The Testimony of Sister Charlotte – Murdered for Telling Horrific Story of Satanic Ritual Abuse within the Roman Catholic Church (1)


Sister Charlotte Wells was the woman who uncovered the dark truth lurking in the shadows in the Vatican, her shocking testimony revealed child killings in secluded Vatican convents all across the globe and should have prompted a murder investigation, but the opposite happened.

After Sister Charlotte went public with her testimony about child murders, sexual abuse and torture behind the closed doors of a Carmelite convent, what was supposed to have happened was a thorough investigation into the matter. But instead, Sister Charlotte was silenced, the whole scandal was covered up and she was killed by the Pope’s henchmen in the Jesuit Order.

What this means is that the Popes and the government leaders decide to turn a blind eye on torture and murder within their highest ranks, proving just how much power the Vatican has over the entire society.

Eric Jon Phelps, a researcher and author of Vatican Assassins says: “Fr. Alberto Rivera, an ex-Jesuit, told us about how Sister Charlotte was killed for going public”, adding that Rivera said an undercover Jesuit priest approached Sister Charlotte and had her killed for exposing the truth.

In the video below from Greg Szymanski’s radio show The Investigative Journal you can hear Sister Charlotte’s oral testimony:

Sister Charlotte’s testimony was verified by other nuns as well, and all their statements can be found on the Jesus Is Lord website. Here are some extracts from the website about Sister Charlotte’s courageous move in an effort to spread this news across the entire globe:

“The testimony of Sister Charlotte is disturbing and shocking, but provides important insights into the worst of convent life as well as the dynamics of Romanism. It testifies with others such as ‘Maria Monk’ and ‘The Martyr in Black – The Life Story of Sister Justina’ (Lord willing, both of these will be on the site one day) as well as the testimonies of former priests such as Chiniquy (author of ‘The Priest, the Woman and the Confessional’), Fresenborg (author of ‘Thirty Years in Hell’), and Hogan (author of ‘Auricular Confession and Popish Nunneries’). Sister Charlotte’s testimony seems incredible but only because most people do not know the history of the Romish religion. One of our readers said this about Sis. Charlotte’s testimony:

‘Thank you for printing this testimony, I have been so troubled by what I have read and I can believe what she said because I worked as a waitress. And the priest and nuns would come in an order drinks while wearing the habit. I had a friend that confronted one of the priests and boy what a big blow up that was. He tried to get her fired and then they really started coming in with the habit on and getting drunk. We told them that it didn’t look good for children to see them drinking especially when they were Godly people (in the children’s eyes). It was very eye opening to say the least. So I can understand some of what the woman said. I would really like to pray for those other nuns. Thank you for your site and information.’ SR

The statement below is by a modern day Roman cloistered nun. The main idea is that the convent is a safe, sacred place but read between the lines and the truth will be revealed:

‘Being a Nun: I had always desired to enter more deeply into the mystery of Jesus’ love for us in His sacred Passion. Where better than a Passionist Monastery where one takes a vow to promote devotion to and grateful remembrance of the Passion of Jesus? Flowing out of this main vow we take four other vows: Chastity, Poverty, Obedience and Enclosure. Prayer, penance, poverty, silence and solitude are a very important part of our spirit handed down to us by our Holy Founder, St. Paul of the Cross. Also, a deep love for our Spouse, Jesus in the Eucharist [a cracker Romans call ‘Jesus’]; devotion to our Immaculate Mother and fidelity to the Magisterium of the church attracted me to this hidden way of life, where prayer knows no bounds. I think a lot of these women feel empty and want to get close to God. They think they have to ‘leave the world’ for a religious life and of course the priests and nuns are happy to suggest joining a religious order. Not, «Get washed in the blood of the Lamb and born again» but «Join our convent or monastery».’

