When The Body Asks For Help – 10 Important Signs That You Can Not Ignore!

The human body is regarded as perfect mechanism since it keeps in check millions of processes which happen at the same time. Amazingly, there is a strong balance between all of the processes which are seemingly independent.

Whenever any of these processes is disrupted, the body sends signals, indicating that things are not running as smoothly as they are supposed to.
The problem is that we often neglect these signals and thus fail to address the issue properly. Recognizing them on time is of utmost importance since it helps prevent further issues.

Below you have a list of the top 10 signals that you mustn’t ignore:

1. Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums are typically a sign of vitamin C deficiency. To reverse this deficiency, you should consume garlic, fruits, and veggies.

2. Dry Skin On The Elbows

Vitamin A and vitamin C deficiency are often manifested by dry skin on the elbows. In this case, you should consume more fruits and veggies, especially pumpkin, apricots, carrots, and oranges.

3. Brittle Hair And Nails

Brittle hair and nails indicate that you are deficient in calcium in vitamin D. What you should do is consume more calcium-rich and vitamin D-rich foods, such as legumes, potatoes, whole grains, wheat germ and milk.

4. Dry Skin

Dry skin is often a sign of vitamin E deficiency. To boost your vitamin E levels, you should consume more nuts and vegetable oils.

5. Poor Sleep, Irritability, Leg Cramps

Poor sleep, irritability and leg cramps are signs of magnesium and potassium deficiency. To increase your magnesium levels, you should consume more nuts, such as almonds, sunflower, and linseed.
To boost your potassium levels, consume more kale, spinach, chard, and other green leafy veggies. Both magnesium and potassium can be obtained from apricots, red beet and plums as well.

6. Desire For Sour Food

Craving for sour foods indicates that the body needs an additional stimulation of the liver and gallbladder. The solution is very simple: consume more lemons and cranberries.

7. Increased Desire For Seafood

If you are craving a lot of seafood, it is very likely that you are iodine deficient.

8. Desire For Raw Foods

Craving raw foods might indicate gastritis and liver issues. Following a raw diet has been shown to soothe the stomach and relieve cramps.

9. Sweet Cravings

Nervous exhaustion is the common cause of sweet cravings since the body needs glucose as a source of energy. In case you find yourself craving for sweets, reach for dark chocolate, dried fruit or honey.

10. Cravings For Salty Food

These cravings could be a sign of infection or inflammation in the body, especially in the urogenital system.


January 6, 2018



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