Science Speaks Out About Electromagnetic Frequencies Harms


Are humankind, plus all life forms on Planet Earth, heading toward a catastrophic physiological event resulting from vested-interest businesses, industries and advertising campaigns advancing a meme that has morphed into an acknowledged addiction? That addiction, or dependency, is the microwave technology “smart” gadgets and appliances which emit electromagnetic frequencies in various ranges of the electromagnetic spectrum with damaging health effects.

It must be noted that 32% of industry-sponsored EMF/RF/ELF research found non-thermal wave adverse effects, which microwave industry professional societies like ICNIRP (International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection) totally disregard as non-factual, even non-existent, and does not cite them in the “science” it provides to government agencies! That’s a HUGE conflict of interest. Whereas, independent non-industry and academic research studies found 70% harmful non-thermal effects!

Study the chart below to understand the implications.

Now, carefully consider what’s going on with all the electronic/microwave technology-run gadgets and appliances that innovatively have been forced upon consumers “for our benefit”!

Radiation emitting devices include electronic products, such as medical and non-medical equipment, lasers, x-ray systems, ultrasound equipment, microwave ovens, color TVs, laptops, tablets, and PDAs. According to the FDA, a radiation-emitting device is any product that uses electricity to power an electronic circuit.
In the above chart, take special note of the appliances you may be using, especially one you even may not be aware of – your newly retrofitted electric, natural gas or water AMI Smart Meter, which emits EMFs/RFs from the two-way ZigBee radio that is built in to spy on you and also to control your usage of the utility, e.g., turn it off or cause a “burn out”. Also, that ZigBee allows the utility to monitor your usage and, in turn, sell your personal data to third parties for special marketing campaigns. “Onzo” explains that. Plus, the ZigBee is run on microwave technology, so the system is very porous and prone to hacking! Did you know that?

The Physiological Aspects of EMFs/RFs

Microwave technology-run electronics can produce two types of waves: thermal and non-thermal, both of which cause harm to the human organism at various levels, especially for fetuses and small, growing children, or anyone with a health-challenge, i.e., electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS), multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS), cancer, heart issues, etc.

Joel M. Moskowitz, PhD, Director of the Center for Family and Community Health, School of Public Health, University of California, Berkeley, collected a bibliography of scientific studies regarding the adverse effects of EMFs/RFs, which consumers ought to know about, consider seriously and take the necessary actions to ensure safety, so we’re listing them as a resource with grateful thanks to Dr. Moskowitz.

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The above information needs to be taken seriously and interpolated by the microwave industry, its industry sponsors and professional societies, but most of all, by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission and all fifty U.S. states public utilities commissions pushing AMI Smart Meters and, not least of all, Wi-Fi in the sky: 5G, which has not been tested for safety and health effects for humans, plant and animal life.


Decemeber 16, 2018


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