Here’s an excerpt from another nun:

‘…That was 17 years ago, when the monastic enclosure was much stricter than it is now. In those days, we had to visit in a parlor with a table dividing the enclosure from the outside. We’re still allowed only five days of the year for a family visit, and our families come to the monastery – we don’t go home unless circumstances warrant an exception. We may write home whenever we like, and professed sisters may call home. This may sound like very limited contact, but it’s really no worse than being sent overseas by the armed forces or an international corporation.’

Below you will find the entire transcript from Sister Charlotte’s oral testimony given in the 1950’s. Don’t be afraid to share it on, all the people in this world need to know the truth and forward it to all the high-powered US politicians, especially Ron Paul who admired John Paul II as a man of peace. If he was truly a man of God how could he have ignored Sister Charlotte’s testimony? Let’s raise our voices and be heard, maybe we can do what Sister Charlotte was unable to, start an investigation into these horrific crimes and expose the real faces of the satanic masters in the Vatican.”

Sister Charlotte’s testimony

First of all I always like to tell folk I’m not giving this testimony because I have any ill feeling in my heart toward the Roman Catholic people. I couldn’t be a Christian if I still had bitterness in my heart. God delivered me from all bitterness and strife and delivered me out of all of that one day, and made himself real to me, and the power of the Holy Spirit. And so, when I give this testimony I’m giving it because after God saved me He delivered me out of the convent and out of bondage and darkness. The Lord laid the burden upon my heart to give this testimony that others might know what cloistered convents are. And so, as you listen carefully this afternoon, I trust I will not say one thing that will leave any feeling in your heart whatsoever that I don’t carry a burden for the Roman Catholic people. I don’t like the things they do, I don’t agree with the things that they teach, but I covet their soul for Jesus. I’m interested in their souls. I believe Jesus went to Calvary. He died that you and I might know Him. And their souls are just as precious as your soul and my soul. So I’m interested.

First of all, as we slip into this testimony, having been born in Roman Catholicism, not knowing anything else, not knowing the word of God because we didn’t have a Bible in our home, we had never heard anything about this wonderful plan of salvation. And so, naturally, I grew up in that Roman Catholic home as a child, knowing only the catechism, knowing only the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church. And, because I loved the Lord, and because I wanted to do something for Him, I wanted to give Him my life. I didn’t know of any other way for a Roman Catholic girl to give her life to God other than entering a convent, and to going to the confessional box where, naturally, I’m under the influence of my father-confessor, the Roman Catholic priest, his influence over my life.

One day I made up my mind through his influence and one of my teachers in the parochial school that I wanted to be a little sister. At that time I thought of being a sister of the open order, but as I went on into this, up until the time I took my white veil, sixteen and a half years of age, everything was beautiful. I really didn’t have any fear in my heart whatsoever. Everything that was taught to me was seemingly along the line that I had been taught in the church before I entered the convent.

And so one day, after making up my mind to enter a convent… I remember that particular day, two of the sisters came home with me from school. They were my teachers. And when we arrived at my father’s home that afternoon our Father-confessor was in the home likewise. I often say when I was a little girl children were seen and not heard. You didn’t talk when you was a child, at least in my family, in my home, unless you were spoken to. And I remember I listened to them carry on a conversation, and then I moved over close enough to my father and I asked him if I could say something. And that was a bit out of the ordinary. And he permitted me to talk and I said “Dad, I want to go into a convent.” And I will tell you that priest took it up quickly. He had already been influencing me. My father broke down and began to cry, not because he’s sad, but he’s very happy. My mother came over and took me in her arms and she, too, wept tears. She’s very happy. Those were not tears of sadness because to think her little girl was giving her life to the convent to pray for lost humanity. And naturally my family were very thrilled about it, and I was too. But, anyway I didn’t go for a year after that and then the time came when I got myself ready and my mother prepared things for me. And so I entered the convent.

