The Coming Shift to Cosmic Fascism (2)

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As the certainty of Alien ETs and their crashed, recovered and back-engineered anti-gravity interstellar craft is revealed, attention will shift to the Cosmos, followed quickly by the emergence of a whole new form of government for America, and the whole world.

A new type of World Fascism is now in the wind and likely coming soon.

America became a Fascist nation during WWII, as the American State merged with the large defense contractors and corporations.

A new, more advanced form of Fascism, best called Super Fascism, was abruptly shoved into place by the Cabal-authorized assassination of JFK by the CIA’s OP40, which was run out of Room 40 at Langley, VA.

Despite the apparent hegemony of the Cabal-run Super Fascism that has gripped America and much of the Western world, it is likely that an even newer higher order and more sophisticated type of Fascism – Cosmic Fascism – will replace Super Fascism as soon as the actual reality of Alien ETs and crashed, recovered UFOs is confirmed publicly by US government.

This transformation to Cosmic Fascism from the current Super Fascism will then occur because “disclosure” will cause the Secret Space War Program (SSWP) to merge with the Secret Shadow Government (SSG). This merger will result from the government’s public disclosure that Alien ETs and their recovered crashed UFOs are real, and that there have been secret defense contractor programs to back-engineer crashed and recovered Alien ET manufactured UFOs.

Here is a leaked KGB movie showing real Alien ETs, which many believe is authentic.

When Cosmic Fascism is installed, it will likely mean the sudden unexpected end of the power and hegemony of the current Ruling Cabal, which secretly runs America through the Khazarian Mafia/ City of London private central banking system. This Ruling Cabal will be likely pushed aside from power and viewed as irrelevant. Disclosure will likely be accompanied by a sudden end to the current world hegemony of the Cabal private banking System – a fiat debt-based pernicious usury system.

The Federal Reserve System is the stateside franchise of this private Cabal banking system, which features fiat debt-notes as legally mandated “tender”, and charges Americans illegal, unconscionable, pernicious usury for using them.

Pernicious usury is considered a taboo and a serious crime in numerous Islamic-oriented nations, and was also condemned as sin in the Old Testament and Torah.

The Cabal banksters will no longer be needed and will be pushed aside by the emergence of this new form of government, Cosmic Fascism. The Secret Shadow Government (SSG) may decide it is time for disclosure if they sense that a complete worldwide crash of the Cabal private fiat world banking system is imminent, characterized by the end of the US Petrodollar as the world’s Reserve Currency.

BRIC members high speed rail. This is what Lee Wanta wants to build coast to coast in America with his own money now held in a trust fund which the Bush Crime Cabal has blocked his access to.

Enter BRICS Development Bank and the new Chinese AIIB (Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank) and Silk Road systems. Despite the fact that the Controlled Major Mass Media refuses to the burgeoning growth of the new BRICS Banking and Trade System or the New Chinese AIIB and Silk Road Systems, major expansion of these systems is now occurring. BRICS has implemented a new state-of-the-art electronic banking direct-funds transfer system, similar to the Khazarian Mafia Swift direct wire transfer system.

Despite many years of near complete Khazarian Mafia banking hegemony, there is good reason to believe that the Ruling Cabal private central usury-based debt-note system, based on the US Petro dollar, is in decline and will likely be displaced as the world’s Reserve Currency. That replacement may turn out to be a new International Monetary Fund (IMF) system of a basket of world currencies that are balanced one to another, based on standards of real value of commodities, rather than on paper debt and derivatives. Could the IMF and World Bank be completely replaced?

It is also possible that the whole IMF and World Bank system will be completely scrapped for some new system and a basket of adjusted currencies from the major nations, such as Russia, China and America.

A close examination of the specific recent behaviors of the Ruling Cabal top dogs and their top stateside cutouts suggest that many are in decline cognitively, perhaps due to age, but perhaps also due to lifestyles of long-term abuse of alcohol, drugs and self-defeating psychopathy.

It is likely that the Ruling Cabal will be displaced from power by the Secret Space War Program (SSWP) as disclosure occurs. Disclosure will create a shift in the public’s attention to the Cosmos by the American public. If managed properly this could be utilized by the SSWP as a vehicle to capture the masses’ admiration needed to create a whole new’ system of central government.

If the SSWP presents itself to appear people friendly as it takes control over the US Government, which is quite likely, it is important to remember its past. For many years the SSWP has been characterized by threats to UFO witnesses, secret murders, wiped memories, continual lies, deceptions, and merged efforts with organized crime to raise black funding. This alone makes it highly probable that the SSWP will use its new powers to create a new, higher level Fascist system of government, best described as Super Fascism.

