Tales of real experiences of meeting real fairies


By Clive Hetherington

Is it a Fairy or is it a Faerie? Are Fairies Real?

My first encounter with a fairy was just off the local popular bridal way near where I used to live in County Durham between Rolands Gill and Medomsley. I had a phase when I would jog about a mile or so up the track in an attempt to get fit. Often however, I never made the mile as I would either be dragged into the wood by some fun nature spirits wanting to play or by Herne the hunter to be led to some interesting places that had a very different ‘feel or vibe’ to them.

On one such occasion I was led through the undergrowth until I emerged by a stream.
There was a small overhanging tree on the other side which seemed to have some sort of being sitting in its central branches about two meters from the ground.

How big are Fairies and do Fairies carry Wands?

As I got closer, it resolved into a white creature holding a long stick type thing which actually twinkled at one end – sorry but I just could not handle that this could be a magic wand. What really confused me was that it seemed quite big (about two feet tall (60cm)) and seemed eh! somewhat overweight. As I believed that fairys were very small – say no more than six inches tall (15cm) and slim then this encounter caused me slight confusion. As did the fact that it actually seemed to have some sort of magic wand. Communication with this fairy went something along the lines of;
“Are you a fairy?” – “Yes I’m a fairy.”
“Eh!! Are you sure?” – “YES.”
“Aren’t you eh!! too eh!!! ‘BIG’ to be a fairy?”– “??”
“Eh!!! and is that a magic wand?!!!”

I don’t think she was impressed with this exchange; she went a little sulky.

So, a fat over sized fairy stretched my boundaries about fairies. She seemed to be lonely and wanted to keep to herself. I never asked if she could cast spells with her wand.

Confusing Sightings of Fairies Continue

So, that was my first encounter a mite confusing and this unfortunately continued with the next encounter too. So, while at Bellingham in Northumberland on another walk I spotted a figure sitting in a similar looking tree (they do seem to have a preference for a tree that has an open branched area part way up to ‘lounge’ in).

However as this particular nature spirit being was about four feet tall, was male and wearing green (green!!) it was very definitely not impressed with my chat. This is because from what I knew about fairies I thought that all faeries were female and green was the colour you’d expect of a pixie?

“Hey – are you a fairy?”– “Yes.” “Well how come your wearing green like a pixie?” “Hey Eh!! are you male? I thought fairies were only female?” – “NO! – I AM A MALE FAIRY”.

Female and Male faeries sightings

I could just imagine him thinking – “Don’t humans know anything?”

At a certain point during my encounters I realized that what I was seeing, was only what they wanted me to see with respect to my understanding. I realized that different people would see the same being differently and that what they saw would be representative of their own background, understanding and expectations.

So, with this in mind the next time that I was out in the woods and felt the presence of a fairy it was my wish to see this being as it actually was rather than how it chose to presented itself to me. This was somewhere north of Rothbury outside a small place called Callaly if I recall correctly.

How to See a Fairy as the Fairy REALLY is?

The result was that I saw a large amorphous white cloud over a group of trees, this cloud is in reality what a fairy really is to a fairy – an intelligent energy form. As I tuned into at this cloud it coalesced and flowed down becoming more concentrated and eventually presented itself in front of me in the form of the fairy-tale fairy. She was very beautiful and was quite amused with our encounter. I felt privileged to be in her presence, to see her as she really was and then to see her as she chooses to be recognized. It seems like my wish came true.

When you are accessing other realms to see or sense whatever is presented to you, there is always some feedback system at work. The beings you are accessing may have some ability to control their presentation; nature spirits do this.

For example the main nature spirit energy form Pan I have seen in two different forms and in one of he has so far presented himself between 2 meters tall and 30 meters.

The other factor is yourself, your past experiences and your engrained beliefs and ideas, these will ‘warp’ the interpretation of what you are presented with too.

What do fairies really look like?

Well it follows from the above that it’s going to be very hard to be definitive. I have tried with the pictures above to edit and ‘play’ with them to more accurately depict the underlying energies. Some pictures that I really like because they present much more of the ‘flavour or taste’ of this realm follow;

Do you believe in the fairies and do fairies really exist?

