Putin: «The Queen Is A Shapeshifting Reptile»

Russian President claims Queen Elizabeth is not human

Vladimir Putin is the latest in a long line of people to have come forward recently claiming to have witnessed The Queen and other members of the British Royal Family shapeshift into a reptile – such as Lady Gaga and Oscar Winning actress Dame Helen Mirren – but perhaps none of them quite command the same sort of authority as the Russian President.

According to sources close to Putin, Queen Elizabeth II shapeshifted into a “reptile form” in front of him “as a warning” to him personally and a “show of power”.

Putin told senior staff and associates that The Queen “is a reptilian that shapeshifts between human and reptile form” at will, and that she uses it to intimidate and show strength to warn him and others not to mess with the dominant reptilian-Illuminati bloodline.

YourNewsWire reports that Putin met the Queen at the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings in Normandy, France, in 2014. He was widely criticized by the Western media for failing to help the monarch up the stairs and keeping his distance from her in general.
It has now emerged that Putin stayed as far away from the Queen as possible because he witnessed her shapeshift moments earlier.

“The Queen has a long reptile face, almost like a beak, and she is a sickly gray dishwater color.”

She shifted between this form and her human state “three or four times” while greeting Putin. He also saw her shapeshift later while she was being helped to her position for the world leaders’ photo, by Barack Obama and New Zealand’s Governor General Jerry Mateparae.

“Her hands turned into reptile hands while they helped her up the stairs. When she smiled her teeth changed into sharp reptile teeth and glistened.”

Putin has told senior staff and close associates that he believes she shapeshifted while greeting him as a show of strength and a warning not to mess with the dominant reptilian-Illuminati bloodline of which she is a high priestess.

It is said that Putin had first-hand experiences with the reptilian-Illuminati chime by people who have dedicated years to researching the elusive, tyrannical powers that rule our world. They were traveling across the globe and recall stories of people from very different walks of life who have told stories about seeing “people” briefly turn into reptilians before their very eyes.

One of these researchers’ reports: “I’ve been told this by Californian news anchors, Ethiopian goatherds and Australian Aboriginals, just to name a few. A Danish taxi driver described driving past a group of VIP guests at the 2014 Bilderberg meeting in Copenhagen and seeing some of their faces turn reptilian and some of their hands and feet take on a reptilian look. In Peru, a respected psychic told me she sees people in power, like Obama, David Cameron, and Hillary Clinton, turn into reptiles whenever she watches an international news channel.”

The world’s ruling class have tyrannical control over the mainstream media, as well as our food, water, and air supply, and they are actively dumbing down the masses. The evidence against them, ancient and modern, is enormous and continuing to grow.


February 18, 2017

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