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Detailed account of the astral theme for the maximum moment of the solar hiatus in 2010

Uranus / Saturn opposition
Whenever these two planets combine into an astrogram their astral subtle influences in direct relationship one to another – as the moment of this year’s solar hiatus – we are implicitly warned we are going to make very important choices for our existence, being necessary to pay attention to different options and alternatives which are apparently equal in value or to combine harmoniously certain opposed tendencies which are also necessary for the new stage of personal or collective evolution.

At the maximum moment of the solar hiatus in August 2010 these two planets are mathematically in the aspect of opposition (180º aspect), which make evident the contradictory tendencies and possible confusions marking us in the present and which are necessary for us to solve in a mature, wise, optimistic matter. This opposition is however a bit more special, since it is not produced on opposed zodiac signs (being also at 180º one to another), but on zodiac signs being in quincunx (150º): Uranus is at the very end of Pisces zodiac sign, while Saturn is at the beginning of Libra zodiac sign. Consequently, in a very interesting manner, the influences of the two planets can be also considered as a divine sign or message by means of which we are reinsured that, irrespective of the difficulty of our life lessons between August 2010 – August 2011, we will always have both God’s support and also Grace and Love of the Great Cosmic Power TRIPURA SUNDARI. The subtle astral energy of this aspect can be considered in this respect as well as a sort of ultimatum (something like “it’s now or never”), which must make us act in an “all or nothing” manner.

Another very precious piece of information offered by the special relationship of opposition between the governors of the Ascendant of the solar hiatus is that certain big groups of people (especially the ones appeared on basis of their spiritual affinities) can have the sudden revelation of their common destination – ultimate divine perfection – and will be able to make great steps together, in order to their fusion into a community based on an authentic state of spiritual fraternity and cooperation, which act in unison for saving the planet from certain imminent dangers – either natural catastrophes or diabolic intrigues of certain satanic-oriented organizations (e.g., Freemasonry).
It is possible that this phenomenon is produced slowly or difficultly but, once produced, it will act for long periods and with maximum effectiveness.

The 10th on Scorpio zodiac sign
 The 10th House is one of the most important houses of an astrogram, because it shows where will be directed, generally speaking, the energy the Ascendant offers to a human being, to a collectivity or to an event. In other words, to where we could orient, go, project ourselves in the year to come. The traditional astrology calls this 10th House „House of calling, honors, fame, public stand, achievements”. In other words, this House simply shows how we will fructify what is coming from God through the astral influx of the Ascendant Sign.

At the maximum of this year’s solar hiatus, the 10th house is occupied by Scorpio zodiac sign, sign of any sort of transformations, of regenerations, of sexuality and death.
Significantly and auspiciously is that the planet Mars (which is the traditional governor of the 8th House) it is placed in the 8th House, fact that indicates a high spiritual aspiration and also the conscious and more and more plenary involvement of the people towards a supreme spiritual goal. In the context of the great planetary transformations which are already in progress and of the third prophesy of Fatima, it is possible that this astrological aspect to determine, under certain circumstances, that all the planet acts in unison, begging for the Grace and Love of the Heavenly Father (God) to protect and guide us through these difficult last times, when the human race faces so many problems and dangers – which are, essentially speaking, the forerunning signs announcing the new spiritual ages.

 The 10th House on Scorpio zodiac sign draws attention that the realizations of this solar year (one year interval between two consecutive solar hiatuses) take into account: all that can innerly regenerate or reorientate us, certain unexpected financial ways out, certain existential and spiritual test regarding the amplification (or, on the contrary, the lack) of the personal power, practice of the sexual continence as a superior way of life and of acceleration of the spiritual evolution, etc. At the planetary level, it is possible that certain mysterious sources of authentic spiritual revelations are discovered or disclosed in order to be given back to mankind. What we have to do in all these cases is to plenarily accept renovations and transformations and to be more and more perseverant in our spiritual practice which, beyond the support granted by the initiatic school we are a part of or the groups we belong to, it is completely up to us – to our perseverance, to our firm faith in God and in the spiritual masters guiding us. This piece of information is offered by the presence of the modern governor of Scorpio zodiac Sign (and of the 10th house, as well), Pluto, in Capricorn zodiac Sign (which is associated with responsibility) and in the 11th House. Saturn, the traditional governor of the ascendant is in Libra zodiac sign and it has a special energetic condition.

