Use Your Brain to Elongate Your Cell-By Date


When we think about ageing, and how we can halt or reverse the ageing process, we tend to look at ourselves exteriorly, and try to find the answers ‘out there’, e.g., using cosmic surgery and rejuvenating creams to try to make ourselves appear younger than we are.

We might introduce physical exercises to encourage weight loss and muscle toning in our bid to look and feel more youthful. We are conditioned to perceive life outside of ourselves, like watching a movie show. We strive for happiness by attempting to attain the ‘BBD’ (Bigger Better Deal) – we believe the higher paid job, the flashy car, the perfect partner will satisfy us. But often we find cosmic surgery, rejuvenating creams, so on, do not work, and the BBD doesn’t bring us lasting satisfaction.

But what if instead we could use the brain as a tool to induce de-ageing? What if we could somehow undertake an internal journey back in time to when we actually were young and in the peak of condition? All that we once were, in mind, body, and spirit exists within us, under the blanket of sub-consciousness. When we use our brains to rejuvenate ourselves, the amazing results from this internal work soon show on the outside, bringing the practitioner glowing youthful looks and the feeling of rejuvenation and childlike freedom. How and why does this work? Let’s take a closer look.

Like a Computer’s Hard Drive

We are born with genetic information, e.g., we naturally breathe, otherwise we would expire. You might like to think of this information like a computer’s hard drive – basic data for functioning. So a person’s unique character, talents, and ageing process, all come with this hard drive information. After birth we gather and store information along life’s rickety journey.

We learn to walk and talk, reading and writing, eating manners, dressing habits, and so on. Imagine this data like a computer’s added or external information, created. Once upon a time you taught yourself to do many things: climb a tree, ride a bike, skate, play an instrument, etc., but you probably no longer have the inclination to do many of these.

Nevertheless, millions of instructions, painstakingly mentally/physically programmed on blueprints in childhood, still exist, lying dormant in the brain’s archives. This means if you haven’t swum for decades, you’d pick it up quickly if you had to. This rule applies to innumerable things learnt during childhood. These dormant files (archived data) play a major part in ‘Use Your Brain to Elongate Your Cell-By Date.’ They are primal ‘you’. Reopening dormant files leads to rejuvenation.

A Secret Path

A secret path exists, that can lead you to your dormant file information, primal ‘you’. It is a proven fact that the parasympathetic/sympathetic nervous systems cannot tell the difference between something real and something strongly visualised. So by visualising ourselves as a seven-year old, and affirming the fact by repeating an affirmation: “I am seven years old, happy and healthy”, we can convince ourselves (nervous systems) we are at the age we work with. Startling results have been accomplished by practitioners, and many have given their accounts of successfully achieving self-healing, the halting of premature ageing, and winding back the clock, e.g., looking and feeling younger than their age.

The human body doesn’t rust like metal; rather it endlessly regenerates new cells. For instance: the skin replaces itself in the space of a month, the stomach lining in five days, and the liver in six weeks. Disease is fine-tuned to a person’s particular circumstances. The potential for healing and de-ageing lies within us all. The unconscious mind has direct access to dormant files via the key – the child-age affirmation – which allows us to enter into the land of childhood. Let’s try a little exercise to get you in the mood for ‘Use your Brain to Elongate your Cell-by Date.’

Poppy Picking

Imagine that you are sitting on an old iron gate that divides two fields. One field is full of long green grass mottled with bright red poppies and the other field is barren and brown. Cast your thoughts over the two contrasting fields and acknowledge their differences. The poppy field for instance attracts birds, field mice, butterflies, bees, and other animals, whereas the underprivileged field only attracts creatures that exist between the cracks in the arid floor. Imagine that the poppy field represents childhood and the barren field represents adulthood. Visualize and re-visit you as the child planting poppies in the barren field of adulthood until it blooms with waving poppies as in the childhood field.


Schoolchildren paint, write, perform needlework, and use many other creative outlets. From the moment children open their eyes their brains are buzzing. One look out of the window and a thousand ideas come to them. Rain and puddles are a nuisance to adults but to children they are a world full of fun and delight. No dullness or machine-like blanket of sub-consciousness could ever beset the infant’s brain, for every moment is a feast for the senses.

Contemplation for Creativity

Imagine a portrait of a little girl hangs on your dining room wall. As time goes by the little girl in the painting ages as you do! To really feed your brain fully with this concept close your eyes and carefully see her age from a little girl to a full-grown woman. It may help to imagine someone you know. A bizarre/absurd idea like this can reintroduce creativity into your life. In visualization see yourself hop back over the iron gate with the poppy that represents creativity.

Choose a child-age with plenty of memories you can associate to the child-age, and after a little practice, see for yourself the amazing transformations that can occur in your looks and the way you feel. The child-age affirmation can be said when you rise in the morning a few times under your breath while imagining that you are at that age, and this sets the correct mood for the day. You may say your child-age affirmation while at the sink washing up, shopping in the high street, or wherever. The idea is to generally uphold the feeling of being at your child-age, by gentle self-affirmation all through the day.


September 18, 2020


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