Year 2012 – general characteristics

by astrologer Rodica Purniche
01.01.2012, 00h00’ (+2h00GMT), 26E06/44N24
The year 2012 is not the end of the world, as we can hear everywhere, even in the pages of respected magazines. It’s only about the synchronicity between the end of three calenders fundamental to the human spirituality of these times, and some planetary aspects, all indicating the end of a celestial era, of an age from the development of the terrestrial civilisations, and also the beginning of a new phase of evolution. In this regard, also the term “apocalypse” should be understood appropiately, because it means “transformation”. The events we breathlessly wait for, hoping that “someone” will release us overnight from our lessons on this planet, will run somewhat slower, their range being reserved between 2010 and 2030.
Knowing this, we could say that in some respects 2012 is a year when we have to do what is necessary and needed to do, and not what we like or what we want do, because it is a year when we will notice the elevation of vibration frequency of our beings, raising our awareness and placing God first in our lives. Like it or not – God is real and the events to confirm this will become obvious from now on.
The prophetic year 2012 is “managed” by the mutual reception between Saturn-Venus, at  the magical moment of the New Year Saturn being in Libra, daytime home of Venus, and Venus being in Aquarius, diurnal home of Saturn. The presence of these two planets in Air Element Signs and also signs of yang energy polarity indicate a relationship year in which we have immense expectations from ourselves  as well as from others, and also when we manifest more social maturity.

Financially – In terms of financial aspects, this year will require us to make more savings and severely diminish the need to provide everything to our loved ones. Those who have turned making money into their major purpose in life will helplessly watch as their money flows away like water, and those  suffering because they don’t have it will always be helped by those close to them. Fees, taxes, and daily living expenses will reach unimaginable thresholds and it is likely for “the polenta to explode” when we think the least. In such circumstances, it may be better to also consider our inner wealth that will give us beneficial solutions to overcome any trouble and help each other more and more, rediscovering humanity, compassion, kindness and unconditional giving.

Professionally – Our professional situation is a sensitive area of our day, in a country where there could be many job opportunities, but from where the Romanians leave in great numbers to seek work in other horizons. Maybe that will make us rethink our future and wonder if this is why we went out onto the streets to die 22 years ago. Present reality will require us to reorient and, finally, to witness the birth and acceptance by society of new professional fields, in which inventiveness, spirituality and all forms of complementary therapies will be the base of the restoration of society. Small and medium-sized companies will grow in number, and large businesses will face unimaginable bankruptcy, many of us witnessing at the present moment some famous companies becoming bankrupt.

Medically – Our health is seriously affected by stress, by foods already aggressive for the human being, and by the violent effects of drug treatments. Possible alternative effective healing will  consider  cleansing diets, dietetics and therapeutic diets which will also integrate various forms of total fasting, physical therapy, bowtech therapy, sacro-therapy and, above all, healing the soul. As long as the soul is sick, we almost uselessly treat the body, because we focus on effects and not the real cause of the disease. Prayers said before meals, blessing the food can instantly transform the vibrational frequency from the vibration of a poison to the vibration of a wholesome food. Very many human beings will see at firsthand the growing difficulty of the human body to respond to medication and will consider ways of healing much closer to nature, empirical remedies and herbal teas.

Affectively – As I have said many times, human society is currently experiencing an unprecedented relational crisis. From this point of view, in general it continues its state of crisis, because it seems that nobody really wants to solve it. Slowly, there will be structured two large human groups: one composed of couples characterized by a stable, sincere and deep love, and one composed of those who seek and who do not find and keep choosing until they get to be chosen. Whatever the category we find that we belong to, we will experience, in our own way and according to our power of understanding, the lesson of free love, offered unconditionally, the lesson of a love that gives strength and hope, THE ONLY ONE CAPABLE TO MOBILIZE our society to do something in order to go forward trusting in the hope of better times.

Spiritually – From the spiritual point of view we will see an affirmation of more spiritual paths, namely, those which are true descendants of the great spiritual traditions of the world, while those tepid, overnight paths made up from bits taken from various authentic traditions will fail and be insufficient. A growing number of people will start to notice the difference between dogmatic Christianity and true Christianity, finding it genuine that the divine truths of authentic Christianity are, in fact, the base of these great spiritual traditions of humanity, that have already become popular for several years. Orthodoxy and Catholicism are likely to start secret steps towards unification, which would mean that, after a thousand years since the Great Schism of 1045, the spiritual mission of Jesus Christ really begins to come to light.
Most importantly, however, is that each of us will start to truly wonder what is our direct relationship with God, if this relationship does exist and if, indeed, God ranks first in our lives.


19 July 2012

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