Convent school

We didn’t have a place close enough to my father and mother’s home so I think they took me around a thousand miles away from home where I entered a convent boarding school. I lacked about 3 months being 13 years of age. I was just a little girl. I look back on it now and I think, “My!” Homesick? I was so homesick. My mother and daddy, they stayed three days with me and when they left I became so homesick! Naturally. And why shouldn’t I? Just a baby away from home. When I was a little girl, you know I never spent a night away from my mother, and I surely had never gone any place without my family. And naturally there was a close tie in our family and I was very lonely and very homesick. But I’ll never forget that afternoon. Mother told me good-bye and I knew they were travelling a long distance away from me, but I had never realized in my heart “I’ll never see them again!”.

Naturally I hadn’t planned it like that because I had planned to be a sister of the open order. But, if you’ll listen carefully to this portion of the testimony, then you’ll understand just why I’m saying some of the things I say. Now oftentimes we say that the priest selects his material through the confessional box, because at seven years of age I went to confessional. At seven years of age, when I came into the church, first I’d slip over to the Virgin Mary, and then over at the feet of the crucifix and I’d ask the Virgin Mary to help me make a good confession, because I was a child and my heart was honest. And I knew the priest had taught us to always make a good confession. Keep nothing back. Tell everything if I expected absolution from any sin that I might have committed. And so I would ask the Virgin Mary to help me make a good confession. I would ask then Jesus to help me make a good confession.

And you know, I’ll assure you, after I’d lived in the convent, I had to go on with my schooling. I had just finished the eighth grade and they promised to give me a high school education and some college education. But I didn’t get much college, I got mostly just high school training. And they gave that to me alright. I took it under some terrible difficulties and strains and all of that. It was terribly difficult. But they gave it to me for which I appreciate very much. They put me through the crucial training that we must go through, just to become a little initiate entering a convent. The training is outstanding, as far as a nun is concerned, and you know what it’s all about after you’ve been in there a little while.

So now I’ve entered the convent and for just a few minutes I want to tell you just how we lived, what we eat, how we sleep. If I take you into the convent and tell you those things you’ll understand a little bit more about my testimony. At first, as I entered the convent as a small child, I went on to school, but I was being trained. But the day came when I was fourteen and a half. The mother came to me and she began to tell me about the White Veil. And I didn’t know too much about it, but in taking the white veil they told me that I would be becoming the spouse or bride of Jesus Christ. There would be a ceremony and I would be dressed in a wedding garment. And on this particular morning they told me at nine o’clock they would dress me up in a wedding garment. Now you’re wondering where that came from, and how they get the wedding clothes for the little nuns. The mother superior sits down and writes a letter to my father and tells him how much money she wants. And then whatever she asks, my father sends it. The little buying sister goes out and buys the material and the wedding gown is made by the nuns of the cloister.

I’m still Open Order now. And of course whatever she asked, now you say, “Did they spend all the money for the wedding gown?” Well, of course we don’t know these things in the very beginning of our testimony, but after we live in a convent for a little while we learned to know they could ask my father for a hundred dollars and he’d send it. They wouldn’t but maybe a third of that for the wedding garment. They would keep the rest of it and my father would never know the difference. Neither did I, until I lived in the convent for a period of time and I had to make some of the wedding clothes and then I knew the value of them and what they cost. And I knew the amount of money that came in, because I was one of the older nuns.
Well, alright, the time came, of course, when I walked down that aisle and I was dressed in a wedding garment.

Now you know in the convent I used to walk the fourteen Stations of the Cross – the fourteen steps that Jesus carried the cross to Calvary. But after I had made up my mind to take the white veil, never again did I walk. I wanted to be worthy. I wanted to be holy enough to become the spouse or the bride of Jesus Christ. And so I would get down on my knees and crawl the fourteen stations. Quite a distance, but I crawled them every Friday morning. I felt it would make me holy. I felt it would drawl me closer to God. It would make me worthy of the step that I was going to take. And that’s what I wanted more than anything else in the world. I would like to impress upon your heart, every little girl that enters the convent that I know anything about. That child has a desire to live for God. That child has a desire to give her heart, mind, and soul to God. Now many, many people make this remark and we hear it from various types of folk who say only bad women go into convents. That isn’t true. There are movie stars who go into convents. They’ve lived out in the world, and no doubt they are sinners and all of that. But they go in when they are women. They know what they are doing. And they go in only because the Roman Catholic Church is going to receive, not only thousands, but it will run up into the millions of dollars. They don’t mind who they take in if they can get a lot of money out of that individual. But the ordinary little girl that goes in as a child, she’s just a child and she goes in there with a heart and mind and soul just as clean as any child could be.

