Being Conscious through the Yoga Practice

The wise men of the Orient, the Rishis, teach that Union with the Divine already potentially exists within us. However due to insufficient spiritual development, we are generally not conscious of this state of fusion with God, the Macrocosm. We see duality and multiplicity everywhere especially because of this ignorance regarding connection with the Macrocosm. Thus ordinary people in this situation focus on both within themselves and outside themselves, and on the perception of differences rather than similarities.

The essential purpose in yoga is to return man to the perfect conscious state of non-duality; of perfection. Yoga gradually reveals the existence of many levels of consciousness within us. YAMA and NIYAMA from KRIYA YOGA are important steps in spiritual practice, and must be systematically and conscientiously respected. One aspect of Yoga is CONSCIOUS accelerated evolution. In general the evolution of life is coordinated by Cosmic Divine Intelligence, exterior to common awareness. Our spiritual evolution can be accelerated through awakening and utilising latent aspects of our inner universe, which can be gradually and consciously known. At the beginning we can be only partially conscious, sensing only vague feelings. This will manifest later in the form of global experiences, which will allow us to understand the mysteries of life and the Universe.

Being permanently aware and conscious has a powerful effect upon the speed of spiritual evolution and being able to live life to the full. It is also an excellent means to reveal a previously unknown and profound reality. MEENAKSHI DEVI (a yogi woman from India) dealt with this crucial issue in understanding and strengthening the process of being conscious. Even when beginning the Yoga path, she advises: “to be as conscious as possible in every way; this will indicate how unconscious we can be without even realising it”.

This is an apparent paradoxical affirmation, but completely true for a yogi. Many superficial and impatient people desire to learn “the Yoga of being conscious”. However they continue be neglectful, ignore the fact that they do not know how to behave, are selfish and abusive. Despite this, they expect special and rapid results in Yoga, thinking that they decidedly deserve this. These types do not take into account that this beneficial and extraordinary jump can only be achieved gradually and in stages. To develop spiritually entails removing any evil; it is a fundamental transformation and purification of the person. This is exacerbated by the fashion today of selfishness, ignorance, lack of common sense and attitudes like “get all you can, when you can”.

More than anything, yoga disciples should learn to be patient, mentally open, and always ready to learn from any situation, both exterior and interior. If they do not have this attitude, they will be easily disappointed due to improper use of time and effort. Their actions will be very inefficient. Yoga can be defined as ABILITY AND INTELLIGENCE IN ACTION. Through ability, we understand how to use our own strengths and talents in an intelligent way with maximum efficiency. Through the subtle process of resonance we can comprehend the requirements for the amplification of  power, and thus enable the optimal energisation of these endowments. NOW AWAKEN. Therefore the complete process of becoming conscious is the privileged modality that awakens and amplifies our natural ABILITY in a short time. Through constant, correct and systematic practice, ABILITY can be extraordinarily perfected. Only by being conscious can we really develop the skills and even paranormal powers that can result from proper YOGA practice.


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