Fairness and Populism may then likely become the new buzz words and motivators for serious social change and the removal of the Ruling Cabal from top to bottom.

And this new regime that emerges from the SSWP to run the whole world will install a humanity-oriented financial and economic system (at least at first) that will be based on a populist-oriented, more equitable system of work/labor units, electronic money and electronic exchange.

Initially, it will be people-friendly, but as this group claims that a major world invasion by a large evil Alien ET seems imminent, the new Globalist NWO government will become increasingly fascistic, violent and tyrannical towards its enemies. And it will likely define its new enemies as the various existing religious cults of fanatics and present them as the root cause of all human war and suffering. We know for certain that America is now run by a large Secret Shadow Government (SSG) that, despite being originally under the complete control of the Khazarian Mafia/City of London banskters, there is reason to believe it has become so powerful that it is usurping the previous hegemony of the Ruling Cabal.

The emergence of a strong new secret power in the Secret Space War Program

Even more interesting, it appears that the Deep-Black and Beyond-Black SSWPs have become so powerful, in and of themselves, they appear to have taken control over the SSG, although most in the Khazarian Mafia/ City of London have no idea how far this has gone.

What will the American public’s concerns be if the Secret Shadow Government discloses the reality of Alien ETs and crashed UFOs?

The American masses will become concerned about what the implications of this Alien ET reality means for their daily lives and survival. Of course the SSWP could communicate to the masses the reality of an ongoing Secret Space War. It could also claim, whether true or not, that a sinister, evil Alien ET armada is moving toward Planet Earth and plans to attack us.

Obviously this latter disclosure of an ongoing Secret Space War could generate panic and motivate folks to support a new kind of government organized around the coordinated defense of Planet Earth from this armada of Alien ETs. This organized response could be based on a new type of Fascism, best defined as Cosmic Fascism.

How did the Ruling Cabal ever allow the emergence of the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) which spawned the SSWP in the first place?

It was the Roswell crash that created panic in the Pentagon and the administration and resulted in a complete secrecy lock-down. This led to the creation of the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) which spawned the SSWP as a means to defend against Alien ETs. The Secret Space War Program has always been about defense and has now amassed so much power and advanced technology that it now poses a direct military threat to the power of the Khazarian Mafia/ City of London.

The visible US government in DC has been only ceremonial since the emergence of post-WWII. Super Fascism was shoved in place by the JFK assassination and it is equipped to defend itself against the SSWP if and when it takes over. Did all these recent political email leaks actually originate from the secret power of the SSWP, used as a softening up process before the Secret Space War Program uses disclosure to take over?

But now the SSWP is gaining such strength that it is a direct threat to the Khazarian Mafia/ City of London, despite the fact that a good portion of the 12 Kings of the MJ have been part of the SSG. (Wikipedia: MJ refers to Majestic 12, the code name of an alleged secret committee of scientists, military leaders, and government officials, formed in 1947 by an executive order by U.S. President Harry S. Truman to facilitate recovery and investigation of alien spacecraft. The concept originated in a series of supposedly leaked secret government documents first circulated by ufologists in 1984. Upon examination, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) declared the documents to be “completely bogus”).

Past members of the MJ

The Roswell crash set off a major national security knee-jerk reaction that produced a large Secret Shadow Government, which continues to expand and grow in power. An immediate move was made right after Roswell to create special legislation to protect these secrets, namely the National Security Act of 1947, followed by another upgrade in 1952.

From this special legislation, which was actually unconstitutional and a total abuse of power, the rapid emergence of the SSG emerged; and this was comprised of a collection of major private defense contractors, special think tanks and covert banking and black funding mechanisms.

The SSG has expanded and became more and more deeply classified, due to its dealing with more and more startling Alien ET matters. These included recovered and back-engineered Alien ET anti-gravity craft; active ongoing treaties with at least one Alien ET group, involving joint research and development projects; construction of two American deep-space fleets (one US Navy and one US Air Force); and the entry of these fleets into interstellar deep-space wars against one or more evil Alien ET groups, supposedly trying to gain space superiority in order to eventually attack and capture Planet Earth.

Note that some detractors claim that many of the top folks in the Secret Shadow Government, especially those in the Secret Space War Program, joint programs with Alien ETs, share membership in High Freemasonry and its surrogate groups and this will prevent the SSWP from going rogue. Insiders disagree.

In time, MJ has expanded to include members from G7 nations, in addition to the core group from the USA. Perhaps this was done to insure shared interests and loyalties among the SSWP nations for a coordinated defense of Planet Earth. This cooperation could also reduce the risk of a nuclear WWIII, despite any public jousting allowed for token political and economic reasons.

