Vitamin B17 Can Eliminate Cancerous Cells And Reduce Malignant Tumors, But You Probably Don’t Know Because They Keep It Secret!

A doctor called John A. Richardson M.D. started to use this treatment “illegally” to treat his patients in his clinic in San Francisco, and it was working notably better than the commonly used treatments.

His success with laetrile is documented in Histories of Cases with Laetrile – The Clinical Experience of the Cancer of Richardson by John A. Richardson MD and Patricia Griffin Irving, R.N. Sin, although the team was later forced to deny importance of the general benefits of the vitamin called B17 when it was supported against the conventional treatments for cancer.

Vitamin B17 Is Prohibited Because It Can Treat Cancer And Destroy Any Malignant Tumor

The FDA attacked the Laetrile. According to them, the Laetrile is not authorized form of treatment and is “illegal” to be used for a professional use, therefore you can’t buy it in the USA, although it is possible to buy B17/amygdalin in the shape of a supplement.

You also can gather apricot seeds and consume them, because they are abundant in this vitamin. There are people who claim that they managed to fight their type of cancer with the help of this vitamin.

Just eat the apricot and you’ll get the seed. When you crush the seed, you’ll notice its nucleus. Eat it and you’ll provide yourself with plenty of vitamin B17.

Sloan-Kettering carried out studies on the benefits that B17 has against cancer for a period of five years between 1972 and 1977 and concluded this:
• Laetrile inhibited the growth of tumors;
• It stopped the spreading (metastasis) of cancer in mice;
• It relieved the pain related to cancer;
• It could be also used as cancer prevention;
• It improved the general health of cancer patients.

Still, the benefits of this vitamin, the B17 in cancer treatment are yet to be discovered. You have to know how to listen to your body and manage to recognize signs, so that you can visit your doctor as soon as possible and start a treatment.

As said, there are people who decide to use unconventional treatments like this for example and managed to have good results.


March 7, 2018


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