Masons: Builders and Guardians of Planetary Illusion

by Angela Anghel

According to its etymology, the word mason means independent builder. If you ask why “mason”, the masons will immediately tell you the story about the groups of builders who formed brotherhoods to help their members in the past. Maybe Masonry had good intentions at the beginning. Maybe. But if we go back in time, we notice that throughout history and even nowadays, its manifested shape bears the mark of malefic and dark power it serves.

Who and why needs tools?

The role the Masonry plays and its hidden nature are contained in its name. Masonry means action tool (the visible, manifested aspect) of that something, which takes its power from the darkness it hides in. They tell it themselves in their protocols: “Who could overthrow an unseen force? As our power is one of this kind. The exterior, surface masonry, serves for covering our plans “(Protocol 4).

It is known one cannot act on a certain level but with some instruments (or better said tools as their symbolism is often used in Masonic rituals) adjusted to that level. Man needs eyes to see all this world and ears to hear its sounds, as well as he needs legs to walk and vocal cords to talk. It would be impossible and absurd for someone to walk using his vocal cords and talk using his legs. Everything has its own well defined goal and a certain area in which it can manifest according to the Divine Order. The hidden power obeys the same rules (even if it does not accept this fact) and consequently has a limited capacity to act in this world. That is why it had to build some right tools: to be able to act here and these instruments are visible under the shape of Masonic lodges’ world network.

The uncreated world is the only one that continuously lights its own reflection. The same way a candle lit in a room full of mirrors will have its reflection multiplied all around, the other elements of creation reflect this Divine Light, but they are not this light. Any situation where one of theses lit bodies is taken for the Source of Light represents an obstacle that can delay the moment of union with God Father who is the Source or the spring of light.  This is the role of the Great Architect that so many masons talk about and who others call Lucifer (Luce = light). He is the one that acts through the masons so that more and more human beings indulge in being cheated and stop from looking for the Source. As once you think you have found the Source you stop and cease looking further. No matter how many esoteric pirouettes the masons make, The Great Masonry’s Architect is no one other but Satan.

What does it mean to build?

Masons talk about the Great Architect as being God and even fool some good-faith followers, as the hideous reality of blasphemy is not revealed but to the Masonic superior ranks. This Mason’s Great Architect is clearly not God Father, but the architect of an artificial world, of the one built on top of what God offered, even if they aberrantly claim the otherwise. It is obvious this artificial world could not have appeared if God Father had not allowed it and it is also obvious that it is a part of the creation and it has its own role in the divine order.

If God Father created nature, man created what we call society, culture, civilization (tradition, norms, cities, roads, cars, factories, communication networks, money, certain aliments, synthesis medicines and so on). What characterizes all these is the fact that they only simulate aspects and isolated particular functions of the divine creation but they never reach its perfection and complexity. Masons had also the role to encourage and survey this construction process, as if the world were a giant building yard. All that has been added on top of the original Creation will be called CONSTRUCTIONS from now on.

All great thinkers have agreed the modern man goes through a great inner crisis, suffers and is sicker and sicker due to his obliteration from the Original Creation. Some talk about obliteration from nature, others talk about separation from God, others, about alienation. The conclusion is the same, though: these “constructions” only complicate things that would have been extremely simple otherwise (simplicity and natural are the signs of the Divine Order). The more human beings wish for these “constructions”, the more they expand horizontally and forget the reason they came here for in the first place. At the beginning, God created a world where basic needs were accomplished so that the human being totally dedicated to a life in perfect communion with its Creator. Constructions appeared due to needs’ multiplication and human desires.

And this is where masons come into picture. They have had another assign, as any builder who makes sure he will have work to do the following year. The Masons have made sure this building yard remains open and have created new occasions so that people want more and more. He, who thinks that after acquiring the desired thing will stop and be pleased, fools himself. This substitute and false values rush must be stopped at once. Once a desire is accomplished, two will pop out instead. It is exactly like in the fairy tales: when the mighty prince cuts off one head of the dragon, two heads will instantly appear in the same spot. This mechanism is used more today by marketing and advertising. More and more companies choose to promote their products, handing out free samples that consumers can use for a short period of time. It is known the fact that if one benefits from a thing once, later one will find it difficult to dispense with it as one feels like losing something. Not only one will not give up using something one never needed before, but one will continue by wanting something better of the same kind; thus, the tricked one into this game will continue to play.