There is currently a great deal of esoteric drift of the Secret Space War programs based on deep space exploits and warfare with Alien ET groups deemed notably evil. Esoteric drift is a change in mind set to be increasingly concerned with esoteric matter. Here, “esoteric” is defined as: “confined to and understandable by only an enlightened inner circle that hold secrets away from the public’s understanding”.

The SSWP has gained super high Alien ET technology over the years from its close working relationship with some Alien ET groups who claim to have mutual interests against what they claim is another group of evil Alien ETs that is coming to attack Planet Earth.

This extensive esoteric drift seems to be creating a large chasm of separation of the Secret Space War part of the Secret Shadow Government and the Ruling Cabal too. But it could also be due to sophisticated Alien ET mind-control that is deployed against SSW Program participants.

When the SSWP gained Alien ET high technology, this constituted a major increase in power for the principals on MJ who ran the Secret Space War Program.

The deep secrets of reality, time, quantum physics and anti-gravity have empowered the SSWP principals by leaps-and-bounds beyond the control of the Ruling Cabal.

Some believe that all these groups have likely been deeply mind-controlled by a set of sophisticated and quite subtle and unrecognized Alien ET mind-control technologies, and are unaware of their cognitive drift and altered mindset.

Certainly those who have probably been the most remarkably mind-controlled folks on the planet besides those radicals who blow themselves up for Terror Ops are the top Ruling Cabal. These Ruling Cabal folks (Khazarian Mafia/ City of London, their cutouts and assets) are members of a secret worldwide satanic pedophile network who have been willing to let their human souls be stripped out and replaced with “familiar spirits”.

This is a radical claim, but there are sound reports from insiders that non-corporeal entities have appeared to those who participate in satanic child and adult human sacrifice rituals or knowingly give their souls to Satan in exchange for promises of unlimited riches, power and status. Some at the periphery, who resisted this lifestyle and its initiation rituals or have come out of this, have claimed these are demons.

How specifically did the Roswell crash and the newly-emergent Alien ET matters lead to the emergence of a large and powerful Secret Shadow Government (SSG), which occurred about the same time as the emergence of Super Fascism?

Super Fascism is best described as a situation wherein the large defense contractors, banks and other associated corporations hijacked control over the US Government in DC and used it to service and protect their interests, at the expense of the interests of “We The People”.

They used their newly appropriated money power to buy up numerous politicians. The various American Intel agencies involved in the SSG gained a great deal of new money and power to protect the secrets about the Alien ETs, and increasingly invoked “national security” to manipulate, compromise and control politicians in general.

Various Intel agencies served to take care of the interests of the SSG in order to protect the SSWP. But these Intel agencies that gained new powers under the National Security Acts of 1947 and 1952 were bifurcated. They had dual interests to protect the Ruling Cabal and the shared MJ interests of the G7 nations, which became allied together in the SSWP under President Reagan.

In order to keep these secrets from the Soviets and other potential enemies, it was decided to privatize the Pentagon and the CIA’s UFO-related functions into thousands of secret proprietaries, which created plausible deniability for the US Government. But the privatization and secrecy classification system implemented to protect UFO secrets also transferred most true power from the US Government inside DC (the Beltway) to these large defense contractors, who were given national security clearance protection for their secrets.

At first, the Top Secret classification was provided to the Pentagon and CIA-related private defense contractors. Later, as these programs expanded and began operating under secret treaties with actual Alien ET groups, much deeper ultra high-technology secrets were discovered that, it was felt, warranted more sophisticated classification and compartmenting, such as Black, Deep Black and Beyond Black.

There have been credible reports that a major policy board, Majestic 12, was set up to control all Alien ET matters, including “exchange” treaties with Alien ETs; back-engineering of recovered craft and foreign technology transfer; and SSW fleets, capable of deployment in deep space, to be engaged in serious ultra high-tech combat with certain evil Alien ET groups that plan to attack Earth and eliminate all humans and animals.

The secret creation of Majestic Twelve

MJ-12 originally had twelve members from the US Military, Intel and academic science. James Forrestal was Secretary of Defense and refused to stop promoting the idea that the American public must be told the truth.

Forrestal was a personal friend of JFK and had briefed him on the reality of UFO anti-gravity craft and Extraterrestrial Aliens. It was decided by the top several most powerful members of MJ-12 that Forrestal must be silenced. He was imprisoned in Bethesda Naval Hospital, and drugs were used to soften his refusal.