I say that because sometimes you hear a lot of things that are really not true. Now after I become the spouse of Jesus Christ – I want you to listen carefully to this, and then you can follow me into the rest of the testimony – we are now looked upon as married women. We are the spouses or the brides of Jesus Christ. Now the priest teaches every little girl that will take the white veil, they’ll become the bride of Christ. He teaches her to believe that her family will be saved. It doesn’t make any difference how many banks they’ve robbed, how many stores they’ve robbed. It doesn’t make any difference how they drink and smoke and carouse and live out in this sinful world and do all the things that sinners do. It doesn’t make a bit of difference. Still our family will be saved if we continue to live in the convent and give our lives to the convent or to the church – we can rest assured that every member of our immediate family will be saved. And you know there are many little children that are influenced and enticed to go into convents because we realize it is the salvation for our families. And sometimes, even (in) Roman Catholic families, the children grow up and leave the Roman Catholic Church and go out into the deepest of sin. And so, every little girl that enters the convent is hoping by her sacrificing so much, home and loved ones, mother and daddy, everything that a child loves, her family will be saved regardless of what sins they commit. And of course we are children and our minds are immature and we don’t know any better. And it’s so easy to instill things like this into the hearts and minds of little children and the priest is – he’s really good at it. And, of course, we look upon our priest, our father-confessor, I looked upon him as God.

He’s the only God I knew anything about, and to me he was infallible. I didn’t think he could sin. I didn’t think that he would lie. I didn’t think that he ever made a mistake. I looked upon him as the holiest of holy because I didn’t know a God, but I did know the Roman Catholic Priest, and to me, I looked to him for everything that I asked of God, so to speak. I believed the priest could give it to me. And so the day comes when all of us now, as we’re going in (I want you to listen carefully) after taking the white veil, things are beautiful. I’m sixteen and a half years of age. Everyone’s good to me and I’m living in the convent and I haven’t seen anything yet because no little girl… we’re not subject to a Roman Catholic Priest until we are 21 years of age, and as we give you this next vow then you’ll understand we don’t know about this. This is kept from the little sisters until we’ve taken our black veils and then it’s too late.

I don’t carry the key to those double doors and there’s no way for me to come out. The priest will tell all over the whole United States and other countries that sisters, or nuns rather, can walk out of convents when they want to. I spent 22 years there. I did everything there was to do to get out. I’ve carried tablespoons with me into the dungeons and tried to dig down into that dirt, because there aren’t any floors in those places, but I’ve never yet found myself digging far enough to get out of a convent with a tablespoon and that’s about the only instrument. Because when we’re using the spade, and we do have to do hard heavy work, when we use a spade we’re being guarded. We’re being watched by two older nuns and they’re going to report on us and I’ll assure you are not going to try to dig out with a spade. You wouldn’t get very far anyway because they made or built those convents so little nuns can’t escape. That was their purpose in building them as they build them. And there’s no way for us to get out unless God makes a way. But I believe God’s making a way for numbers of little girls after they come out of the convent.

A new kind of vow

Alright, now when the time comes, I think I was 18 when the mother began talking to me, now I planned to come out, see, after my white veil. I wanted to be a little nursing sister in the Roman church, but the mother superior, I suppose she was watching my life, I supposed she realized I had much endurance. I had a strong body and I believe the woman was watching me because one day she asked me to come into her office and she began to tell me, “Charlotte, you have a strong body.” And she said, “I believe you have the possibilities of making a good nun, a cloistered nun. I believe you’re the type that’d be willing to give up home, give up mother and daddy, give up everything you love out in the world, and the world (so to speak) and hide yourself behind convent doors, because I believe you’re the kind that would hide back there and be willing to sacrifice and live in crucial poverty that you might pray for lost humanity.”
She said, “I believe you’re the kind that’d be willing to suffer.”

