The Greek AMA Recommends Reducing EMFs/RFs to Protect Public Health


The Athens Medical Association (Greece), held a conference on April 1st regarding “Non-Ionizing Radiation and Its Effects on Human Health” where scientific lectures were presented along with 16 recommendations to reduce exposures and human health adverse effects.
Why hasn’t the American Medical Association done the same? Good question!

Here are those 16 Recommendations for Wireless Use Safety:

– Use your cell phone with caution and make brief calls as necessary;
– Children under the age of 14 should make limited use of cell phones;
– Do not put your cell phone in contact with your head;
– Do not use your cell phone inside a car, train, aeroplane, or elevator;
– Restrict cell phone use when children or pregnant women are near;
– Keep mobile phones away from your body;
– When using your cell phone keep a safe distance from others;
– Do not carry or keep your cell phone inside your pockets;
– At night, disengage Wi Fi on your router and switch off your mobile phone;
– Do not play games on-line and if you do, switch to airplane mode;
– Hands Free option is always preferable though may not be completely safe;
– Wireless connections may increase your exposure to microwave radiation;
– Limit Wi Fi connectivity and use hard wired connection whenever possible;
– When signal strength is weak do not attempt to make a call;
– If a landline is available make use of this as a preferred option;
– Disengage Wi Fi, Bluetooth and Data options from your phone when are not needed.

George Patoulis MD, President of the Athens Medical Association, said that AMA “in emphasizing its role and duties as guardian for public health, has taken steps to encourage and promote this open discussion dealing with the delicate issues of electromagnetic radiation. Mr. Patoulis stressed that all local authorities and all medical associations are obliged to adopt and apply the best possible practices available in today’s world, aiming primarily at the protection of our fellow citizens.”

How interesting to read Dr. Patoulis’s remarks! Do you think we’ll ever read something similar from an American Medical Association’s president?
Don’t hold your breath! Remember how doctors used to promote cigarettes? One has to wonder how trade associations can be so fool, especially medical ones, who ought to know better, that is, if they weren’t “subsidized” by vested interest lobbyists or sales reps.

The Athens meeting attendees were told about Cyprus’s “action on mobile phone masts. Immediate measures must be taken in order to protect the public, and especially children, from the electromagnetic radiation of mobile telephone masts.” The residents of Apostolos Andreas in Limassol held a demonstration over the immediate removal of a mobile telephone mast from their area, which was next to a school of over 1,500 pupils. Can you imagine that type of demonstration ever happening in the USA where consumers either don’t know or don’t care about the effects of EMFs/RFs from microwaves affecting their children’s health?

Here’s a less than five minute video in Greek with English subtitles featuring precious Greek children emphasizing the Cyprus National Committee on Environment and Children’s Health advice about wireless exposures.

One of the physicians at the Greek AMA meeting, Dr Stella Canna Michaelidou, called for “awareness and education among health professionals, teachers and parents, and for new legislation or biological criteria to evaluate at least children’s exposure”. When will that happen in the USA?

Here is Truthstream Media’s video about cell towers being erected on school buildings, or near or on school grounds in the USA. One in ten cell towers/sites emits electromagnetic frequencies well above “safety” limits!

“Wi-Fi is a known weaponized frequency,” says Deborah Tavares citing Dr Barrie Trower, an eminent British Wi-Fi researcher and former Royal Navy Microwave Weapons Expert and former debriefed for UK Intelligence Services.


November 21, 2017


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