Alkaline Water Kills Cancer Cells and Heals Your Body! Learn How to Make It…


As a result of insufficient consuming of healthy foods and balanced meals, there is an acidic environment developing in the organism, which results in weakened immune system. The acidity or alkalinity is determined by the help of the pH factor, and everything below seven are considered as a danger for the human health. If the pH level is below seven that environment is considered to be acidic, and everything above that is considered to be alkaline environment.

If, for some reason, the environment in our bodies becomes acidic, our healthy cells could become toxic and undergo through a collapse, and die it the end.
Which are the signs that indicate excessive acidity in our organism?

– Headaches
– Stomach aches
– Feeling excessive tiredness
– Weakened immune system

Our bodies are made up of water, and with that the pH value of the water has a vast impact on our health.

The water is one of the most important ingredients that the human body needs. It hydrates the body and it keeps the body running. Our bodies are made up of up to 70%-80% of water, which means that we need the water to survive.

By drinking water not only that you are hydrating your body, you are also getting a vast number of healthy benefits too!

Health benefits you get by drinking alkaline water

The alkaline water keeps the skin hydrated, and it also rejuvenates it. By drinking this water you can also get rid of the extra pounds you have been struggling with. It is perfect for cleansing the other organs of your body too, especially for cleansing the colon, and by doing this it reduces the chances of getting some stomach virus, colds and other related illnesses. The alkaline water is also a great antioxidant which can oppose the free radicals who can cause an early aging and other unwanted side effects. By consuming the alkaline water regularly you can also prevent cancer.

Alkaline Water Recipe

Ingredients which you are going to need:

– 1 tablespoon of Himalayan salt
– 2 liters of filtrated water
– 1 organic lemon sliced into small pieces

How to structure to prepare it:

Take a glass jar and fill it with water, put the pieces of lemon in the jar with the water and add in the Himalayan salt at the end. Close the jar and let it stay on a room temperature during the night.

How to consume the alkaline water?
Consume 3 glasses of alkaline water every morning on an empty stomach.


May 21, 2017

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