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Welcome to YogaEsoteric Calendar.
This program brings the meditations from on your local computer.


Choose the language in which you want the program to display meditations from Romanian, English and French. This option will be memorized, so next time you run the program, it will use your last option.

If you are using a dial-up connection, it is recommended to save events after downloading them. Whenever you connect to the Internet, click ‘Reconnect’ from ‘General’ tab. The program will attempt to connect to and receive the meditation program. You can minimize the program into systray and the program will wait until 5 minutes before the meditation is set. For 5 minutes, the program will display reminders from minute to minute on the bottom-right corner of your screen.
If the program cannot connect to the Internet, it will attempt to load previously saved events.

You can set if the program loads on windows start-up or not, move to tray when minimized or remain on the taskbar, and if it should display or not reminders. Please see ‘Settings’ tab from the left of the YogaEsoteric Calendar main screen. This options are also saved, so next time you run the program, it will use the options you set last time.

You can also print events from the ‘General’ tab.
Note that your browser must allow java scripts, in order to print events. If you are using Microsoft Windows XP SP2, you should allow your browser to run java scripts, because its default setting does not allow it to run scripts.


Thank you for using Calendar!

Also available in: English Français

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