This failed, and it was ordered that he be thrown out the window to his death, the way Frank Olson (CIA) was later thrown out of a NYC hotel room because he had a bad reaction to LSD that he had been surreptitiously given. It is likely that the same wet-boy team did both assassinations. It was felt that this kind of secret assassination from the upper floor of a building, superficially disguised as suicide, would terrorize any other folks who were tempted to start disclosing the secrets about Alien ETs and recovered UFOs.

This was the early form of disguised murder that morphed into the infamous “Arkancide” later in Arkansas (the word “Arkancide” refers to potential witnesses to the Clintons’ dirty dealings in Arkansas suddenly committing suicide by shooting themselves, in the period when Bill Clinton was governor there, starting 1979), and then fully adapted by the CIA and FBI Counterintelligence Division 5.

At the time, some of those in MJ-12 called it the Mars Jupiter Project. The members of MJ, the US President, and the Director of the CIA felt that this secret of Alien ETs and their recovered anti-gravity craft and the projects to back engineer them as well as the treaties with a certain Alien ET group must be considered to be an even more important secret than the Atomic Bomb (e.g. the Manhattan Project) or the Hydrogen Bomb development.

Since this time MJ has morphed into a much bigger group, expanded to include representatives from the G7 and “Five Eyes” nations (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States). Different names have been used – such as Majestic Twelve, MJ-12, Majic, Majestic, Majesty, Mars Jupiter, and MJ – depending on who wrote their memos and in regard to what. Much of the secrecy was based on the way the documents were written, the insertion of some obvious errors that made them appear amateur and other traceable oddities.

This was designed to create confusion for enemies if they were ever recovered, a sort of self-discrediting. Of course the usual different spelling errors and grammar errors were included for each individual members copies as in most highly classified memos to also discredit but in addition to provide person specific tracing if copied and leaked.

The creation of MJ-12 elicited the emergence of the SSG, first and best described by Richard Boylan, Ph.D. As the SSG expanded, it became more and more narrowly compartmented by job and function, and information transfer became completely based solely on “need to know”. The SSG became increasingly powerful, due to its increasing control over the various Intel agencies, which more and more served as their puppets.

The SSWP developed inside the SSG and became more and more deeply classified and isolated. Using the recovered and shared Alien ET technologies, the SSWP then proceeded to develop two major Secret Space War fleets (US Navy and US Air Force), both capable of deep space interstellar travel and combat. The SSWP defense contractors developed super-secret, special-access, unacknowledged programs with no official audits that became isolated from the mainstream and even from their parent defense contractors.

The unacknowledged programs began to shift esoterically into various philosophical or pragmatic positions not commonly held by normal Americans, or even by most high US Government and Pentagon Officials, who were somewhat briefed on Alien ETs and crashed, recovered and back-engineering programs.

The esoteric drift of the SSG, due to their knowledge and working relationships with certain Alien ET groups, has been noticed by some observers and researchers.

This drift has been sensed by Richard Dolan, a highly respected UFO investigative journalist and author. His book A.D. After Disclosure is excellent and carries serious credibility.

Richard Dolan has spoken publicly about the possibility of a “breakaway Society” that may have emerged around these secret Alien ET matters. If true, this Beyond-black subculture could be using back-engineered anti-gravity craft to visit or even reside for extended periods on other planets. The extreme secrecy lock-down on all these Alien ET/UFO matters prevents us from knowing exactly what is happening in regard to this.

Several respected, well-vetted former Military, Intel or defense contractor-related individuals, who have come forth publicly, from Steven Greer’s Disclosure Project described personally witnessing Alien ETs and anti-gravity craft. Steven Geer, MD, is a well-respected Physician, has also become an important UFO researcher and disclosure expert.

In addition, there is a great American hero, a well-respected, completely vetted and courageous William Tompkins who has disclosed a great deal about the treaty between a certain Alien ET group and the Nazis, and the SSWP’s development of the two Secret Space War Fleets: US Navy and US Air Force.

We also have Ben Rich, former head of Lockheed Skunkworks, who once made the statement publicly at UCLA that “we now have the technology to take ET home”. And there are two other important, near-death confessions, one by a high ranking CIA man who insisted on continued anonymity to protect his family, and another Lockheed Scientist, Boyd Bushman, who shared photos of Alien ETs given to him shortly before his death.

According to Boyd Bushman, the American SSG Secret Space War programs at the Western bases, like Papoose Lake, also have Russian and Chinese scientists and technicians working there on back-engineering anti-gravity craft. He did not like this, perhaps because he had a memory of the Soviet Union under Stalin and the evils of the Cold War and could not believe that Russia had actually changed for the good as the new Russian Federation.