Mars, the traditional governor of Scorpio zodiac sign is in exile, in Libra zodiac sign. This shows that the astral subtle force of these two planets will act harmoniously and deeply transforming upon us only if we seek as constant as possible to become real superior “relays” through which God will impregnate with divine, sublime energies, the human and social environment we live. In other words, God will work for each of us, into each of us, with each of us and through each of us. Each of us will become in such a way a perfect and pure channel of God for all of the others and will be able to live plenarily, under these circumstances, the state of love, of empathy, or even of telepathic communion to our fellow man, first of all to the people we love and that love us.

MC on Sagittarius
Middle of the Sky (MC) is the highest point in the horoscope if considered the place where an event occurs or, in other words, the most elevated level of the zodiac sign which can be seen projected above the Sky. Its importance is defined as against the Ascendant and the 10th House, and also represents the strongest aspiration, the highest realization a human being or a collectivity wishes for.

The calculation way used for establishing the Middle of the Sky makes that this very important point of an astral theme be localized either in the 9th House, or in the 10th one, or in the 11th one. In other words, we could say that its significance, related to the fulfillment, completion direction, the Ascendant’s energy can take, can be:

-„behind” the 10th House (that is, during that year or life, the human being/collectivity will tend to the plenary fulfillment of the realizations he/she/it is directed by the Ascendant’s energy)
-„into step with” the energy of the 10th House (that is, during that year or life, the human being/collectivity will completely correspond to the fulfillments/realizations to where is directed by the Ascendant’s energy
-„before” the 10th House (that is, during that year or life, the human being/collectivity will do much more, either quantitatively or qualitatively, either both quantitatively and qualitatively than the Ascendant’s energy can generate).

MC in Sagittarius shows the fact that God, through His grace, offers to all that are opened, the chance of discovering and of practicing the fundamental Truth for our entire existence, that in life, it is essential and prior the spiritual evolution and not only the material success and the illusory power given by money or others material goods obtained through neglecting or even complete ignoring of spiritual evolution.

At the individual level, each human being, according to his/her aspirations, ideals and faith, can receive or can rejoice (in a way or another) the direct Grace of his/her spiritual master, being in such a way guided, protected or guarded in a special way so that he/she could make important steps for his/her spiritual awakening, for amplifying aspiration, for surpassing certain obstacles or for passing successfully certain spiritual tests or life lessons.

The general planetary conditions are highly beneficial and favorable at the maximum moment of the solar hiatus
At the maximum moment of the solar hiatus this year, almost all the planets benefit by special energetic conditions, this being another sign of the divine generosity that offers us, by means of them, support, protection, success in the good actions we are to make, optimism, etc. and facilitates us the telepathic access into the superior parallel subtle worlds. We will also benefit by a special accomplishing effectiveness in all we undertake beneficially, by unconditional love and, especially, by Divine Grace. Here is now, in a nutshell, which is the astronomic position and general aspectation of the planets at the maximum moment of the solar hiatus:
-Mercury is in its nocturnal domicile (Virgo zodiac sign)
-Venus is in its diurnal domicile (Libra zodiac sign)
-Saturn is in exaltation in Libra zodiac sign although it forms an opposition with Uranus, which is very close to the cuspidal (the demarcation line between Pisces zodiac sign and Aries zodiac sign)
-Jupiter, in apparent retrograde motion, is in trigonocracy in Aries zodiac sign – meaning it is in a sign from the same element (fire) with the sign that governs – Sagittarius;
- Jupiter (the principle of expansion) and Saturn (the principle of contraction) realize the opposition Aries / Libra.

Through this complex opposition between Saturn, on one side and Uranus, Jupiter and Moon on the other side, the Divine Providence draw us attention that, if until now the humankind has had innumerable opportunities to let itself guided to the new times marked by a deep state of spirituality, now it’s time for certain major spiritual tests through which we are offered the chance of authentic spiritual awakening. These spiritual tests relate to our capacity of manifesting spiritual discrimination. This conjuncture  shows the fact that it is possible that, in a very short time, even unexpected or sudden to be determined to manifest our free will in order that we should do certain very important decisions in our life, decisions that can not be postponed or avoided and which influence and decide our spiritual evolution from now on.

Thus, we can chose to loose special chances and the moments of grace which are offered to us and to refuse to transform ourselves through the repeated ignorance of these opportunities because of our isolation, prejudices, stubbornness which some of us confront. At the same time, through the engagement of the free will, we can choose in a divine, conscientious and responsible manner, to transform our existence and to live our life in a profoundly spiritual way, having like a life guiding principle the main idea that our spiritual mission and our essential aim in this existence is to discover God, as profoundly as we can, firstly in our inner universe. Through the experimentation of this fundamental truth within our being, we shall be capable to integrate in a harmonious way the other aspects of our existence, too: prosperity, happiness, health.

