– completion made by the astrologers Diana Şerban and Zoltan Bartha –
– the occidental equal house system was used for this analysis –
– the final writing of this text was made by yoga instructor Nicolae Catrina –

The moments of hiatus (or, in other words, of interruption or discontinuity) being in fact stages of transition between two consecutive manifestations that take place in the time-continuance – or, to put it simple, between two successive temporal moments – represent, from a spiritual perspective, a true crow or celebration of the mysterious moment of transformation, of translation, of death and rebirth, aspect of an occult nature which is indispensable to any evolutive phenomenon. Every form of progress and every transformation (no matter on what level it takes place) is always triggered and made possible by a moment of hiatus. Every moment of happiness or sufferance etc., is preceded and then followed by a hiatus (a moment of discontinuity). Every phase of breathing, every heartbeat, every muscular contraction etc. are always preceded and then followed by a hiatus. Thus, hiatuses represent the mysterious „imprint” of the divine transformative and determinative power (SHAKTI). Permanently reminding us that nothing dies, everything transforms”, every moment of hiatus, no matter how insignificant would it appear, contains in itself, in a way, we could say, holographic, both the occult energy of the divine sacrifice (symbolized in the science of Astrology by the zodiacal sign of Pisces,) and by the mysterious energy of the beginning and rebirth, (symbolized in the science of Astrology by the zodiacal sign of Aries). This pair of fundamental energies of every manifestation is correlated to one of the fundamental conditions that allow us the integration and profound acknowledgement of the gigantic energy of the creative void that manifests in the moment of any form of hiatus or discontinuity: sacrifice (or, more precisely, the sacrifice of the ego) and rebirth in spirit and in God. Here we remind you the millenary yogic wisdom affirms that when the ego goes away, there comes the state of yoga (ecstatic communion with God), and when there comes the state of yoga there enters (manifests preponderantly) the ego.

Due to the discontinues nature of the universe, we can say that hiatuses impregnate the entire manifestation, on all its levels or „octaves”: from very tiny temporal units to gigantic temporal cycles, hiatuses (the moments or intervals of discontinuity) conserve in an essentialized form „the seed” of the entire process that they trigger and afterwards resorb. Therefore, hiatuses are mysteriously present both in the moment of the beginning and in the moment of the end of any process or phenomenon, but also during the process or phenomenon in itself.

We will now analyze the astrogram of the annual solar hiatus from the perspective of the introductive elements presented above.
First of all, we think that one of the most representative elements with which we have to begin the analysis of this theme is the positioning and aspectation of the Moon, as the Moon has always played a very important role in all evolutive stages of our planet; the Moon has a very complex influence on all phenomena and on all forms of life.

In the theme of the moment of maximum of this year’s (2010) solar hiatus, the Moon is at the beginning of the sign of Aries, in the second house, being in conjunction with Jupiter and Uranus, in quadrataure with Pluto and in opposition with Saturn.
The Moon in the zodiacal sign of Aries is, from the astrological point of view, a symbol of a new beginning, of renewal and rebirth. Thus it is a powerful position of the Moon that will make possible that many human beings who will be sufficiently prepared or pure to benefit from a very special spiritual impulsion. It favors self- surpass and especially the exceeding of the so-called „comfort zone”, of inferior habits that are not favorable at all to our spiritual growth. The Moon in the sign of Aries will bring to all those who want to radically transform their lives, a great enthusiasm and also a lot of spontaneity and the courage of breaking off from the old conditionings and limitations. This shows that the new solar year (the interval between the present  hiatus moment and the following one – more precisely from 27th of August 2010 until 27th of August 2011) will be under the utter creative and profoundly transformative incidence of the energy of the beginning, that will manifest itself on all existential levels (spiritual, relational, of the state of health, social-professional, material etc) under the form of aspiration or intense desire of many human beings of renouncing to the old conditionings and routines and of assuming with determination a personal systematic effort (or, in yogic terms, a TAPAS) for the acceleration of their spiritual evolution.

The Moon in the second house – signifies the fulfillment and valorification of the subtle lunar potential, this positioning of the Moon also indicating the necessary conditions for those described above to be manifested. The second house is also a symbol of the state of inner content (SANTOSHA, in the terms of the yogic tradition), that implies at the same time to constantly feel and manifest a state of profound gratitude towards all God the Father is offering us. The solar year that follows after this hiatus moment is a year that confers a great chance even to those who are very „caught” in the material plan or who are suffering from certain complications at this level (financial debts, bank rates, any kind of loans etc.). Many of them will be determined to understand, through direct experience, the following ancient aphorism that says „a sage, when he is about to lose everything, sacrifices half of it „. Therefore, they will understand that, in reality, the very feeling of having debts is energetically vampirizing them, this feeling being, in essence, one of the consequences of his/her lack of clarity in the sphere of personal aspirations. This positioning of the Moon will favor the profound acknowledgement of our inner deficiencies, and thus many will understand that it doesn’t matter how much they receive – much or little – from life or from God, but the fact of thanking God for no matter how much they received and of wisely using those gifts (either they are spiritual information, feeling of pure and profound love towards other human beings, spiritual or material gifts, or even various difficulties and trials that will urge us to surpass ourselves).