There is an attitude amongst dimensionally challenged scientists that people will simply ‘imagine’ or ‘create’ in their minds what they believe. This is a fairly obvious assumption from a group of people whose training in part is about staying distanced from personal experience, feeling, imagination and even intuition while striving to be ‘logical’ and ‘rational’ and ‘observant’.

This attitude and orientation actually prevents people from properly and deeply engaging with their own internal processes, feelings and landscape. If you fully engage with your internal states; your feeling states, mind states and processes, intuition, imagination, senses, dream states and spend time consciously in them then you will become familiar enough from repeated experiential ‘experience’ with your own internal workings to know their boundaries and limits and therefore have no problem telling the inner internal from the inner external.

I am sensitive enough to my feelings and emotions for example to know the differences between feelings arising spontaneously in this moment or whether they are ‘reactive’ feelings being provoked in response to a past trauma or block. I even know the subtle differences that tell me that a feeling originates not in this life’s but in a past life.

The above exchange with fairies confirms that what I ‘believed’ or more accurately what I knew about fairies did not result in my internal memory or ‘belief’ states confirming or even matching up with any prior expectations or preconceived notions.

What is belief and what is experience? When is a belief a ‘belief’?

I have trouble in terms of how people define what is a ‘belief’. You could say that belief exists when ‘repeated’ experience is lacking. Repeated experience of seeing and directly and consistently interacting with nature spirits, including fairies takes a person out of the realm of belief and into something else.

From the above I have to be adamant that I absolutely ‘DON’T’ believe in fairies, in the same way that I don’t have to ‘believe’ in chairs and tables because they are a consistent part of my reality. I have interacted with ‘fairies’ and other nature spirits over a very long period, these sightings are consistent AND they are also consistent for others with myself that have also developed the ability to see these beings. Quite simply these ‘beings/people’ exist, and they are somewhat more friendly than many ‘rational’ types even when you bother them with stupid questions.

So, I don’t ‘believe’ in fairies because they actually ‘exist’, however, I personally do ‘believe’ that Centaurs exist, I have this as a belief because despite that I myself have not seen one I have heard of others whom have seen one.

Based on my own extensive and consistent experiences it’s highly likely that just about everything that has been consigned to ‘myth’ or ‘legend’ relates to peoples experiences of getting in touch with other dimensional realities that are somehow intersecting with this one in other times when a ‘stupid & superstitious’ rationality was less prevalent.

As a species, it is a fact that humans are progressively disengaging from ‘feelings’ and subtle sensory states while barricading ourselves into a severely limited ‘intellectual’ head space.

How to Learn to become aware of Fae, Fairies & Nature Spirits?

Some people reading this page may be interested in trying to become aware of Fairies directly themselves. I have a page here called: Meeting, Contacting & Connecting with Nature Spirits which explains what you need to do to give yourself the best chance of becoming aware of fairies and other types of nature spirits, so click on this line to read this page.

Fairy Sightings from the Lost Archives of the Fairy Investigation Society

There is a web page here of a review of a recent book called: FAIRYLAND, MY FAIRYLAND – By, Marjorie T. Johnson. Seeing Fairies: From the Lost Archives of the Fairy Investigation Society, Authentic Reports of Fairies in Modern Times. Anomalist Books, 2014. It is published in English and described fairy sightings from the Fairy Investigation Society Archives.

How far back in History do Fairy Folktales Originate? How old are some Fairy Tales?

Well it turns out that folktales and languages from parts of Europe and Asia have helped researchers date the origins of some stories to thousands of years ago. The roots of the oldest tale of fairy creatures from a folktale called “The Smith and the Devil” can be traced back to the Bronze Age some fairy tales are thought to be up to 6,000 years old. A database of more than 2,000 types of folktales and stories of magic (including stories of beings or objects with supernatural powers) has allowed some researchers to compare the relationship between different folktales and language, as well as of how folktales may have been shared by neighboring peoples, revealed 76 ‘fairy’ stories that they thought could be used to accurately estimate a folktales age.


June 27, 2020


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