We are taught to believe as nuns that we suffer so our loved ones and your loved ones that are already in a priest’s purgatory will be delivered from purgatory sooner because of our suffering. She knew I was willing to suffer. I didn’t murmur. I didn’t complain. She knew all of that and she’s watching my life and that’s the reason she began to tell me about the black veil. And then of course, you know I didn’t know too much about a cloistered nun. I didn’t know their lives. I didn’t know how they live. I didn’t know what they’ve done.

But you know a Roman Catholic can lie to you and they don’t have to go to confession and tell the priest about the lie that they’ve told because they’re lying to protect their faith. They can tell any lie they want to protect their faith and never go the confessional box and tell the priest about it. They can do more than that. They can steal up to 40 dollars and they don’t have to tell the priest about it. They don’t have to say one word about it in the confessional box. They’re taught that. Every Roman Catholic knows it and every Roman Catholic (you’d be horrified if you know how many of them) steal up to that amount. And many of them lie. We’ve dealt with them. I’ve dealt with hundreds and hundreds of them. I’ve seen good many of them fall in at the altar and cry out to God to save them. And, you know, before they’re saved they look into my face and hold my hand and lie to me. But after God gets a hold of their heart then they want to make right what they’ve told me because they realize that they’ve lied about it. But as long as they’re Roman Catholic they’re permitted to lie. And it’s the saddest thing. I’ve lived in a convent. I know something about how those people live and what they do.

Now the day comes. She told me, “Charlotte, you have to be willing to spill your blood as Jesus shed His upon Calvary.” She said “You’ll have to be willing to do penance, heavy penance.” She said “You’ll have to be willing to live in crucial poverty.”

Now already I’m living in a bit of poverty, but I thought that was going to make me holy and draw me close to God and would make me a better nun. And so I’m willing to live in that poverty. And then, on this particular morning, she told me what I would be wearing. She said “You’ll spend nine hours in a casket” and she explained a number of things to me. That’s the most I knew about it and I didn’t find that out until I’d taken my white veil. And so, on this particular morning I’m 21 years of age. But 60 days previous to my being 21 years of age, I was told I had to sign some papers that they’ve placed in front of me. And those papers are this: I’m going to sign away every bit of inheritance that I might have received from my family after their death. Of course I signed that over to the Roman Catholic Church. And oftentimes I say the Roman Catholic priests are enticing girls, not only their background, not only their strong bodies, their strong minds, and strong wills, but they’re enticing girls where mothers and fathers have much property and they are comfortably fixed with the material things of this life. Why? Because when that child enters the convent, they’re going to get a portion of her money, of her father’s money and I often say that even salvation in the Roman Catholic Church is going to cost you plenty of money. More than you know anything about. And so they don’t mind commercializing off of that child and the inheritance that would have come to her. And so on this particular morning I told the mother superior, “Give me a little while to think it over.” She didn’t make me do it. No one did. But I thought it over for a couple years and then one day I told her, “I think I’m going to hide away behind the convent doors because I believe I could give more time to God. I could pray more.”

Nine hours in a casket

I believed I could be in a position where I could inflict more pain upon my body because we are taught to believe that God smiles down out of Heaven as we do penance, whatever the suffering might be. And I didn’t know any better because I often say, “If you could only look into the hearts of little nuns, if you are a Christian you would immediately cry out before God in behalf of those little girls,” because to me we are heathens. It doesn’t make any difference, the amount of education we have. We are still heathens. We know nothing about this lovely Christ, nothing about the plan of salvation. And we’re living as hermits in the convent.

