Keanu and 9 other celebs that believe in the paranormal


Keanu Reeves revealed that he had an encounter with a ghost when he was young. However, he isn’t the only actor to believe in the paranormal.

Below is an interesting list of celebrities who have had brushes with the supernatural.

Keanu Reeves

According to Insider, Keanu was just six or seven years old when he was visiting New York. His paranormal incident sounds like something out of The Invisible Man movies.

Apparently, the actor and his family watched in disbelief when an empty jacket appeared in their doorway of the place they were staying. What made it particularly scary is that the apparition didn’t have any arms, legs, head or torso.

Reeves remembers that he thought it was cool but he could see his nanny was absolutely terrified. Then he knew that what he saw was a real event.

Emma Stone

Emma’s story is rather comforting. When she appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman, six years ago, the actress recounted a story about her grandfather haunting her.

The Stones have a family tradition that centers around coins, quarters in particular. Acknowledging that she has always believed in the metaphysical, Emma stated that things had a way of materializing. She believes that her grandfather had left quarters for her to find in the past.

Now, Stone had never met him but she knows that it is him leaving her the coinage. While she doesn’t get into specific details, she is adamant in her belief that it is him.

Matthew McConaughey

In an article on The Odyssey Online, Matthew McConaughey became a believer in the supernatural realm when he shared a house with an entity called, “Madame Bleu.” She wasn’t willing to share space with the actor and seemed unhappy with having to deal with him.

There was a particular room that she frequented and whenever McConaughey would have friends come over they could feel her presence, so no one wanted to stay there. The actor said that he stood his ground and told the ghost that she could walk around but he wasn’t going to leave.

After a bit, the activity subsided and he and Madame Bleu were able to co-exist.

Bruce Campbell

Bruce Campbell, the star of the supernatural trilogy of Evil Dead films is a believer in UFOs. While guesting on Oddity Files podcast, the actor revealed to host Kitsie Duncan that he had an encounter with an Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP).

While he was doing a phone interview, he noticed a white orb hovering over the mountains from his office window. Campbell felt that the object had to have some sort of heat diffusion going on because it was waxing and waning.

At the same time that he was observing the UFO, the lights behind him in his foyer began to dim. He turned around to see what was happening with them and by the time he faced the window again, the craft was gone.

Robert Englund

Like Bruce Campbell, Robert Englund also believes that the truth is out there. In an interview with Oddity Files and Kitsie Duncan, Englund talks about his father’s friend who was a bird Colonel in the Air Force.

He saw a UFO. At the time, Robert’s father was working for Lockheed Aircraft as an executive. You can listen to the podcast at this link.

Other celebrities that believe in the paranormal:

Norman Reedus: The actor was haunted by the ghost of a composer in his apartment in Prague while filming a movie.

Kate Hudson: She can feel spirits and her mother Goldie Hawn can as well.

Jessica Chastain: When she was filming a movie in London, the house she was staying in had a spirit who would turn lights off and on.

Dan Aykroyd: He is descended from mediums and has always been keenly interested in the otherworldly. Aykroyd claims a ghost crawled into bed with him at one time.

Megan Fox: Megan is a believer in UFOs, Bigfoot and all things paranormal. When she was visiting Mexico with her family, she felt the presence of a ghost who made quite a bit of noise. No one was in the hotel room with the actress at the time.


April 14, 2020


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