This new cooperative effort with the American SSW Program with Russians and Chinese has been reported by other insiders.

This lends credibility to the rumor that President Reagan negotiated a treaty with the Russians and Chinese at the end of the Cold War to combine international efforts to defend the Earth from what he believed was going to be an effort by an evil Alien ET force to invade and subdue Planet Earth and destroy humanity. It is this secret treaty that led to his Star Wars program.

The treaty included a clause that SSW weapons would never be used against the members and conventional weapons would have to be used in conventional wars.

President Reagan assumed that once the real threat of an approaching Alien ET force was disclosed to top Russian and Chinese government officials, there would be less motivation for wars, except perhaps synthetically created wars to boost the Banksters and defense contractor incomes.

In his famous speech to the UN, he mentioned the possibility of an Alien threat to the world and, by innuendo, wondered if they were already here eliciting wars and threats of war.

There has been a growing secret influence of the SSW Program on the Secret Shadow Government and the G7 nations

The SSWP appears to have taken control of the whole SSG, and has been absorbing so many American financial assets that the middle class is collapsing by the day.

The un-recovered recession of 2007-2008 due to the exportation of jobs from America and huge SSWP expenditures may have been the main factors behind the American masses propelling Donald Trump into office-to rectify this financial assault on the working men and women of America and the middle class.

Secrecy, surveillance, and national security systems in America are incredibly expensive and are asset-stripping America bare.

If one adds up the above-ground costs of the SSG’s Intel and surveillance with defense, it comes to about 985 billion dollars per year. The cost of the SSWP Fleets of the US Navy and US Air Force, along with 147 Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs), totals about another 1.5 trillion USD per year.

If you add these costs up, you can see that this totals over half the official US budget of 3.3 trillion dollars, and results in basically asset-stripping middle class Americans of all their hard-earned income and accrued savings and wealth.

Add to this the grim reality that approximately 40% of all federal tax payments go to the Federal Reserve as interest on the phony unconstitutional so-called “national debt”, and you can understand Americans are being asset-stripped to the bare bone.

In order to raise all the funds the SSG and the SSWP need, it uses Intel Agencies, organized crime and partnered drug cartels who engage in the illegal trafficking of huge amounts of drugs. The US Military is in Afghanistan for the opium and for the lithium for batteries. Obviously, the principals who ordered this have had allowed their very souls to be extracted for Mammon, and are functioning as pure psychopaths with no operational consciences at all.

The opium is flown out of Afghanistan in Global Hawk drones and reaches America in a refined state, as high-grade heroin. That is why there is so much cheap heroin, and there are so many new, young heroin addicts in America now. The number of death of young folks from this heroin has now reached epidemic proportions which is certainly part of the Globalist Agenda.

It’s a strange situation, where both the Ruling Cabal and the Secret Space War Program have become incredibly criminal. The Ruling Cabal does it for their own gain; the SSWP supposedly to protect people from an Alien ET invasion. But both groups live by “the end justifies the means” and “to heck with everybody else”, while the American middle class shrinks by the day and drugs, crime, violence, death and chaos in the big cities increases daily.

All indications are that something has to give pretty soon. Will it be official US Government disclosure of the Alien ET reality? Will it be a complete financial crash, or will it be a provoked limited nuclear war or a disastrous full-scale nuclear war?

The USA is now under extreme economic distress with about 100-million unemployed, and about 40% unable to pay their monthly expenses without borrowing. This cannot go on much longer without causing serious ramifications unless abated.

Lee Wanta’s Plan

Ambassador Lee Wanta is the man who brought down the Soviet Union under operation Stillpoint and negotiated a win-win peaceful end to the Cold War. After President Reagan was shot in an attempted assassination by the Bush Crime Cabal (BCC), Lee Wanta became a political target of the BCC. Only recently has his remarkable story of patriotism and courage come to light.

Ambassador Lee Wanta, who was President Reagan’s personal Secret Agent under the Totten Doctrine, has had the best plan to re-industrialize America and immediately provide two-million good-paying job opportunities.

He acquired the massive funds necessary to do this, and made a commitment to President Reagan to use the money for that reason.

Lee Wanta’s plans include the immediate construction of an inter-coastal, super high-tech, high-speed maglev railroad, which would transform America into an industrial giant once again, within about two years.

Sadly, Lee Wanta’s funds still remain locked up in a trust-fund, blocked from his access. Hopefully President Trump will start working with Lee Wanta and access these funds and let Lee Wanta finish his mandate from President Reagan.

Meanwhile, the Secret Shadow Government is engaged in hundreds of sophisticated means to raise black funds that are “off the books” for their various expensive covert operations, including the Secret Space War, deep underground military bases and the various US Intelligence and spy agencies.