Besides, since the Grace of God offered to us this year is very great, it is possible that at least one spiritual guide (this aspect is correlated especially with the presence of Jupiter on Aries zodiac sign) to support (or, more precisely, God Himself to support through a spiritual guide being) with an impressive force the individual effort of the human beings who choose in a divinely, conscientious and responsible way (this aspect is correlated especially with the presence of Saturn on Libra zodiac sign) to change their common, profane existential condition into a sacred, divine one. Another very important quality specific to Jupiter-Saturn relationship which we need to become aware of, to assimilate and to use as much constantly as possible is the sense of measure and harmony in all we think, utter or accomplish.

Mercury and Venus have a special importance too, because each of them is in their own domicile.

Global aspectation of the planets will help us to learn and assimilate certain important – even major – life lessons. For example, configuration of the 9th House can indicate the imminence of a planetary spiritual lesson which, being associated to Libra zodiac sign shall have most probably a social or collective character. Another lesson shall have a relational character (this being indicated by the conjunction Venus-Mars in Libra zodiac sign) - where the women will play a main role (because Mars is in exile and Venus is in its diurnal, YANG domicile). Generally speaking, all of us is required much perseverance, seriousness, and responsibility (these elements being indicated by the particular aspectation of Saturn) and our transformation under the guidance of an authentic spiritual guide shall be extremely important under these circumstances (this aspect being indicated by the fact that Saturn, which is the traditional governor of the Ascendant, is in exaltation on Libra zodiac sign and in the 9th House). But it could also be an individual, highly transforming lesson (indicated by configuration of the 8th House), that requires from us much spirit of sacrifice, humility, abnegation, unconditioned altruism (all these being indicated by the superposition of the 8th House upon Virgo zodiac sign) in order to obtain a superior understanding, understanding which refers firstly to spirituality in general, to the binominal of the complementary elements death-sexuality, as well as to the awakening and amplification of the occult power (especially, of the occult power generated by the initiatic, esoteric knowledge – this indication is offered by the fact that Mercury is in an apparent retrograde motion).

Especially this last lesson can be extraordinary important, if we consider the special status of Mercury (unlike the all other planets) in the theme of this year’s hiatus: except for the fact Mercury is in its nocturnal domicile (Virgo zodiac sign), at the hiatus it (Mercury) is almost completely not aspectated and also in an apparent retrograde movement. The essential lesson it offers is the lesson of the complete spiritual rebirth, in conformity with the millenary traditional teachings but also the lesson of the unselfish service and of the help full of abnegation offered to those who need it.
We should also mention that a planet which is in apparent retrograde motion means, in general, activation of a certain karmic accumulation which is to be solved, this not implying obligatorily tensing, grave or difficult events. However, that situation may require of us a lot of attention, observing turn of mind and presence of mind, so that those KARMIC residua would be solved and definitively surpassed.

Mutual reception Uranus-Neptune on Pisces-Aquarius zodiac signs
This astrologic configuration appears every 167 years and lasts around 7-8 years. Now it covers the interval between 11.03.2003 and 12.03.2011.

The periods characterized by this planetary and zodiacal combination create often the impression that we live in two worlds, both of them accessible or, on the contrary, that we feel (in a way) odd in the present time and space. It supports the collective spiritual awakening, planetary spiritual groups and brotherhoods, charity actions, birth of a new and completely superior moral conscience, need to cancel all the limitative constraints and prejudgments, endless compassion for all the creatures, coming back to the primordial pure (re)sources of the life, dynamization and amplification of the superior group conscience, awareness and fulfillment of our great existential ideals.

From the social point of view, if the astral subtle energy of this mutual reception is used or integrated harmoniously, both the nations and the entire planet can reach true divine revelations, superior understandings regarding the origin of the world and of the Universe, rediscovery and wise or even inspired update of the ancient traditional esoteric teachings; as well, during this mutual reception, it is possible that the great initiates and spiritual guides contribute decisively to revealing some new spiritual teachings, able to pull humanity off the general deadlock in which it is now.