And so on this particular morning I come walking down an aisle again… And may I say, the morning before – I can’t go into it too deeply because I never would be able to cover enough of it, so you could understand it – but this morning I’m walking down that aisle, but I don’t have a wedding garment on. I have a funeral shroud. It’s made of dark red velvet, and it’s way down to the floor. And I’m walking down that aisle. I know what I’m going to do. The casket is already made by the nuns of the cloister of very rough boards. It is sitting right out here and I know when I come down there I’ll step in that casket and lay my body down and I’m going to spend nine hours in there. And two little nuns will come and cover me up with a heavy black cloth we called a heavy mortuary drape and you know it’s so heavily incensed that I feel like I’ve smothered to death. And I have to stay there. Now I know when I come out of that casket I’ll never leave the convent again. I know I’ll never see my mother and father again. I’ll never go home again. I’ll always live behind convent doors and when I die my body will be buried there.

They told me that, so I knew it even before I done it. It’s a great price to pay, then to find out that convents are not religious orders as we were taught and as we were trained. It’s quite a disappointment to a young girl that’s given her life to God, and willing to give up so much and sacrifice so much. I’ll assure you, it was a disappointment. And so I spent those nine hours – you’ll say, “What’d you do while you lay in that casket?”

Remembering home

What do you think I did? I spilled every tear in my body. I remembered every lovely thing my mother done for me. I remembered her voice. I remembered the gathering around the table. I remembered the times when she would pray with us. I remembered the things that she said to me. I remembered what a marvelous cook she was. Everything as a little girl growing up in that home, I remembered it.

Laying there in that casket, I knew I’ll never hear her voice again and I’ll never see her face again. I’ll never put my feet under her table again and enjoy her good cooking. I knew all that and so maybe for four hours I spilled all the tears in my body because it was so hard and I knew I’d get homesick. I knew I’d want to see her someday, but I gave it all up. What for? For the love of God, I thought. I didn’t know any better. And I’ll assure you those were nine long hours. And then I seemingly got a hold of myself and I thought this, “Charlotte, now you’re going to make the best Carmelite nun!” Because everything I’ve done, even (now) that I’m out of the convent, I do give my best. I try to give everything that I have regardless what I might do. And so I did in the convent. I gave the best that I had. And I wanted to be the best nun that I could possibly be. And the mother superior knew that and, don’t worry, the priest knew all about that too.

Signature in blood

Now I realized after I come out of that casket they’re going to take me like this over to a back room. We call it the mother superior’s room. Now I’ve never been in that particular room, so I don’t know what she has in there. But, you know, when I walk in there this time the mother superior sits me down in a straight backed, hard-bottomed chair and immediately then I’m going to take three vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience. And you know, as I take those vows she opens a little place in the lobe of my ear and she takes out a portion of blood because I must sign every vow in my own blood. And after that happened I’m going to take the vow of poverty. Now when I sign that vow I sign it thus and I’m willing to live in crucial poverty the balance of my live, as long as I live. And what that poverty is like, of course we [the nuns undergoing initiation] don’t know. And then my next vow, I’m going to vow of chastity. And you know this vow of course you know what it means. I’m taught to believe that I’m married to Jesus Christ. I’m his bride. I’ll always remain a virgin. I’ll never legally marry again in this world because I have become the spouse, or the bride, of Jesus Christ. After the bishop married me to Christ he placed the ring on my finger and that meant I’m sealed to Christ. I’m married to him and I accepted it because I didn’t know any better. And now here I am taking a vow that I would always remain a virgin because I’m the bride of Christ. And I want you to listen carefully. And then, of course my last vow – of obedience.

Now when we signed that vow, I’ll assure you already I know what obedience means. I’m living in a convent and there they demand absolute obedience. You don’t get by with anything, not even for two minutes. I mean you don’t get by with it. You have to realize what obedience means and they demand it and you learn to know it and you’re much wiser the more quickly you learn it and you obey it and you give them absolute obedience.