These black funds are not reviewed nor authorized by the US Congress, as is required. Various insurance skimming schemes are used; direct monetary funds are issued by the Federal Reserve to proprietaries, often through foreign bank bailouts.

Enron was a large, CIA-run corporate bust-out used for black funding. Insiders claim that thousands of Intel proprietaries exist for that, as well as for covert operations, in general.

Hundreds of Enron employees lost their pensions when Enron went bust. The savings and loans crisis was another asset-stripping, black-funding operation, and there have been so many more.

There is a good reason CIA officers always refer to the CIA as “ the Company”. It’s because it owns so many “proprietaries” (phony business fronts) that raise black funds and serve as deniable fronts for spying and covert operations.

Apparent Alien ET Cosmic Rules of Play exist?

Sooner or later, a question always arises from those who ponder the Alien ET matter. If the Alien ETs have all this superior, highly advanced, super-potent technology, they obviously must have superior weapons capabilities, so why don’t they use all their superior technology and make a sudden and spectacular public appearance and just take over Planet Earth, all of it?

There are a number of individuals from inside the SSWP, some well-vetted and validated, that have claimed that Alien ET groups have superior technology and weapons systems, such as particle-beam weapons, some hand-held. Philip Schneider was one of these individuals, and he was murdered (“Arkancided” by Man in Black) for what he disclosed publicly.

He claimed that he and others unknowingly descended into an Alien ET nest under Dulce Base, in New Mexico, as it was under construction, and got into a live fire-fight, during which some Delta Force soldiers were killed. This was an incursion into the Alien ET’s personal quarters, and they responded aggressively.

Another man, Charles Hall, claims to have worked around Tall Whites at an above ground SW American joint base where he was doing weather research. He has claimed that the Tall Whites were very protective of their children and would act aggressively to protect them in self-defense, but were otherwise not aggressive. He also claimed some could pass for humans and even were taken as guests to Las Vegas to gamble – an experience they appreciated.

If it turns out that Charles Hall is accurate in his descriptions, then there are startling implications to his claims that hopefully will be resolved during disclosure.

Here is a short interview with Charles Hall and Dr. Michael Salla.

William Tompkins is perhaps the best-vetted of all, and has claimed that in the various SSW projects he worked on, the secretaries were attractive, female Tall White Alien ETs who easily passed for human females.

If there is at least one evil Alien ET group that seeks to harm us, as some have claimed, the evidence would suggest that these Alien ETs are being somehow restrained by something, perhaps some Cosmic Rules of Play, imposed on them. If they are evil, they would not limit themselves by choice, but only by necessity. It is hard to believe that the SSWP could have gained weapons systems parity with an evil Alien ET group, so something must be keeping them from a public landing for all to see on the evening world news.

There have been some claims by insiders that a large number of humans are missing from Federal Parks and mountainous areas while hiking and camping, due to one-way alien ET abductions with no release.

If this turns out to be true, and a large number of humans are abducted and kept each year by Alien ETs, this creates a new set of possibilities that the Earth is under a restrained secret attack already by an Alien ET force that is evil, but is still somehow restrained from appearing openly in public.

If an evil Alien Group is unable, for some reason, to deploy its high-tech weapons to take over Earth openly, perhaps they would then use high-tech mind-control or psychic means to take control of and work through various individuals in the government, military, Intel, or defense contractors whom they can manipulate. This sounds a lot like traditional explanations of Demons, doesn’t it?

There are a number of well-vetted credible witnesses of the SSWP who have claimed that several treaties are in place between the US Government and Alien ETs, and the same for some other nations, including Russia and China. There is one of the best-vetted witnesses to date, a former high-ranking CIA Officer deeply involved in the secret Alien ET programs from the origin of the problem during President Eisenhower’s administration.

This is now a classic death bed interview done by the highly respected Richard Dolan, who carries a great deal of credibility in everything he does associated with his excellent UFO and Alien ET investigative journalism. The subject being interviewed gives off all the non-verbal gestures that suggest he is telling the truth and is still concerned about the safely of his family, when he gave this interview.

During his high-level career, many people involved in Alien ET matters in various CIA roles were told that, if you leak, you could be quickly terminated. Many who worked in roles like this man were afraid that their families could be harmed too.

When this man got involved, there was great respect for top pentagon officials and high military and Intel Officers. This is no longer true today, due to the infiltration and hijacking of much of the American military, the Pentagon and Intel by the Project for the New American Century and top Dual Citizen Israeli-American “Israeli-first” operatives.

