New Zealand Mosque Massacre: A False Flag Terrorist Attack, Gladio Black Operation and CIA Global Psyop (2)


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Occult influences at work

It’s no wonder that Gladio chose the Ides of March to conduct this mass shooting. Just like they chose Valentine’s Day to carry out the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida to mark that date forever, the Ides of March was selected because of the grisly murder of Julius Caesar in the Roman Senate. Many folks still have a negative association with March 15th so it’s very easy to further fear-monger around this day.

Then there is the matter that the Australian assassin willfully went to Christchurch, New Zealand to perpetrate the crime spree. The very name – Christchurch – has always evoked the Christian sentiments of love and compassion and peace. Now look at what the perps have done to it. Just like San Bernardino, California will always be associated with the 2015 terrorist attack so, too, will Christchurch from this point onward.

Beyond these obvious perceptions, there is always a much deeper occult meaning and intention behind global events of this magnitude and profundity. These have to do with the ritual human sacrifice that was truly held at the Al Noor Mosque and the Linwood Islamic Centre in Christchurch. When forty-nine people are mercilessly killed in this manner, someone, somewhere is harnessing the dark occult energies generated from the bloodbath. Of course, 49 = 7 x 7, so there is plenty of room for numerological speculation just as there is regarding the death date of 3-15-2019.

The bottom line here is that the hidden occult motivations for these types of impressive events are the most significant of all. The power elite have always taken advantage of dark occult power to further lock down planet Earth, and this ritual sacrifice will further their goals considerably.

One other very important line of inquiry that holds the key to unlocking the meaning of this ritual sacrifice can be found in the photos of the rifles used in this terror attack. There are all kind of clues left by both the terrorist himself and his Gladio handlers.

Global Psyop

What makes this shooting a particularly powerful global psyop is that it was implemented at two, not one, mosques. Since when does that happen, except with great intention?

The whole world has now witnessed Christian church shootings, Jewish temple shootings, Hindu temple shootings and Muslim mosque shootings and bombings. Remember, it’s the very same perps who are behind all of them. And, these criminally-deranged psychos are not only without an iota of conscience, they are completely Godless and are – by and large – sworn atheists. Therefore, they don’t want anyone else worshipping gods or forces who might be more powerful than they are.

Because of this incorrigible mindset, the cabal are determined to wipe out religion worldwide. What better way than to make houses of worship – EVERYWHERE – a place to fear because of the extremely negative associations being furtively implanted with each mass shooting.

This is what made this event so much more impactful as a global psyop. The actual massacre was uploaded on the Internet so that the maximum number of viewers would watch it, and then tell their family and friends about it.

Incidentally, this all goes back to their One World Government that will enforce a “One World Religion” which exclusively worships the TPTB and especially whoever is chosen as the big enchilada.

As expected, there were many seasoned investigators and armchair researchers who have declared this NZ shooting to be a hoax where nobody even died. TMR received many emails alerting to this predictable reaction. However, most of these well-intentioned PIs have not seen the true video. There is one piece of crucial photographic evidence that does indicate the crime scene at the first mosque was set up in advance (Please click here to see graphic photo).

Or, perhaps the extraordinary kill count evident toward the beginning of the assault may have been the work of an accomplice; maybe even an inside man. Nevertheless, even if it was a proven hoax by the Alt Media, the vast majority of people in the world absolutely believe what the mainstream media is telling them. Hence, for all intents and purposes, this event took place exactly as reported in all of its gory details. For this and other reasons, this carefully designed psyop had much of the psychological impact it was intended to have.

“The MOSSAD did it”

How many times do we hear that the MOSSAD is behind all of the terrorists attacks committed anywhere on the planet? After all, their own motto is: “By Way Of Deception, Thou Shalt Do War”.

However, the hidden reality is that all of these highly organized false flag terror attacks are conducted under the rubric of Operation Gladio, an arm of NATO which is also known as the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization. As such, all disruptive Gladio projects worldwide receive input and assistance from all the major intelligence agencies and secret services of the Western powers.

These agencies include the C.I.A., MI6, MOSSAD, BND, DGSE, GID, SIM, CSIS, ASIS, among many other smaller intel organizations the most significant of which are the Jesuits. Of course, the MOSSAD plays a key role in this network of collaborative intel agencies as it interpenetrates all the others like an octopus. That’s because Israel permits rampant and reckless international lawbreaking in a fashion that their intel counterparts do not.

