this moment what you shall get by making so many sins and mistakes. Behold, because it will be possible for you to deceive many people, but at the same time you must think that, eventually, you shall take all these with you from this world when you shall leave it forever (by the so-called death).

58. Speaking with pathos about spiritual truths in front of sceptical, stone-hearted and dishonest people is like baking a special cake and serving it to the pigs.

59. What do you get eventually, when you grimly “bite” in your turn those who, being animated by hatred, “bites” you? Avoid doing this ever and, from now on, save yourself from the ineluctable consequences of your irresponsible deeds, because you must never forget that you shall reap precisely what you sow, sooner or later, at the right time. 

60. Sooner or later the death is imminent for all of us, even when we do not realise this, but we must not forget that it can not hurt those who have already attained the state of holiness.

61. O, God, when You manifest Your endless compassion, many sinners are saved. If at a moment you suddenly bring justice on this planet, even those who are full of vanity and meanness would shake in terror.

62. A million of objects full of beauty will eventually turn into dust. By knowing this, an advanced yogi loves so that he/she will be mentioned and remembered in eternity as an example that worth being followed.  

63. An advanced yogi lives his life in a sublime and divine way so that, when he/she is close to the others, everybody enjoys his/her company and, when he/she is away, everybody misses him/her because they are apart.

64. God the Father never takes the support of faith from anyone, if that human being does not give up to it beforehand.

65. Remember that GOD THE FATHER, due to His endless compassion, ignores millions of bad deeds of those who are bad and continues to nurture these people and let them alive. He permanently does this, even when they do not suspect that GOD THE FATHER is actually the source of their existence in this world.  

66. The genuine seeker that goes attentively, full of aspiration and perseverance, on a genuine spiritual path will never remain with an empty soul or hand. The poor human beings who eventually leave a genuine spiritual path with an empty hand or soul, indirectly proves in this way that, in fact, they were not perseverant, had no aspiration and did not truly seek.   

67. No one, except the evil and demonic ones, can abscond with insolence and grimness from the compliance with the GOD’s divine universal laws and commandments. Those who are right and good-hearted are all the servants of GOD’s wise commandments.

68. When the time of our death comes, GOD takes back our life and then the whole play of our existence ends.  

69. In this world of matter (MATERIAL UNIVERSE) we live in, everything that rises must subside and everything that is born eventually must die. You do not know when the moment comes when you shall breathe for the last time, just before dying, so, behold, nothing of what exists in your inner universe or in your body must not awake the state of pride within you.  

70. The life in this world is transient, unsafe and temporary. By knowing this, never be proud that you still breathe. Your life as a human being is transient, short and unsafe. At a short while after the moment of death, this body, that many of us care too much, will eventually return into dust and become dust.

71. “Beyond the hell’s fearful threats and the Paradise’s intoxicating hopes, something is absolutely sure – this life is short and at the moment of death we discover that it flew through air like a spark. All that is absolutely sure is GOD’s existence and the rest are merely illusions, ephemeral aspects and lies. The wonderful flower that blossomed sometime ago dies forever when cut. By knowing all these, it is necessary to take as much advantage as we can on every favourable opportunity given to us. It is wonderful to never miss the good that we can do here and now, before each of us gets down into dust. Eventually, at the moment of death we shall be dust and our transient bodies will be somewhere under the ground. Then, our bodies will be there, into dust, without wine, without songs, without singers. I say all these now for all those whom I loved the most and who lived their lives properly and eventually they will be and remain for all of us wonderful memories. Each of them drank their glass once or several times before and then, one by one, went from us into the Great Silence, in order to rest in the world beyond.” (Verses by Omar Khayam)   

72. The wise one does not associate with those evil, mean and double-faced; and the bad, double-faced and fake people give to the presence of the very good and wise people a wide berth. In their madness, meanness and confusion, such pervert human beings strongly believe that the wise one is a fake and evil human. For such confuse, bewildered, hating, resentful and demonically doubtful people who are pervert, everything is reversed. In their distorted, reversed and strange view, the good is evil and the evil, obviously, is for them a great good that they hurry up to embrace.

73. The evil mutually attracts evil, the good mutually attracts good and they mysteriously get along.

74. All that manifests clearly and obviously never need to be proved afterwards. The obvious manifestation is and always remains prevalently enlightening.

75. Our thoughts, intentions, aspirations and desires are born in the mysterious heart’s focus, even when we do not realise this. Since we know this, we must take into account that if this mysterious focus (the mysterious focus of the heart) is pure, then the thoughts, intentions, aspirations and desires will be spontaneously pure. Behold that if your heart’s mysterious focus is not pure, then it becomes easily possible that your thoughts, intentions, aspirations and desires to be impure and vicious.


From the The Spiritual Book of the International Yoga Symposium, Costineşti 2009.



July 2010

Also available in: Română

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