Since this mutual reception is a long one, its particularities and specificities are given by the Houses it occupies. Consequently, in the moment of the solar hiatus on August 2010, mutual reception of Uranus-Neptune is produced in the 1st House (of personality) and in the 2nd one (of the values and goods obtained by means of one’s own efforts). From the practical, concrete point of view, it means that what will preoccupy us a lot on the level of personality (1st House), will be the contents of the 2nd House (values and goods). These concerns appears especially because life will ask for us to redefine the system of values on the whole; they will visibly affect us (1st House) absolutely all the values (2nd House), no matter if this means we will lack money, bare necessities, qualities, special talents, etc. some people will have to solve their material problems by their own efforts; other people, instead, will be determined to urgently solve the problem of their spiritual values. Some people will have to become aware of the illusions they have about their own person, whereas other ones have to do something with the special gifts God offered to them so that they could help their fellows. Some people will have to understand that the divine talents do not represent a way to enrichment, whereas other ones notice that God endowed them with abilities which allow them to solve perfectly honestly and spiritually the concern regarding the bare necessities. In all these situations, the deep awareness may represent an important, highly fast and direct way of inner transformation and spiritual evolution.

Lilith in Pisces zodiac sign
Lilith indicates some of our “shadows” or, differently speaking, certain life lessons we do not manage to assimilate them yet and that manifest themselves, in general, by various behavioral mistakes we tend to repeat unconsciously again and again, endless times.

To the same extent, the fact that Lilith is placed in Pisces zodiac sign and in the theme of this year’s solar hiatus can also be understood in the sense that is those who constantly applied the spiritual knowledge they assimilated along the time have now the chance to discover the force and effectiveness of the spiritual initiations they had received, gathering in such a way their good fruits in all the fields, including in their social life, because they developed special abilities which allows them to have great and numerous successes, including the professional field.

At the level of the entire society, this astral configuration can be the indicator of a profound values’ crisis, which can however determine a lot of people (including the ones being extremely desperate) to implore sincerely and with abnegation the liberating intervention of God into their lives.

Predominance of the conjunctions of the planetary subtle influxes

Extremely intense aspects from the energetic point of view, the conjunctions seem to miss never their aim, warning, especially for the collective events, about the ability of the big human groups to act in unison.

Thus, they also warn about the fact that the present time mankind may pass through a considerable existential crisis which will lead it either to an extreme “breaking up” of the group conscience or to a deep understanding of the necessity to act as one during the moments requiring courage, determination, fixity in the goal to be attained, or even the personal sacrifice for the purpose of a veritable considerable moral and spiritual resurrection on which a much superior society could be built up. Here are these conjunctions:

Complex conjunction Uranus/Jupiter/Moon on Pisces/Aries zodiac signs and in the 2nd House

An extremely complex one, this conjunction draws attention that the social values accepted by the present time mankind are very close to their critical point, that now mankind crosses over a profound values’ crisis and that the fundamental state institutions do not any longer represent factors of protection for the collectivity but, on the contrary, factors of control and submit the citizens. Health, culture, education, legislation, public services, food are fields which require obligatory and urgent reorganization and revitalization. As well, banking services may awake in an even greater deadlock than the present one, due to the social crisis already affecting bigger and bigger groups or classes of people. In such a background, the conflicts between generations may come to a head, also because of the absence of some real civic and spiritual models that would help the younger ones to adhere to authentic spiritual and moral values and the older ones to feel more secure.

In the new solar year it is possible for us, as beings consciously following a path of authentic spiritual evolution, to be highly solicited by various major human problems and this may determine some other people to imply themselves more and more in charitable or helping actions for the disfavored social categories. In such a way, the spiritual teaching we have received will be able to be spread globally within the society and it may become consequently a kind of extremely dynamic, efficient and transforming spirituality.

Conjunction Mars-Venus on Libra zodiac sign in the 8th and in the 9th House
This conjunction makes evident the importance of the couple relationships or of the sincere love relationships, which can support or even generate real spiritual leaps. Last but not least, the society in which the love relationships take into account the spiritual ideals as well, is a healthy, strong and firmly oriented both to the future and to the most valuable and elevated aspects of the past. For the people gifted with a superior level of spiritual knowledge, this conjunction is an indication of the chance many couples have to awake more and more completely to the Divine Love or to attain the glorious androgynous state  as a result of a constant, perseverant spiritual practice made in couple.

Conjunction Neptune/Chiron on Aquarius zodiac sign and in the 1st House
Asteroid Chiron, orbiting between Saturn and Uranus, indicates in the contemporary astrology the action of an initiate/master/spiritual guide who unifies and harmonizes conservatism and non-conformism, the old and the new, tradition and innovation, slowness and quickness, routine and spontaneity, etc.

