Conditions for success and obstacles

The main conditions to successfully practice the Art of Blessing are the following:

• great faith in God;    
• love for God;       
• a clear and profound understanding of the divine processes that start in the moment of blessing;
• a genuine state of humility and abnegation;
• awakening and maintaining the state of a child (innocence and candor);
• to pursue altruism and diminish the ego;
• a deep understanding that the reality of God the Father is a complete and overwhelming Mystery;
• acceptance of the fact that God the Father is permanently present in us as our Supreme Self (Atman);
• the firm conviction that when we have the state of a child, full of humility, and ask God for something which is in accord with the divine laws, He will give us what we are asking for;
• the constant effort to surpass the ego through humility and sincere aspiration for God the Father because the intensity of communion with the Supreme Energy poured on us by the Almighty Spirit of God is directly proportional to how much we diminish of our ego;
• we have to cultivate the true kindness, the power to totally forgive;
• and to inwardly purify ourselves thus to be able to rapidly transform spiritually.

The free will with which the human being is endowed is a divine gift that we must know how to use. Through it, we are free to do what we want, but we must know that not everything is permitted to us. In the Art of Blessing, the man who implores to God proposes, and a short time afterwards God disposes. The smaller the ego, the bigger the intensity of the supreme divine energy we receive through Sahasrara (the crown chakra) during a blessing. The divine answer that anyone can receive while practicing the Art of Blessing is a way to test our level of selfishness with the condition that we are sincere and not lying ourselves.      

The main inner obstacles which could determine some human beings not to realize successfully the Art of Blessing are the following: 

• a lack of faith in God;
• a pride, haughtiness, and sense of self-sufficiency;
• a lack of love, hatred;
• a licentiousness, vice, harlotry, softness, fascination for luxury;
• greed;
• selfishness;
• a parsimony, avarice;
• badness, sadism;
• fury, violence, crime;
• a derisive skepticism;
• passions: envy, jealousy, gossip, vengefulness;
• laziness, apathy, sloth, indolence.

The one who still doesn’t succeed in practicuing the Art of Blessing will have to sincerely ask himself which of these obstacles is present in his case and eliminate that problem. It is very important to insist again and again and God’s answer, if it is asked for with sincerity and faith, will not delay in coming. No obstacle is permanent in man’s efforts to become closer to God.

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