The conjunction Moon – Jupiter – Uranus
The conjunction Moon – Jupiter – Uranus has a special spiritual charge, as it announces many good things. It is the symbol of a great opportunity for all those who are open to transformation and who will really and plenary let themselves guided from a spiritual point of view. This conjunction also shows the fact that there are many chances for people to become, globally, much more receptive to authentic spiritual values and to discover new sublime and uplifting ideals to guide their lives.
Both Jupiter and Uranus reveal in this conjunction they make with the Moon the presence of an inspiration and spiritual guidance from both the sublime angelic entities and the various beneficial divine entities or divinities (deities) who will protect and inspire us from the subtle realms where they exist, on condition of course we aspire intensely to the subtle telepathic communion with them. Then, they will be with us all this year, in all profound transformations that await us. In astrology, Jupiter is also the symbol of the spiritual master; that is why this conjunction also suggests the permanent guidance of which we will benefit from in this period (the solar year to come), as well as the fact that we can benefit of a great Divine Grace if we open ourselves with courage and determination towards transformation and choose to renounce the „patterns” or negative or stupid automatic behavior in which we indulged ourselves until now.
This solar year can be a true revolutionary year for us, when, if we succeed in surpassing ourselves, we will succeed in integrating ourselves on a different level, highly superior, of order and inner coherence (this aspect is indicated by the fact that the Moon is on the second house, symbol of harmony and  inner equilibrium). The presence of planet Uranus in conjunction with the Moon is warning us that this process can occur quite abruptly, without warning, especially through certain exterior circumstances that will facilitate it in the right time.

In all this transformative process, it is essential to learn to be detached and to manifest a much greater inner freedom because this year we will be able to experience much easier states of divine inspiration and to connect ourselves telepathically to the mysterious levels of the supra-mental. On the other hand, this astrological conjunction also reveals us the importance of a much more accelerated evolution in certain authentic spiritual groups, as well as the necessity that large groups of people become open to authentic, traditional spiritual values. Therefore, our integration in certain spiritual groups where we share the same elevated aspirations with all the other members of the respective groups becomes, this year, almost a necessity.

Opposition Moon – Saturn
The opposition that the Moon creates with Saturn shows the necessity of not losing any more time (which becomes more and more precious) and to simply let these evolutive processes take place, as they will bring with them the sprouts of an exceptional spiritual maturing, that will reveal itself in time. This force-idea is also sustained by the fact that Pluto is in the point of a T-shaped square it forms with the Moon and Saturn, which indicates the urge of deep transformations whose time has come at last and which do not abide any postponement.

Our unshaken belief in God will play a key role in our spiritual evolution in this solar year, because thus we will have the power to renounce forever all that is not necessary anymore to our evolution. Saturn is also the planet that reveals us the necessity to live plenary the present moment, to be totally in the here and now, thus also revealing us the magic power of the redeeming time. Living the present moment at maximum intensity will prove itself to be now much more transformative for all those who will be able to taste its savor.

Lilith in the first house
But in order to really achieve this, it is absolutely necessary to outcome our vanities and individualisms that may appear in certain situations and which are specific to the position of Lilith in the first house. The hubristic sensation that we don’t need anybody’s help or any spiritual guidance can totally block our spiritual growth. Also, the inner compromises we made in time and which made us neglect the relation with our soul will now come out most of the times in a very acute way and we will be, one way or another, obliged to give much more attention to our inner real and profound needs. Still, it is possible that during this intercession of inner purification and elevation there appear al the time new inferior temptations (usually the attraction towards certain raw, inferior pleasures) which, in case we followed them, would alienate us from ourselves; then and there, they might seem to us „much more important” than the really effective actions in the sense of our spiritual transformation but, afterwards, they will always prove themselves to be nothing else but vain illusions that made us lose some precious time we could otherwise invest in our spiritual evolution and which nothing and no one can bring back to us.

Ascendant in the sign of Aquarius

The presence of the Ascendant of the theme of this year’s maximum solar hiatus moment in the sign of Aquarius sustains the idea of inner revolution and global transformation, as well as the opening of new and unexpected perspectives in the solar year that now begins. Aquarius is par excellence the sign of non-conformism and unpredictable, bringing those sudden changes of situation through which, sometimes even in one single moment, our life takes in a totally different meaning and which are meant to reveal us the spontaneity of God’s sublime game.

Another mysterious signification of the ascendant of this astral theme can also be the objective necessity that this year we deepen the state of fraternity between us and give the just importance to the spiritual groups and to the value of the actions done in unison by a large group of people for attaining common spiritual aims. The achieving force of the spiritual group will thus prove itself to be colossal and it will attract in each member’s life the divine Grace as much as all the transformations that we need.

If we were to resume in one single key phrase the most important significations of the Ascendant of the present theme, this phrase could be „Power is unity” – so this is the main request of the Ascendant situated in the sign of Aquarius in the theme of this year’s solar hiatus.

Now, looking at the astrological scheme of the present maximum solar hiatus moment in a synthetic vision, we can conclude the followings:
The solar year that now begs will be a very favorable year for all those who will really understand the value and huge importance of collective, spiritual actions performed in unison, of the participation in the major spiritual events or various actions that will be one for a common purpose that can be local, national or even planetary. It is very important to understand that spiritual actions performed in groups, in unison, are also the most efficient for the protection of any human being against the subtle attacks of demoniacal or satanic entities, which, in this period of humanity’s evolution, even if they have already succeeded in infiltrating themselves in a great measure in the structures of political, financial and social structures of the states and nations, however they still feel very threatened by the gigantic force of spiritual unity. More than that, not accidentally at all, in the former years, here (in the domain of creating and maintaining of certain powerful spiritual groups) is where there were encountered most of the tests and spiritual trials.

On the other hand, the existence as active as possible of such a powerful spiritual group will be able to generate in a very short time an important spiritual leap that will be felt at a global level, as the occult and divinely transformative power of collective meditations or spiritual ceremonies etc. will surely trigger, through repeating and cumulation, an effect of awakening en masse.

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