Neptune, which is the second one of the planets considered as „modern” (because they are not explicitly indicated in the traditional astrology), indicates here the necessity of following a deeply spiritual ideal, emergency in becoming aware of the spiritual values we need, creative imagination and artistic refinement, divine truths that nurture our being.

The presence of this conjunction in the 1st House (house of personality) at the maximum of this year’s solar hiatus, under the circumstances in which Chiron is in an apparent retrograde motion, means the emergency for our conscious transformation by us choosing certain perfect spiritual models as guide marks in our inner growth and by us permanent appealing the Divine Grace and the support from our spiritual guide, the only one who is able to guide on/towards the Path leading most quickly to God. It is possible to become now aware of the fact that we have not followed or disregarded many times the wise advice our spiritual guide offered us along the time, because of our lack of trust or of the complacency in a gregarious state, or because of the exacerbated haughtiness, etc. On the other hand, now we have the opportunity to experience (maybe for the very first time) complete abandonment towards God and towards the guidance of our spiritual guide, and the spiritual benefits to result from here will appear to us more often than not as being simply miraculous.

From another point of view, conjunction Neptune-Chiron draws attention upon the fact that some of us will be put many times this solar year (respectively, until the next solar hiatus – in 2011) in the position of spiritual guides. To become more and more complete channels of manifestation for the divine energies means, in fact, to follow the Path of the Heart and Divine Love, surpassing in a natural gradual way all our limitations.

Absence of the sextile aspect
In this year’s hiatus, of the relationships the planets make among them, the sextile aspect misses completely. This aspect confers us the energy of communication, of the all kinds of exchanges and of mediations, between any two energies, processes, events, beings, etc. (including the process of respiration, amorous fusion and even relationship between mater and disciple). Essentially speaking, all is about an aspect which directs the energies both from the interior to the exterior (from us to the others) and vice versa.

The absence of the sextile aspect shall determine that in this entire solar year (one-year interval between two consecutive solar hiatuses) we could face the difficulty of realizing any kind of exchanges or the difficulty to communicate, which can generate major problems of assimilation, elimination, or fortification of our being, in all our levels.
However, from the spiritual point of view, the solar year starting with the hiatus promises to be highly beneficial. The quality to which we can have the easiest access and use, as a result of the absence of the sextile aspect, is PRATYAHARA (withdrawal from our sensorial universe, inside our profound being) and the opportunity to attain very high state of meditations (DHYANA). Once these qualities were dynamized and developed, it is to be expected the amplification of our spiritual intuition, premonitory perceptions, empathy, telepathic abilities, etc.; all these can be also regarded as forms of preparation of our being for the times to come.

The absence of the sextiles make this year’s solar hiatus be rather paradoxical: fundamentally, the sextile is connected to planet Mercury and Gemini zodiac sign and it indicates the facility in learning, in communicating, in interacting; its absence could also give a warn about a knowledge crisis, in a year when the energetic predominance of the hiatus is, however, as we previously showed, Mercurian above all. If we take into account the special condition of Mercury (which is not aspected), then this apparently paradoxical situation has not make us wonder, since it aims at our support to introspection and to self-knowledge, to the divine discernment and the spiritual maturation.

Again, the septile

The septile is produced, in this year’s maximum of the solar hiatus, between the asteroid Junon (located on Leo zodiac sign and in the 6th House) and Saturn (located on Libra zodiac sign and in the 8th House). It is a harmonious septile, because it uses in it energies two compatible Elements, both of them predominantly YANG: Fire and Air. The life lesson this septile announces is the one of the relationships of deep love, which will eliminate any kind of blockages and haughtiness which may appear within the couple. As well, the couples having already reached a profound relational experience will be much more easily able to resonate with various spiritual entities in the parallel subtle realms, which consequently will accelerate their evolution.

These types of test (where love plays the main role) may sometimes present a high level of difficulty, since each of the two lovers may face sometimes various rigid attitudes, seclusions, dominating or intensely possessive tendencies, different subconscious fears, certain mischieves, etc.

Quadrature – the great challenge
The traditional astrology considers this aspect as being not at all favorable or pleasant, and in the modern astrology it is even called “malefic aspect”. Due to its complexity and profundity, the Quadrature marks however a necessary evolutive leap that had to appear long time ago and in front of which we kept on hesitating, blocking, having no courage or being too haughty to accept it (in other words, we refused it); but now, the energetic evolutive wave is very big and we will be forced to act, because there is no other solution. That is why, “dynamic aspect” could be considered as much more proper for the quadrature aspect. Prudence, self-control, wisdom, deeply beneficial intentions, and plenary acceptation of the Divine Will can help us in surpassing successfully or even obtaining great achievements and soul transformations through such moments.

