Astrology for Beginners

All spiritual traditions regard man as a part of the huge structure of the Universe. Neither man nor process can escape the laws of this universe while living within it. These laws precisely read cosmic phenomena, as well as much in man. Astrology like all “spiritual sciences” requires logic, analysis, and intuition. Conventional science is based upon direct perception and experiment, while spiritual research goes beyond the conclusions of analytical science.

The Part is in the Whole and the Whole is Reflected in the Part

The fact is cosmic energy has extremely complex and varied manifestations, from the physical to the subtle; just as man can manifest on different levels physically, emotionally and mentally; is evident in Astrology. For instance, the same cosmic energy which determines the mental cycle relating to action and initiative also determines the planet Mars” movement around the Sun.

The universe is an unique entity, and everything within it is interconnected. Therefore, it is perfectly possible to know the subtle manifestation of a specific cosmic energy by knowing its manifestation at the physical level. Hence in the above example, we can discover that the manifestation of energy relating to action and initiative follows Mars in the celestial vault.

Traditional wisdom clarifies the relationship between “Sky”-“Earth”, “Up”- “Down”, and “Macrocosm-Microcosm” in seemingly simple aphorisms:

“What is here (that is, within ourself) is everywhere (that is, within the Universe); what is not here, is not anywhere else. ”(Tantra Sara)

“What is below, is like that which is above, and what is above is like that which is below, to complete the miracle of the Whole.”(Hermes Trismegistos – The Emerald Table)

“Know thyself; and you will know the universe and the mysterious forces that animate it.”
(Inscription on the frontispiece of  the Temple of the Oracle, Delphi)

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