Improve Your Posture With This 30-Day Challenge

We all have memories of our parents, grandparents, and even teachers telling us to sit and stand up straight. Unfortunately, it’s not so easy to maintain great posture in the modern day. People have become so obsessed with their phones and computers that just about everyone have bad posture. It’s practically an epidemic, and it’s one that barely anyone is willing to acknowledge.

The real problem is that posture affects the body as a whole. It’s more than just having rounded shoulders and keeping your chin forward. Putting your whole body forward like that forces your butt to stick out, which tightens the calves and sends your whole body out of alignment.

Bad posture is a bigger problem than most people realise. When you’re young it doesn’t feel like it, but the pain associated with bad posture quickly makes itself known as you get older. That pain your back that you can’t explain? It’s likely caused by years of ignoring the advice to sit and stand up straight. Bending your spine can even cause you to shrink at a faster pace than usual. Keep good posture to keep your health and height.

By now you’re probably wondering how you can get back into the right shape.

Start out by creating an ergonomic workstation. This includes getting yourself a stand-up desk. If you can’t get a stand-up desk, then adjust the chair you sit in so that you can sit straight with shoulders back and your chest open, and keep your computer screen(s) as centered as possible. When you read things on your cell phone, you need to hold the phone up to your eyes rather than craning your neck down. Get yourself an earpiece for your phone so that you aren’t moving your head towards the handset or holding it between your shoulder and ear. A hands-free headset allows you to sit comfortably while you use your phone.

If you ever make calls on your computer then you likely use a headset, so why not use one with your actual phone as well? Bluetooth headsets are also cheap and plentiful these days, so you should have no issue finding one within your price range.

If you want to get serious about correcting your posture problem, then why not try a good 30-day challenge filled with back exercises to correct your posture? Get more information here

This challenge will lengthen your tight muscles and strengthen the weaker ones to get you standing taller and alleviating the pain in your back and neck. It’s important to take the exercises slowly and focus on your form. There’s no point to doing exercises to correct your posture if you do them with bad posture! Any exercise is only as effective as the form you hold when doing it. Even a great exercise does nothing if you don’t do it properly. Take things slow and keep form.

Keep in mind that having good posture isn’t about squeezing the shoulder blades together and sitting as if you’ve got some kind of metal rod keeping your spine straight. Having the right muscles work the right way will make posture feel natural and aligned while keeping you upright.

Keeping your back straight shouldn’t feel like a chore and it shouldn’t make you feel uncomfortable. If anything, being crouched down makes you feel uncomfortable, right? So why do you do it? Sit up straight, just like your parents used to tell you to!
If you’re ready, then take a look at the challenge and get started! In 30 days you’ll have the posture that you – and your parents – have always dreamed you would have!


April 21, 2018 

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