Together with the conjunction aspect, the quadrature aspect is the main energetic “feeder” of this year’s solar hiatus (and also of the entire solar year that follows until the next annual hiatus of the Sun). The most important “piece” of this feeder is planet Pluto, which is involved in four dynamic aspects (with the Moon and the planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus), exactly as a virtuoso that would play concomitantly four instruments. Considered from a spiritual perspective, all these quadratures should be understood as preparatory steps that help us in adapting ourselves to the very elevated cosmic subtle vibrations which “renew”, in a certain way, all our planetary system and this reflects naturally upon us too.

We present now the essential elements characterizing the quadratures of this astral moment:

Uranus-Pluto quadrature
This quadrature is experienced rather as certain tensioned attitudes, on the background of an eager desire that something should be modified in our life as soon a possible. Due to this astral subtle influence it is possible for us to experience very complex states, from genuine spiritual revelation to short exaltations or even depressions; it is also possible to have numerous sensations of “deja-vu”, intuitions, premonitions, etc. Consequently, it is highly probable to feel often such an acute state of satiety regarding the present situation that, although we can feel certain fear or inner uncertainty regarding the general transformations that are going to appear, we will ask intensely for them, from our deep desire that the situation should take a new direction and in order for us to find our inner balance again.
These attitudes indicate in fact a profound system crisis, we become more and more aware about. The laws, hierarchies, and hierarchisations artificially imposed, social conventions, outdated mentalities secluded in absurd or stupid prejudgments are not at all compatible to the actual transforming step crossed by mankind on the whole. Educational, medical, banking, economic systems, etc., are already in a very high level of entropy (disorder and dissolution). The time crisis generates, in its turn, any kind of crises – especially, value crises. People do not have any time for culture, for art, for spirituality, they do not have any time for a deep relaxation and the age of computerization, of the virtual reality and the internet work havoc at the relationally level and make us become more and more “robotized”, though we apparently have much more opportunities of being “together” (in virtual spaces). We could say that, always, where there is a system crisis there is, in fact, deeply, an acute value crisis which is the result of the fact that the being lost his/her connection to the Divine Centre in his/her heart, but he/she becomes aware it and start searching for It.

Saturn-Pluto quadrature

It is not every generation that is contemporary to such an aspect, which is realized, we could say, by the members of the same planetary “family”: the so-called “family of the KARMIC planets”, among whose Saturn and Pluto possess a sort of condition of royalty: their quadrature relationship indicates, generally speaking, “the end of the old times”, but also “the countdown” announcing a new period of Divine Grace, the imminent transformation to come after we lose all that is obsolete and outdated. On the other hand, it is also possible to lose all we have had and we have not appreciated, all we have received an have not made use of it, all we was entrusted to our own good an we have deteriorated: from all sort of goods to social situation, health, relationships with other human beings, etc. to exceptional spiritual initiations and unique spiritual chances.
Quadrature relationship between these two planets can be consequently perceived as well as a lack of perspective or success, as a sort of total stopping, doubled by the fear to a future which, at first sight, seems not to be auspicious. But all these are but appearances, since in reality the situation is not at all like this: the astral subtle energy specific to this quadrature rebalances us, harmonizes us and helps to deepen the knowledge we have obtained so far – be it either professional, social, human, artistic or spiritual – in order to discover in this practical knowledge all the support we need. Moderation, firm faith in God the Father, trust in our own forces, patience, reconsideration of the past values and of the great authentic spiritual traditions, unconditioned love and awareness of the fact ALL OF US ARE THE CHILDREN OF THE SAME HEAVENLY FATHER (God) – will help us to perceive clearly the path to a much accelerated spiritual evolution.

Jupiter-Pluto quadrature
This quadrature as well does not lack some (we could name it) spectacularity, because it puts in a long term relationship the biggest planet (Jupiter) and the smallest one (Pluto) of our solar system or, in terms of the Greek mythology, the master of Olympus or of the Peaks of the spirituality (king of all kings, Jupiter/Zeus) and the master of Inferno or of the abysses (Pluto/Hades). These two planets in a quadrature relationship represent in fact the fundamental subtle dynamism which has as its task to awake us from our state of lethargy and ignorance; they help us as well to accept the truth about ourselves and to obtain gradually the conscience of the order and wise organization of the Universe. In this context, the correlated influence of these two planets can also be interpreted as a serious ultimatum regarding to the planetary resources which are indispensable for our daily lives – water, heat, any kind of energy – which may be more and more in deficit for a long time from now on.