Their deployment of the 9-11-01 false-flag attack to draw US into illegal, unconstitutional foreign wars of aggression for the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia has caused a great deal of anger and disrespect toward the High Military Command, the Pentagon and Intel, as they went along with the crime and the cover up.

These Treaties with Alien ET groups have been reported to include provisions for joint research programs, with some for Alien ET/human hybridization; some for development of the synthetic soul (no success with this so far and none ever likely): and some for exchange of Alien ET high technology and weaponry for permission to abduct and tag humans with crystalline implants with access to their biological samples, as long as those abducted have been unharmed and their memories have been wiped.

The strange claims of repeated abductions

There are numerous reports of attempted abductions ceasing instantly when Christians call on the name of Jesus Christ, and there are also reports of Islamists calling on the name of Allah and such abduction attempts being immediately discontinued, too.

Perhaps the strangest reports of all are the appearance of a small grey to known top-Satanist and British-Intel wizard, Aleister Crowley, while inside a pyramid in Egypt. This has suggested to some researchers that there is a connection between the worldwide satanic pedophile network of the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia/ City of London and a certain Alien ET group.

There have also been some reports that after abduction, some individuals had flashbacks and started remembering small grays working on them under the direction of tall grays, with large reptilian-appearing creatures directing biological sample draws and scans, and with a Tall White or two in the background watching.

If these reports are accurate, these observations raise some interesting issues. There are numerous independent reports of similar abduction occurrences across many different nations and cultures, which makes the actual occurrence of these reports more likely. And some abductees claim numerous abductions over many years, and have scars and triangular crystalline implants that have been surgically removed, that support their accounts.

In the not too distant future, we will probably all see disclosure occurring publicly, as the SSWP decides it is time to take over command of the US Government and then the world.


We now have a situation in America where everything official is a big lie, a false narrative, or US Government propaganda. This is all broadcast and published by the six Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM), a constructive illegal monopoly best described as a news and media cartel.

This illegal media monopoly represents the interest of the Ruling Cabal at the expense of the interests of “We The People”. But it makes it impossible to trust the US Government or the mass-media for any real truth.

And the complete national security lock-down on all Alien ET matters by the Secret Space War Program prevents the people from learning anything from the government and the CMMM about Alien ETs.

The people have been denied the truth about Roswell and the Alien ET matters which we have a right to know. The US Government was hijacked by the large Rothschild Khazarian Mafia/ City of London franchised banks and their large associated international corporations which eventually created a situation of Super Fascism in America.

Once this Super Fascism was in place it made it quite easy to extend this process of secrecy to create a new Secret Shadow Government (SSG) around the Alien ET matter.

This led to the development of the Deep-Black and Beyond-Black Secret Space War Fleets, interstellar travel and combat with Alien ET forces if the vetted insider reports we have are accurate. As the size, budget and power of the Secret Space War Program has continued, we can expect that it will soon be taking predominance over the Ruling Cabal since they are both competing for the same taxpayer based funds.

Many believe that the SSWP will consider it necessary to use disclosure in order to panic the American and world masses as a motivation allowing the Secret Space World Program to assert control over the Ruling Cabal and establish themselves in complete control politically and militarily.

This will likely be a soft coup d’etat favored by the masses, and then the Ruling Cabal will be quickly shoved to the side and their power and major sources of assets will likely be stripped away from them.

A new form of government will be installed from this transformation over the now public Alien ET secrets and this is best described as Cosmic Fascism.

It will seem friendly and benevolent at first but it is still a form of fascism, because it will claim the necessity to manage all human resources and people in order to meet the challenge of an evil Alien ET invading force.

Those of the public who are well-versed in Alien ET matters are split into different groups. Some believe that there are no Alien ETs threatening Planet Earth, that they are harmless phenomena.

Others believe that the hundreds of reports of Alien ET abductions are real and that Planet Earth is already under attack.

Still others believe that there are high ranking individuals in parts of the SSW Program that have become mind-controlled and are serving a secret agenda of the specific Alien ETs they are involved in joint projects with and do not truly understand they are being manipulated psychically and psychologically.

Others believe that even though some parts of the SSWP involve joint projects with Alien ETs, these are friendly and are helping us prepare to defend Planet Earth from an attempted invasion from a large armada of evil Alien ETs headed our way unless stopped by a major effort involving all large nations of Planet Earth working together.

If disclosure occurs, this could soon lead to this unification of most Americans around this issue and then it is likely the world will follow. What will emerge will be a new form of American government and then a new form of world government. It is likely that the Ruling Cabal will then be pushed aside as irrelevant and unacceptable.