Alright, now what does it mean to assign vows like this? Let me tell you this. It means more than you folk will ever know because most people that I know anything about, they know very little about obedience. Oh in a sense, yes, but you’ll never know what a little nun knows about obedience, I’ll assure you that one thing unless you lived in the convent. Alright, that particular vow, when I signed it in my own blood, it done something to me… Do you realize that I’ve signed away everything that I have? My human rights. I have become a mechanical human being now. I can’t sit down until they tell me to. I don’t dare to get up until they tell me to. I can’t lie down until they tell me to and neither do I dare to get up. I cannot eat until they tell me to. And what I see, I don’t see. What I hear, I don’t hear. What I fell, I don’t feel. I’ve become a mechanical human being, but you’re not aware of that until you have signed all these vows. Then you realize, “Here I am, a mechanical human being.” And of course I belonged to Rome now. I’ll assure you that right now.

Alright, after these particular vows we become forgotten women of the convent. In just a short while you’ll understand what I’m talking about. Now immediately after I’ve taken those vows then the mother superior is going to give me – take away from me, my name and give me the name of a patron saint. And she teaches me to believe that whatever happens to me in the convent I can pray to that patron saint and she will intercede and get my prayers through to God because I’m not holy enough to stand in the presence of God. It is no wonder the dear little nuns can never get close enough to God. We’ve always been taught that we’ll never be holy enough to stand in His presence and we always have to go through somebody else in order to get a prayer through to God. And we believe it because we don’t know any better. And so now, all identification of who Charlotte was is going to be put away. It’ll be taken away from me, and if you would come into the convent and call for my family name, they’d tell you there isn’t such a person there. I don’t exist, even though I’m right there, because I’m under another name.

Now the mother superior is going to cut every bit of hair off of my head, and when she cuts it with the scissors she puts the clippers on it. And I mean there’s nothing left. I don’t have one speck of hair left on my head. And of course if you could be a nun then you’d understand the heavy headgear that we have to wear – it’d be so cumbersome to have hair and so cumbersome to take care of it. We don’t have any ways of taking care of it in the convent. There are no combs in the convent. And so you can imagine how hard it would be for us to take care of a head of hair. It’s not necessary that we have a comb after they’ve finished with it. Alright, now this is my black veil, these are my perpetual vows. I’m there and I’m going to stay there.

Now, you know, up until this time, once a month I received a letter from my family and I wrote a letter out of the convent once a month to my family, even though when I’d write that letter I had no doubt they marked out a lot of it because when I would receive a letter from my family there was so much of it blacked out until there was no sense to the letter and, oh, I’d weep over those black marks. I was wondering what my mother was trying to say to me. Don’t worry. You’ll never get to know what she wanted to say to you because they have blacked it out. And so they break your heart many, many times and you’re lonely anyway because you have no friends in the convent. I’ll assure you, even though there was 180 on my particular wing, not one of those nuns was my friend and neither was I friend to them because we are not allowed to be friends in the convent. We are all policemen or detectives watching each other. That’s so we’ll tell. And the little nun that finds something to tell on the other nun, she stands in good favor with the mother superior. And then the mother teaches that nun to believe (that) when she stands in good favor with the mother superior she is standing in good favor with God. And so that little nun, of course, will want that and she’ll tell a lot of things, maybe that are not even true, on the other little nuns.

Alright. Now after all of this has transpired and all of this has happened everything I have is gone. I’ve sold my soul for a mess of theological pottage, because not only are we destroyed in our bodies, many of us are destroyed in our minds. And many of us, if we die in the convent, we’ve lost our souls. And so it’s a serious thing and I’ll surely covet your prayers for little cloistered nuns behind convent doors. They’ll never hear this gospel. They’ll never know the Christ that you folk know tonight or today. They’ll never pray to Him as you people pray to Him. They’ll never feel His blessings as you people feel them. And so put them on your hearts and pray for them. They surely need much prayer.

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July 19, 2017


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