Dancing on your lover’s lap

by Vivienne

Motto: “In love, you should always give your heart, in advance and with self-sacrifice, to win the other’s.”

This position is a variant of the “open posture” presented in the oriental text KAMA SUTRA. The posture proves even more of its qualities under this form when the woman lifts her legs supporting them on the man’s shoulders.

The lover will sit comfortably in a spacious armchair lightly lifting his knees with the help of a pillow placed under his thighs. His lover will sit on his knees, letting herself slide into his lap and leaning her back against his lifted knees. She will bend her knees, placing her ankles above the man’s shoulders, until they come to rest on the back of the armchair. 
Her lover will help her in her movements towards him, holding her thighs and pulling her towards him, while her legs support on the back of armchair, with a rhythmic pressure.

Her movements have an original sensuality, free, wild, and full of light from inside, that her lover cannot have enough of. He has the supernatural feeling that her sensuality is endless, her movement seems, in an occult way, eternal, that every nuance of it, generated by this unfettered pleasure, has another sensual tempo.

In this position, communication through the eyes is of an overwhelming tenderness and the man can admire and caress the woman’s body, bathed in the visual pleasure offered. The tenderness of the touches will enhance the sensuality and voluptuousness of her movements, otherwise quite space conditioned.
The woman will be in total control of the angle and depth of penetration. She will lead her lover’s lingam towards the cervix, sharing together the great and perfectly controlled pleasure.

19 July 2012


Also available in: Română

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