The SSWP’s efforts to defend Planet Earth will take predominance over everything else; and this will constitute a new form of American fascism then to be imposed on the world. It is best called Cosmic Fascism and it is probably coming sooner than later.

And at the speed things are changing down here on Planet Earth due to newly emergent technologies and the Internet, the New Gutenberg Press, many believe that it won’t be long and we shall all have some answers. Odds are disclosure is going to occur sooner than later unless things go out of control in DC and we end up in a nuclear WWIII of some sort.

Some believe that Alien ETs are basically good and are part of a star system confederation that does not plan to interfere with other worlds unless necessary to prevent major uncontrolled nuclear war. And that those belonging to this star federation want to help humans get on the right track and turn away from Fascism and war based parasitical economies.

Some who have sat on MJ have been briefed that Alien ETs in residence here on joint programs have been shown a device called a “looking glass” which could display ancient history, the crucifixion, etc. They claim that humans were seeded from Alien ET masters and Planet Earth is their farm.

Some thinks that a Cosmic battle is now occurring on Planet Earth between good and evil, between God’s people and the Devil and this is the only way one can explain the presence of all the blatant evil in the world.

The jury is out on what all Alien ETs actually are. We have reports that some are friendly, some are neutral, and some are quite evil and even eat humans as food occasionally.

According to the Bible, at some point there is going to be a final battle between good and evil over Planet Earth that will involve a return of Jesus of Nazareth, the Messiah, and His forces and that He will prevail over evil. How or what specifically that will be and when remains to be seen. But each person must evaluate the available evidence and draw their own conclusions.

However, one thing we should expect: the Alien ET matter is probably not going to be kept undisclosed too much longer.

One of the most interesting disclosures so far was from Ben Rich, the head of Lockheed Skunkworks. He claimed that UFOs were “biomorphic”. This means that some of the Alien ET ships are somehow biologically based, living entities and able to shift in size and shape, and rapidly combine into a single entity and then quickly split again into separate entities.

It has been reported that some of the recovered ET crafts had no electrical wires or visible electronics in them but only strange fiber cables and control was claimed to be by thought interface and sometimes touch. This has major ramifications and may suggest some spiritual or inter-dimensional element that will need some new physics to explain.

There have been some insider reports that some UFOs were back engineered from a strange combination of certain new elements, including moscovium and other unknown that, when smelted together into a small block, had the properties to be thought into a UFO by psychic powers of the Alien ETs.

If the SSG shares proof that the Earth is going to be attacked by a large evil Alien ET armada, whether true or not, and the public believes this, then the shift to Cosmic Fascism could occur very rapidly.

Disclosure could easily create a secret iron military grip on the whole world as a newly emerging Cosmic Fascist world government. And if this claim of a pending Alien Invasion is made and is false, then one can assume that this new form of government, Cosmic Fascism, will be just as evil as the Super Fascism currently in America only cloaked in helping save Planet Earth and humans from destruction.

For at least the last 100 years, the Ruling Cabal has worked hard to merge with the largest organized crime groups, infiltrate and hijack major governments (especially in the West) to institute Super Fascism. It has done this to attain its Globalist NWO Agenda of a one-world Super Fascist government run by them. Every turn in the road some major interference and setbacks have occurred.

Despite this they have made significant process Globalizing the World and the USA through hijacking of the educational system and sophisticated mind-control of the children and youth to transform them into good global citizens; the hijacking of the Major Mass Media and use of it to promote big lies, false-narratives and propaganda on behalf of the Ruling Cabal; the consolidation of corporations into large powerful international conglomerates that are easy to control at the top; promotion of situational lie-based relative morality and political correctness; destruction of marriage and normal male female sex roles; the illegal unconstitutional Free Trade Agreements and the massive exportation of heavy industry and manufacturing out of the USA; pursuit of continuing illegal unconstitutional foreign wars of aggression and the induced erosion of US National Sovereignty.

And yet even with all these advances toward their final Globalist Goal of establishing a power one-world Super Fascist government, the Internet which is the new Gutenberg press has elicited a strong and growing populism which has slowed the Ruling Cabal’s progress toward attaining its one-world Super Fascist government.

On the other hand, the Deep-Black and Beyond-Black secrets that the SSWP principals keep are extremely profound. They are so powerful that if they are disclosed, they will enable these principals who run the Secret Space War Program to likely have enough political and military power to easily gain control of the government, push the Ruling Cabal aside and render them irrelevant and powerless.

Unless things transform, that this transformation from Super Fascism to Cosmic Fascism will lie covertly implemented and directed by the Alien ETs working in joint projects, through the top people they mind-control.


July 7, 2017


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