Moon – Pluto quadrature
As a continuation of what I said earlier about the quadratures, this quadrature between the fastest astrological planet (the Moon) and the slowest astrological planet (Pluto) as an apparent motion across the sky, may indicate some major confrontations, which could brutally turn back the civilisation as we know it now to an archaic way of life for which nobody knows if we are prepared (especially mentally). The emotional control, the physical health, rediscovering of the wisdom traditions, the spiritual reconsideration of the woman, the reassessment of ethnicities and people, reconsideration of interstate borders, demographic reality of the world and last, but not least, the planetary food „genocide” caused by various harmful food additives, by the genetic manipulations etc., can become goals and major problems of the entire planet population since all these are truths that affect us all. The last ones could rightly be considered institutionalized „poisons”, systematically destroying the human existence (including our own being) as well as the divine right to life on this planet.

The trigon – an important aspect to watch this year
Besides the sextile, the trigon aspect is considered to be very beneficial: it means both gifts and special skills with which we were all born and we deliberately use at will, as well as a sign of Divine Grace that we can enjoy for long periods of time in our life or even during our entire existence.  
If the sextile aspect have, fundamentally, the nature of Mercury, being essentially representative for the skills and gifts related to learning and communication, the trigon aspect have essentially the nature of beneficial relations between Venus and Jupiter, these being representative for the harmony and coherence of thought, speech and action as well as for the chance we were given at our arrival on the world, to enjoy certain facilities and opportunities.

Here are the essential elements that characterize the trigon aspects of this astral moment:

The Venus – Neptune trigon
Sustains and enhances devotion and the love for God within the human beings. It put us in resonance with the most elevated subtle astral influxes of Pisces zodiac sign (Neptune is the governor of Pisces zodiac sign and Venus is in exaltation in this zodiac sign). At the same time, this trigon help us to fully manifest our creativity, aesthetic sense, intense aspiration towards Good and Beauty as essential components of our life.

The Moon – Junon trigon
Maintains and enhances the feminity, the refined sensibility as well as the other feminine qualities of the soul which are essential in our couple relations: gentleness, kindness, empathy, tenderness, smooth passion, unconditional devotion, forgiveness, harmony, transfiguration etc.

The Sun – Pluto trigon
Sustains and enhances the masculinity in its sublime essence, active, always dynamic, always ready to act promptly and lucidly in difficult situations of life or to overcome heroically and (if is the case) even by certain sacrifices, any limitations, bringing a new vital breath in our life, a new existential quality, a new opportunity to success – both individually and collectively.  Spiritually speaking, this trigon announces the more and more obvious manifestation of the essential and divine aspect of the human being – the Supreme Self ATMAN, to which is best to relate right before the meditation on the moment of the solar hiatus, so we could reach a profound, beneficial, harmonious and sublime state of resonance with the gigantical spheres of force from the Macrocosm which will support us in the new energetical year in all we aspire to transform in our being.

Special planetary configurations: cardinal-mobile T Square

At the maximum of this year’ solar hiatus, the circle of the zodiac is dominated by a single planetary model: the cardinal-mobile T Square, which could be also called the „energetic battery” of this chart.  It actually represents an accumulation of squares due to the opposition between Saturn and the complex conjunction made by Uranus, Jupiter and the Moon, thus we have three squares:
- cardinal-mobile T square consisting of the Uranus – Saturn opposition (in the signs Pisces and Libra) and the center-planet Pluto (in the sign of Capricorn) which is in opposition with each of them;
- cardinal T square consisting of the Jupiter – Saturn opposition (in the signs Aries and Libra) and the center-planet Pluto (in the sign of Capricorn), which is in opposition with each of them;
- cardinal T square consisting of the Moon – Saturn opposition (in the signs Aries and Libra) and the center-planet Pluto (in the sign of Capricorn), which is in opposition with each of them.

The cardinal vibrational mode (whose energy is predominant in this plurality of squares because it characterizes the majority of the signs involved: Aries, Libra, Capricorn) confers relational dynamics, while the mobile vibrational mode (which is a characteristic of the signs of Pisces) and prone to exchanges and alterations, travels, communication, adaptability. This draws our attention to certain possible relational crisis or even at the social system level, certain powerful conflicts (including those with a collective nature).

