The Union of the Sun and the Moon- YAB-YUM position

A Tantric position by excellence, it has the advantage of facilitating (as well as the “squat” positions) the control of the sexual energy.

The man is sitting in the lotus posture (PADMASANA) or a variant of this posture for those who are at the beginning and cannot approach it. Holding his spine straight the man gets the woman in his arms while introducing his lingam in her yoni, and she sits on him holding him by the shoulders and crossing her legs around his torso, letting herself penetrated with voluptuousness. Due to this detail, this posture that the woman adopts is called “the action of the liana”: latasadhana. A highly sensuous woman, who loves her lover dearly and desires him with much love, can easily live the cervical-uterine orgasm in this posture, the most profound form of orgasm that can be experienced by a woman. The position of the erect lingam in this sexual posture allows it to penetrate right into the cervix, which leads to the experimenting of some exceptional orgasmic states in the two lovers. The woman will thus “swallow” the two extremities of the penis. Ejaculation can be successfully stopped in this way. The woman has an active role during the realization of this sexual position; she can balance her pelvis back and forth while she powerfully squeezes her lover’s lingam by contracting the vaginal muscles. In this posture, the sexual organs have a good contact, which allows the woman to be penetrated very deeply.

This posture also allows you to meditate together and in this way to integrate meditation within your amorous intercourse. Thus, the erotic intercourse can easily become a way of spiritual ascent, giving you the opportunity to live together states of amorous ecstasy.


10 December 2011


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