Whenever there is an attack on Muslims countries or Islamic religious sites or Shiite strongholds, the MOSSAD always has a central role in the op because they possess the most intelligence in those locales. The NZ attack was no different as there was a strong compelling interest for Israel to distract the rest of the world from their missile attacks against Palestine on March 14th for which they have since ‘apologized’. See: Israel Attacks So-Called ‘100 Military Sites’ in Gaza After 2 Accidental Rocket Launches from Palestine

What’s of paramount importance to understand is that Gladio is a global entity whose reach and power are effectively unlimited. And, that Gladio is merely the operational headquarters responsible for the execution of the terror attacks as they have been since the end of World War II.

The stark reality is that NATO has always been nothing but a massive state-sponsored terrorist organization whose unprovoked wars of naked aggression against nations large and small are almost always triggered by false flag bombings, shootings and chemical attacks. This is what Gladio does and has always done since 1945 … well before the MOSSAD was even established.

Nonetheless, the Zionist-controlled MOSSAD has directed most of the major Gladio black operations especially since their signature terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. It’s quite likely that the MOSSAD has been responsible for most of the terror around the world since its founding on December 13, 1949 as the Central Institute for Coordination.

Many investigators wonder who the top Gladio administrators in Brussels receive their orders from – Washington, London, Tel Aviv, or the Vatican. Few understand that, just as Switzerland is the bankster capital of the world (e.g BIS), so, too, is it the intelligence headquarters going back centuries. Wherever there is serious banking being done, there’s also an imperative for high-integrity intel. Not only does Switzerland’s prohibitive mountainous topography provide natural protection, the seamless intersection of secretive Swiss society and their many covert institutional arrangements and infrastructure offer the perfect place from which to exert global command and control.

Switzerland was originally divided into 3 primary zones — cantons — defined by their language and loyalties to the major powers in the 13th century – Italy, France and Germany. The Old Swiss Confederacy was actually the product of the agreement between the Northern Italian Black Nobility families that dominated Europe at that time.

This is why the major Swiss cities of Zurich, Basel, Geneva and Lucerne each became banking and diplomatic powerhouses in their own right. Because Switzerland represents the ultimate nexus of the international banking cartel and Western intelligence communities, even the C.I.A. is actually headquartered there, not Langley, Virginia. Of course, the MOSSAD now practically owns and operates the whole county given their mastery of the most powerful digital spying and surveillance platforms ever created.

On August 29, 1897, the First Zionist Congress opened in Basel, Switzerland, a three-day conclave at which the movement that led to the establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine a mere half-century later took its first organizational steps.


The criminally insane psychopaths who run the world will do whatever is necessary to realize their plans for total world domination. But they know they must accomplish their misguided and malevolent goals within a certain time frame.

Beyond that threshold of time their New World Order agenda is inevitably doomed.
The New World Order globalist cabal, Illuminati families and Black Nobility do not care how much death and destruction occurs in the execution of their ill-fated multi-century conspiracy to established a One World Government (OWG). All of these inveterate warmongers care about is that their NWO scheme is implemented and completed. There is no concern for even their own should the formation of an OWG be put into jeopardy.

This Gladio-directed mass shooting is by no means your typical false flag mass shooting. This was a very purposeful and well-planned “shock and awe” black operation and psyop meant to have immense global repercussions.

Barely a day old and New Zealand was already planning on stiffening the gun laws. How convenient that the mass shooter had 5 different guns to carry out his slaughter. And, that he had the presence of mind to video the use of different rifles as well as switching out the spent magazines.

The shooter’s use of social media is also something that demands attention. What is particularly suspicious is how long the four major social media platforms took to remove the Gladio op’s horrifying content. One Big Social Media site hosted the killer’s video for as long as 10 hours. How did that happen… except by purposeful design?

The Alt Media and Fifth Estate have proven beyond any doubt that a good number of these mass shootings are either 100% hoaxes staged by crisis actors from beginning to end, or they are hybrids with part reality and part hoax.

The New Zealand Gladio event was carried out in such a manner that all doubt has apparently been removed for the average investigator or researcher. It’s as if TPTB wanted to completely dispel the notion that obvious hoaxes such as Sandy Hook were also real.

Nonetheless, as the Truth Movement well knows, it’s still within the realm of possibility that this event was entirely staged and filmed with great effect. Yes, these consummated false flaggers and hoaxers are that good. However, this news outlet will treat this tragedy as the real deal until proven otherwise.


February 29, 2020


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