What is Astrology?


The notions provided by Astrology do nothing else but guide us from the knowledge beyond knowledge, from form beyond form, from name to the one that can not be named – The Unique Being.

Everything in the Universe is ordered by rhythm and cycle.

Inside the human being there is a great diversity of rhythms: the cardiac rhythm at a frequency of approximately 70 beats per minute; the respiratory rhythm which is variable according to the activity we are doing, between 10 to 40 breaths per minute; each endocrine gland has its own rhythm; the central nervous system has also a specific rhythm, with a cycle of 24 hours, intimately linked to day-night phases; the entire human structure has an annual rhythm, there are physical, emotional, and intellectual biorhythms, and the human psyche has a cycle of approximately seven years.

Similar rhythms also exist outside us: starting from the atomic level, where rhythm is very rapid to as far as the macrocosm level, where the rhythm is very slow (for instance, the Sun revolves around the core of the Galaxy in a period of two hundred million years).

Therefore there are many questions to ask: What makes these rhythms maintain their frequencies? Are these rhythms part of a general chaos? Is there somehow a power which initiates and sustains these rhythms? What are the correlations between the rhythms of different systems? How can we know what rhythm has or will have a certain process? Is there anything or anyone that is not under a cycle? How can we escape from the domination of these rhythms? How can we efficiently use the energy of these rhythms? All these and many other questions are the issues of astrology.

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