Both individually and in the groups we belong, we have to solve and transform various weaknesses and mistakes which we „inherited” from previous lives.
This complex planetary configuration helps us understand and eliminate (due to the force that Pluto as a center-planet has) all sorts of repressed tendencies, obsessions or sufferings, but also to fulfill aspirations, ideals or hopes which we nurture for years or even for several lives, somewhere, in the depths of our soul. The need for power, the thirst of social ascension or the rush after such ephemeral things are also a part of the „squabble” that we have to finally eliminate of our objectives and aims.

Those who never really thought of the spiritual aspect of their life may face very difficult life experiences or very harsh from their point of view, which will shake the ground of their entire existence but which will help them realize that God is a Reality and not merely a theoretical idea or a social convenience.

Impressive presence of fixed stars at the hiatus moment
It is very interesting that, in this year’ hiatus moment, every planet, with no exception, and every sensitive point of the chart is in a direct relation with at least one fixed star (as it is well known, the stars are called „fixed” because, in relation with the planets, they have an extremely slow motion – a degree at each 72 year). To benefit from the influence of a fixed star or to capitalize on its energy should be no more than a degree away from fixed star that falls for a limited period of time in question. We mention that the most powerful aspect for the relationship between the planets and the fixed stars is the conjunction aspect.

Another particular feature is that each fixed star acquires in the chart the characteristic of the planet with which falls in conjunction. This is due mainly to their mostly Mercurial nature, which makes that the importance and the influence of Mercury to considerably enhance during the new solar year, and the domains of the VIIIth  House (the house of Mercury residence in this chart) to gain also a considerable importance. (For a deeper understanding of the issues associated with this astrological House, we recommend the re-reading of the esoteric meanings of the Sign of Virgo – which is fundamentally linked with the VIIIth House, aspects that were presented in the holiday brochure Costineşti 2008).

The fixed stars involved in the chart of the moment of maximum of this year’ solar hiatus are in number of 17 stars, which entitles us to believe that, during this solar year, symbolically speaking, God „will open His Heavens” so He will manifest as never before, offering to the human kind overwhelming spiritual gifts. We could even say in this regard that very special synchronicities are announced, our choices are supported and fully accelerated, in their fulfillment, by tremendous cosmic energies.

Generally speaking, these 17 fixed stars predominantly amplifies the resonance of the hiatus moment with the subtle force spheres of Mars and, in particular, Mercury.

Here is the relationship between planets/ sensitive points of the hiatus moment and the fixed stars, with a summary outlining of their interaction (a very brief description of the fixed stars involved in this chart is given in the attached glossary):
-  Ascendent in conjunction with the fixed star Sualocin, which gives the entire chart the resonance (and through it, the hiatus moment itself) with the features of Mercury.
- Neptun and Chiron in conjunction with the fixed star Gienah, which amplifies the energetical spectrum of Neptun, enhancing in the same time (both for individuals and groups) the need of guidance by an authentic spiritual master.  
- Black Moon conjunct with the fixed stars Sadalachbia and Biham, Biham being a symbol of adolescence (mercurial quality), and Sadalabchia is, in the context of the moment of hiatus, one of the most important fixed stars, for both its meanings and for emphasizing the qualities of Black Moon.
- Jupiter conjunct with the fixed stars Kerb and Deneb Kaitos, perhaps the only fixed stars which are „out” in a certain extent from the characterisitics of the planet that they are in conjunction with: none of them is neither enhances nor stress out the planetary force field of Jupiter.
- The Junon asteroid conjunct with the fixed star Kochab, fixed star that amplifies the relational stability, even more when Junon is at the maximum of hiatus in the VIIth House – the House of human relations in general and couple relations in particular.
- The Sun conjunct with the fixed star El Koprach, a very important star in the extent of the hiatus moment because it gives the Sun a special resonance with a certain state of plenitude.
- Mercury conjunct with fixed stars Alcor and Asterion, which amplifies the power of observation, the mental acumen and the intelligence.  
- Saturn conjunct with fixed stars Nodus I and Zaniah, fixed stars which emphasizes both Saturn’s qualities as well as its specific rigor.
- Mars conjunct with fixed stars Kraz and Seginus, fixed stars which amplifies the martian nature in its elevated aspect, the first star bringing a Uranian touch as well.
- Venus conjunct with fixed star Mufrid, which amplifies the resonance with the Sign of Libra, the diurnal home of the planet.
- Pluto conjunct with the fixed star Polis, which amplifies in particular the qualities which the planet has when is in its home: the Sign of Scorpio.
- North Node conjunct with the fixed star Facies, star which amplifies the power to achieve our profound aspirations and spiritual fulfillment of our destiny (DHARMA).

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