Masters in building real structures out of nothing

Building structures out of nothing (see the way the MISA “scandal” – Gregorian Bivolaru was built) is the area masons work best. They are masters of creating something nobody needs and then making themselves “useful”, offering ways to get that something. They are also masters in creating a problem and then “generously” ways of solving it. And people naively ask for their help and thank them without realizing that problem would not have existed if those considered saviours had not created it.

Look around: there are enough examples of this kind; we make cars that consume more and more energy to exploit the planet’s resources, resources that we use in bigger quantities to fill them after that, even though very cheap and independent modalities of obtaining energy have been discovered. We take medicines to cure a disease that create three diseases instead, for whose curing we need even more medicines. Recently, on a show about agriculture on TV, a specialist explained how encouraging meat consumption underwent agricultural exploitation, lack of aliments, soil pollution by using excessive artificial on large areas, by massive forest clearance. He said that for obtaining 1 kg of meat, a pig had to be fed 5 kg of cereals, which gave an accretion of 1 to 5. Imagine we would need 5 times smaller agricultural areas if people stopped eating meat. The most part of the agriculture is destined to animal feeding today. Instead, we could grow plenty of cereals, fruit and vegetables, the soil would not be over-exploited and weaken, food would be much cheaper and healthier and there would be enough food for the entire population of the globe.

This is how the masons “help” us consume our time, resources, energy, bodies…is not this the meaning of a consumer society, after all? A society that consumes the vital force of the human beings? It is like going on a trip: instead of going forward, you keep on stopping to fix your car that breaks all the time. And the volume of this labyrinth built with the masons’ help is so big that you can hardly break from under its influence.

The mechanism is so cleverly made that there is no need for them to interfere anymore; only when somebody explicitly asks for getting out of it. All those around take care of the rest (they have been convinced this is the way it is supposed to be): you act as planned. The “common man” is the one conditioned to (used to) follow the predictable steps: is born, goes to school and studies what it is allowed only, gets married, buys a house, furnishes it, buys a car, makes a child or even several and after that one wants a bigger house, a better car and so on. When do we have time to think about God in this money rush for paying all our utilities? Meanwhile, we have become convinced they are utilities indeed.

I suggest a small experiment that the majority of the vegetarians try when they decide to stop eating meat. One day tell those around you (colleagues, family, and friends) that starting from that moment on you want to do a thing differently than the way you used to. It could be stop drinking sodas or beer, or playing football on Saturdays as you have been doing for the last 2 years. It is an exercise of inner freedom. You will see how suddenly those who said they loved you and they accepted you for who you were will come down on you with requests at first, then with ironies, after that with reproaches and finally with attacks and group exclusion if you hang on.  There have been cases of police denunciation that, for instance, Mr. X refuses to do what he used to. Why? Because you have suddenly become different than them. Because, concerning this aspect at least, you are out of the circle. And this is the moment the awakening to reality begins. This is a slow and painful process, for many, but not impossible. The proof? There are many awoke persons on this planet that succeeded getting out of the circle in which the rest of the human kind still spins…and they are teaching others how to get out, too.
Why water cannot be sold and bought?

God Father offers us everything and asks for nothing in return. The image of a materialist God who offers support and protection only to those who respect some dogmas (established mostly by people, actually) is an invention intended to manipulate consciences.
Each of us was given for free (to use a modern word) a body at birth, which is the most important thing we need for living and acting in this world. A perfect machine with multiple functions has been this planet’s all generations dream. Very few are those aware of the needless of such an invention. It already exists: it is our body. Furthermore, God permanently gives each of us all the bare necessities and our lack of confidence in Him only makes us want to take care by ourselves of all the utilities. God gave us at birth a perfectly adaptable vehicle for this plan; a vehicle that mostly works without us being aware of all its extremely complex processes. Every moment He creates its all well functioning conditions for us. Although most of the people are not aware of the fact that they breathe and cannot feel the frequency of the heart beating, they still keep on living and their breathing unfolds normally. Has God ever asked to pay for the air we breath or the water we drink?

Only our stupidity made the today water and air so polluted that we have to pay to drink pure water or to breathe fresh air. God does not ask for anything in return of the care He has for us. But those who rule the world nowadays ask us to pay more and more for living and they continuously take care of building and keeping the illusion of new and new needs that they themselves offer to take care of for money, of course.

In addition, human beings who choose to plainly live in harmony with nature and who consciously want to escape this clever trap net are treated…exactly the way we see happening to our school of yoga, MISA, or to other spiritual schools around the world: by destroying or at least compromising them. It is worth noticing that our school, MISA, among others, has come through pretty well the strong and full of hatred attacks of the occult Masonic forces.


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